Tigé Z Series: The Art of Managing Water Flow - 01/16/2013

When Tigé came out with the Z3, it took the industry by storm. The company had already wetted the appetite of the thrill seeker with the Z1, but there really was little comparison between these two boats. Once the Z3 had established herself as the “go to” boat for a premium wake, Tigé had little choice but to create an entirely new, and smaller version, and thus the Z1 was reborn, and the old version all but abandoned. With little more in common between the old Z1 and the new, except that they both float, the Z series is now in a class by itself.

Tigé Z Series
With the Z series of wakeboats, anyone can create the perfect wake for surfing or wakeboarding.

The Tigé Z-series was created to provide the ultimate platform for creating the perfect wake for whatever aspects of watersports are chosen at any given time. Not only can the wake be dialed in, the Tigé Touch panel allows the specific parameters to be recalled at the touch of a button for each individual.

Tigé Z Series
The Z layout provides the aesthetics of the typical sportboat with the functionality of a boat dedicated to towing. Shown here is the Z3 layout.
Tigé Z Series
Shown here is the Z1 layout.

Distinguishing Features

  • Aggressive bottom design. The Z-Series bottoms have been completely redesigned for aggressive functionality.
  • Competitive price. Whether discussing the 21.5’ (6.55 m) Z1 or the 23’(7.01 m) Z3, these boats are priced to be competitive against any contenders.
  • Exceptional handling and maneuverability. All of our tests of Tigé boats have validated their premium handling characteristics without regard to whether we were cruising, ballasted or light.
  • Maximum 8-degree list. With ballast sacks filled to maximum the Z series boats will only exhibit a maximum list of 8-degrees providing prime surfing output while still maintaining a safe running attitude.
  • Balance of space. Even with the roomy cockpit seating there is still plenty of space at the bow for lounging or sunning.
  • Tigé Z Series
    The bow is not only deep, but large enough to provide ample sunning and lounging room.

    Evolution of Design

    Rather than tweak existing designs, the Z3 was built from the ground up to provide maximum, controllable wake. The design of this 23' (7.01 m) Z3 was so successful the Tigé was literally forced to create the same version in the 21.5’(6.55 m) size and thus, the Z1 was re-born.

    Tigé Z Series
    Tigé boats have become know world-wide for impressive wakes.
    Tigé Z Series
    The TAPS plate is a design extension of the Convex V hull that allows operators to dial in the exact wake desired.

    Nobody's Sequel

    While a new version of the popular Z1 was created, it shared nothing in common with its former self. The new Z1 was created to be a smaller version of the flagship Z3 and therefore required a completely new design.

    Tigé Z Series
    With Tigé Touch all parameters can be electronically controlled… from ballast to engine speed, nav lights to stereo. And all parameters can be recalled and identified by the rider’s name. There's even a flash drive insert to record the action at the end of the towline and watch it on the same screen.

    What Makes a Z Series?

    The new Z series boats have refined the Convex V hull including characteristics of the dead rise parameters. This was a natural evolution of the design that took what many people felt was the best wakeboat and made it into the a wakeboat/surf boat combination. The result allows operators to create a longer and more crisp wake allowing more room to advance as skills increase. This is without a doubt a professional level boat but also one that allows those new to the sport to cut their teeth with more docile wave characteristics.

    Tigé Z Series
    The helm is more reminiscent of a luxury sports car than a wakeboat. Notice the newly designed captain’s seat and even the throttle knob has been redesigned.
    Tigé Z Series
    Even though there was no shortage of storage on the inside of the Z series, Tigé added even more in the transom. Notice the stereo remote and the swim platform mounted low to the water eliminating the need for a reboarding ladder. It also makes this an ideal staging area for putting boards on.
    Tigé Z Series
    Additional storage lies to both sides of the centerline walk-through.

    The interiors have been redesigned as well creating what is among the deepest freeboard in class. Sitting while inside the deep cockpit is of paramount importance especially with the boat at an 8-degree maximum surf wake attitude. The new captain's chair now reclines and features flip up armrests. And the center transom walk-through offers a flip out cushion creating a full-beam sunpad.

    Tigé Z Series
    The collapsible Alpha Z tower is as much a work of art as it is functional. Notice the integrated docking lights, color matched Wet Sounds speakers and what has been hailed as the easiest to use board racks in the industry.


    Tigé has never been one to sit on its laurels, and this latest iteration of its world-class design is yet another example of how this company continues to evolve to meet the high demands of wakeboarders and wakesurfers.

    Tigé Z Series
    The Tigé Z1 in action.