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Tracker Pro Team 190 TX (2014-)

1 x 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke

Brief Summary

Tracker has long been a leader in affordable, well built boats, and their fishing line leaves little to be desired. Case in point is this Pro Team 190 TX. As the flagship of the Pro Team lineup, this competitive-class fishing boat comes completely equipped with only a cover and brake upgrade for the trailer as the only items on the options list. For those looking for the best bang for the buck, this may be the boat of choice.

Key Features

  • Exclusive all-welded .100 aluminum Revolution hull with Smooth Ride Guarantee
  • All-aluminum Power-Trac offset transom and full-length longitudinal stringer
  • Minn Kota 12V, 45-lb. thrust trolling motor
    Lowrance X-4 Pro fishfinder
  • Aft 16-gal. livewell with bait bucket—aerated, timed and recirculated with pump-out
  • 3-across seating with storage, fold-down center seatback with drink holders and step to aft deck and 2 fishing seats with secure screw-in seat bases
  • Lockable 8' center rod box, rod hold-down straps (bow deck and cockpit side), bow/aft storage boxes with aluminum lids, aft drop-in boxes with 3 tackle trays
  • Interstate cranking and trolling batteries and 2-bank, 4-amp (8 amps total) onboard battery charger
  • Painted gunnel and hull sides with natural aluminum bottom for long-term durability
  • Factory-matched custom trailer with heavy-duty load guides, EZ lube hubs, swing-away tongue and all-welded frame with Galvashield protection

Test Results

710 2.9 2.5 0.25 11.6 10.09 219 191 55
1000 4 3.4 0.45 8.78 7.63 166 144 59
1500 5.1 4.4 0.7 7.29 6.34 138 120 67
2000 6.8 5.9 1.5 4.5 3.91 85 74 74
2500 9.8 8.5 1.9 5.13 4.46 97 84 76
3000 19.6 17 2.3 8.5 7.39 161 140 82
3500 23.5 20.4 2.7 8.69 7.55 164 143 85
4000 28.4 24.7 3.55 7.99 6.94 151 131 88
4500 32.5 28.2 4.65 6.98 6.07 132 115 95
5000 36.4 31.7 5.8 6.28 5.46 119 103 94
5500 39.2 34.1 7.25 5.41 4.7 102 89 95
6000 42.8 37.2 9.1 4.7 4.09 89 77 94


Length Overall 18' 7'' / 5.7 m
Beam 7' 5''
2.26 m
Dry Weight 1,041 lbs.
472 kg
Tested Weight 1,892 lbs.
858 kg
Draft 13''
0.33 m
Deadrise/Transom 10-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity 1,350 lbs.
612 kg
Person Capacity 4
Fuel Capacity 21.5 gal.
81 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 1,892 lbs.
858 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 2.5 sec.
0 to 30 7.6 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 13 x 19 black max
Load 2 persons, 1/4 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 89 deg., 72 humid.; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: light chop

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 1 x 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke
1 x 115-hp Mercury ELPT 4-stroke
1 x 115-hp Mercury Pro XS 4-stroke


Deck Warranty Extended Limited Lifetime

Captain's Report

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The Tracker Pro Team 190 TX has a length overall of 18'7" (5.66 m) and a beam of 7'5'' (2.26 m).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pro Team 190 TX is to provide a quality all-aluminum and all-welded bass boat that represents among the best values on the market. By loading her up with most of the fishing amenities needed as standard equipment she becomes a "turn-key" fishing rig at an affordable price.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TXTracker Pro Team 190 TX

Major Features

•One piece molded console that provides more leg room

•Metallic Black or Light Charcoal paint choices

•Diamond coat powder-coated paint with clear coat

•All welded construction

•Welded and longitudinal stringer system

•Injected expanding hull foam

•Wide 4’’ (10.16 cm) extruded aluminum gunwale

•Pressure-treated plywood decks

•Welded, drained rain channels

•In deck cooler

•Three across cockpit seating

•Lockable center rod box for rods up to 8-1/2’

•Two aft drop-in storage boxes

•16 gallon (60.6 L) aerated and divided livewell with bait bucket holder at the stern

•"Revolution" hull with smooth ride guarantee

•Power-Trac offset transom for quicker hole shots and better overall performance

•Standard Minn Kota Edge, 45 lb. thrust foot controlled trolling motor

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Best cruise for the Pro Team 190 TX came at 3500 rpm and 23.5 mph. With that speed, the fuel burn was reduced to 2.7 gph and increased the range to 164 miles.

Industry-Leading Paint Job

Because Tracker Marine is the highest volume boat builder on the planet, it can afford to invest heavily in the infrastructure that it takes to build a superior product at a competitive price. All Tracker aluminum fishing boats have a baked on powder-coated finish that is unique in the industry. That paint job is even protected with a layer of clear coat. This state-of-the-art marine finish protects the aluminum from corrosion and keeps the paint job looking better longer.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

First all Tracker aluminum boats are powder coated with the color and design desired.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Then the whole boat is put in a large oven to bake on the powder-coated color for long-lasting service.

Fishing Features

Tracker has a mindset of giving the customer everything it needs to get out on the water as soon as the boat leaves the showroom floor. Some may argue that they would rather pick options for themselves instead of having them pre-packaged but judging by the number of boats that Tracker sells that sort of customer is in the minority. Besides, nothing is stopping a customer from getting another fishfinder if they want to upgrade.
This boat also includes a Minn Kota trolling motor, a battery charger, 19 gallon (71.92 L) bow and 16 gallon (16.57 L) aft aerated livewell. Of course there is also a color matched trailer with swing away tongue.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Rods can be secured to the deck with bungee straps in order to make that quick run from one fishing spot to the next without having to work them into the enclosed storage compartments.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The lockable center storage rod compartment will hold a total of six 6.5’ (2 m) rods in dedicated tubes to either side of the compartment, two 7.5’ (2.3 m) rods in the top two tubes, and stacks of 8.5’ (2.6 m) rods in the center of the compartment. All this while sharing space with the paddle and all-around navigation light.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Tracker made sure the compartments were lockable to protect the valuables inside.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The pedestal seats are comfortable with plenty of padding and mounted within easy reach of the trolling motor foot control switch.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Tracker created a recessed well at the bow that also includes drink holder tool holders.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

An outboard trim switch is located at the bow, just ahead of the full control for the trolling motor.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Removable storage bins are nestled into compartments to either side of the aft livewell. They are ideal for Plano tackle boxes.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The center seat flips down to form a step to the aft casting deck.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The aft livewell totals 16 gallons (60.6 L). It is aerated, divided, has a bait bucket holder, a recirculating pump out system and large capacity overflow drain.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

A pedestal base in the aft fishing deck allows for the addition of a seat.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The bow features a 19 gallon (71.92 L) aerated livewell with bait bucket holder. This one is also timed and recirculated. To the opposite side is a large storage compartment, and notice the aluminum hatch with a reinforcing bar, all carpeted for a tight fit. The channels around the hatch openings are self draining.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Switches for the aerator timers at the livewells are all grouped at the helm.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Tracker went with a Lowrance X-4 Pro fishfinder mounted to a swivel base at the helm as standard equipment.



The Tracker Pro Team 190 TX has a length overall of 18'7" (5.66 m) and a beam of 7'5'' (2.26 m). With an empty weight of 1,041 lbs. (472 kg), 1/4 fuel, two people and test power we had an estimated test weight of 1,892 lbs. (858 kg).

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The one piece molded console is more reminiscent of a racecar than a bass fishing boat. White faced gauges have chrome bezels and include backlighting. In between the upper two gauges is a phone holder.

WOT Speed.

Powered by a 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke outboard turning a 13 x 19 Black Max propeller we reached a top speed of 42.8 mph at 6000 rpm. At that speed we were burning a total of 9.1 gph giving us a range of 89 miles.

Best cruise

came in at 3500 rpm and 23.5 mph. That speed reduced the fuel burn to 2.7 gph and increased the range to 164 miles.
We had a quick time to plane of 2.5 seconds, accelerated to 20 mph in 5 seconds and continued accelerating through 30 mph in 7.6 seconds.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Just ahead of the motor well is a hatch covering the fuel tank and battery.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Storage is under all three cockpit seats, the center tilts forward while the two side seats utilize lifting and hinged seat cushions.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Tracker went with a 90-hp Mercury 4-stroke to power our test boat. Options include either a 25-hp ELPT, a 90-hp ELPT, a 115-hp ELPT OptiMax, or a 115-hp ELPT OptiMax Pro XS, in addition to the standard engine.


Smooth Operator.

Tracker has developed what it calls the "Revolution" hull which it claims produces an "industry-leading" smooth ride. In fact, it is so confident about its ride it gives a performance guarantee. If a customer is not happy with the ride they can return the boat for credit against an equal or greater value boat.
And during our tests, we certainly found a smooth ride well beyond expectations. In fact, several of our captains have tested Tracker boats in this class and all have reported -- unprompted -- how surprisingly comfortable the ride is. It is clear to us that the "Revolution" hull is more than just marketing hype. There is actually something to it.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Tracker developed a “Revolution” hull which guarantees an “industry-leading” smooth ride or their money back if they are not satisfied.’s test captain, Steve Larivee, reported a smooth and comfortable ride beyond his expectations.

Hitting the Marks.

There was no hint of a chine walk and no concern about slamming the throttle home and leaving it there on up to 42.8 mph at top speed. Sure that may not compete with the 70 mph and up boats in tournament fishing but that's not the target audience of the 190 TX either. For both, it's all about giving the best value and performance, we think Tracker has hit its mark.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

Under the deck of each Tracker aluminum boat is a complex alloy sub-structure that strengthens, supports and reinforces both the hull and deck.

Trimming Tips.

On acceleration the bow comes up 10.5-degrees and doesn't stay there long with her quick time to plane. She only needs enough trim to get her on the step, and putting on too much trim will simply ventilate the propeller. She's practically at her optimal running angle sitting still which is one reason why she doesn't need a lot of trim.

Best Handling.

When we say that this is the best handling bass boat we've ever driven it's not an overstatement. She's just as comfortable at flat-out speed in calm water as she is crossing wakes. There's no sense of instability or wobble. Where some bass boats can be hard to manage at speed this one seems right at home.

Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The dry weight without the engine of the 190 TX is 1,041 lbs. (473 kgs.). The total package weight with engine and trailer is 2,296 lbs. (1,043 kgs.) which makes it easy to tow by a wide range of vehicles.


The following items are part of the Tracker Warranty --

• 5 year bow-to-stern warranty

• 3 year warranty on powder coat finish adhesion

• 3 year warranty on factory-installed trolling motor and fishfinder

• Limited Lifetime structural and deck warranty

• Provisions for transfer to second owner

• One-stop factory warranty solution

• Full coverage throughout the warranty period — No pro-rating


When it comes to value, it's hard to compete against the Tracker Pro Team 190 TX. We think she has earned her position at the top of the lineup. Beginners who never thought they could handle a bass boat will be more than pleased with this one's ride. Intermediate to advanced fisherman will love the value for a fully-equipped, durable boat.

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