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Tigé 22 Vé

1 x 340-hp GM Vortec EFI

Brief Summary

All new for 2006, the Vé series from Tigé represents a new level of innovation in the water sports segment. Building on the uncompromising multi-sport capability of Tigé’s patented “TAPS” system and their “Convex V” hull, the 22Vé offers everything you could want in a compact family watersports boat.

Key Features

  • All-composite floor with ¾’’ fiberglass-reinforced Urethane Core
  • Armorflex anti-blistering gelcoat
  • Hand-laid multi-directional fiberglass hull
  • Coremat-enhanced lamination throughout
  • Family-size storage throughout
  • Faria analog instrumentation
  • Waterbonnet curved glass windshield
  • Removable bow area carpet
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout
  • Teleflex rack and pinion steering
  • Premium grade 34 oz. marine upholstery
  • Oversized removable teak swimstep
  • Glove box drain

Test Results

600 3.8 3.3 0.7 5.36 4.66 183 159 68
1000 5.7 5 1.2 4.75 4.13 162 141 70
1500 7.7 6.7 2.3 3.4 2.96 116 101 74
2000 9.9 8.6 3.8 2.63 2.28 90 78 85
2500 16.3 14.1 5.3 3.07 2.67 105 91 90
3000 25.8 22.4 6.4 4.03 3.51 138 120 85
3500 32.1 27.9 8.7 3.68 3.2 126 110 86
4000 36.2 31.4 11.8 3.08 2.68 105 91 90
4500 41.1 35.7 17.4 2.36 2.05 81 70 91
5000 43.2 37.6 21.4 2.02 1.76 69 60 90
5200 44.8 39 23.3 1.93 1.68 66 57 90


Length Overall 22' 0''
Beam 8' 6''
Dry Weight 3,892 lbs.
Draft 26''
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 47 gal.
Water Capacity none


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.6 sec.
0 to 30 5.5 sec.
Ratio 1.46: 1
Props 13 1/2 x 16 4-blade Nibral
Load 2 persons, full fuel, no water, min. gear
Climate 94 deg., 88% humid.; wind: 5 knots; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 340-hp GM Vortec EFI
Std. Power 1 x 315-hp GM Vortec 5.7L
Opt. Power 1 x 340-hp GM Vortec 5.7L MPI
1 x 360-hp GM Vortec 5.7L HT 360 MPI
1 x 400-hp GM Vortec 6.0L MPI


Deck Warranty Extended LifePlus Limited Replacement Warranty
Engine Warranty Extended None
Gelcoat Warranty Extended No
Hull Warranty Extended LifePlus Limited Replacement Warranty

Captain's Report

Ready to Compete
Tested By John Wenz
A rapidly growing boat builder, Tigé has certainly made an impression on the expanding family watersports market. They’ve only recently begun to expand into east coast markets; once I had a look at what they have to offer, I can say that I’m impressed.
Founded in 1991, Tigé has eight different models to choose from between 20-24 feet. Every boat in Tigé’s lineup shares the same patented “Convex V” hull design and “TAPS2” control system which offer uncompromising multi-sport versatility. The 22Vé, all new for 2006, sports several innovative design features which add up to a great family package in a compact 22-foot size. If you’re looking for a great boat for wakeboarding, waterskiing or tubing, this one’s worth a look.
Deck Layout
The cockpit was designed around a large group. The certification and the brochure states that she seats 14. I think that might be a little crowded, but let’s just say that the cockpit is real big for a 22-footer. They tweaked the engine compartment down so they could make the cockpit bigger without sacrificing the sizable bow seating. Up forward, there’s a huge amount of storage under all the seats, and under both sides of the console. There’s room for gear under almost all the seats and a self-draining cooler under the observer’s bench. The aft corner cushions are reversible with carpeting on the back. Flip them over at the dock so the premium grade 34 ounce upholstery doesn’t take a beating.
On either side of the engine compartment are big gull-wing hatches, accessible from the cockpit or the swim step. These lockers are big enough to hold skis and boards if you don’t want to carry those on the optional tower mounted racks. Remove one of the sun lounger cushions and you’ve got a no-nonsense non-skid walkover to access the swim step, or what they call the entertainment center. Across the stern you’ll find three compartments which are handy for your shades, cap, or the small accessories you need for riding. There’s a remote for the optional music system back here, and if you choose the speakers on the tower and a sub-woofer, you’ll find out why this part of the boat got its name!
There are plenty of standard features to keep you busy, and a long list of available options, which include performance and convenience items. With items like a collapsible tower, underwater lights, and a cockpit table, the Tigé folks have thought of just about anything you could want to add to a sports boat.
At the Helm
A flip-up bolster seat provides excellent visibility, and a standard ski mirror allows the driver to keep an eye on the action. The Faria analog instruments are well-placed for visibility, and controls and switches are easy to reach. Speed, air/water temperature and digital depth are all standard. The TAPS system indicator makes it easy to change from wakeboard to slalom positions, or anywhere in between. TAPS responds quickly to the driver’s command, changing the wake characteristics for boarders and skiers at the touch of a button.
The Tigé Difference
What makes Tigé boats so special? The key is in the patented “Convex V” hull shape and the “TAPS” control plate. What you get is precise, instant, infinitely adjustable wake configuring. This innovative technology has earned Tigé a number of awards. It allows the driver to accommodate both skiers and boarders of all levels; ideal for the novice in the family as well as the expert. Besides the performance versatility, you can trim the boat to comfortably handle bigger chop than you’d expect in a sportboat of this size. For those that want it, water ballast is available, but not a necessary addition. The efficient hull shape also requires less power to do the job. Standard engines are smaller than their competitors, resulting in a lower purchase price and lower fuel operating costs.
Out on the Water
This is where you really see what these boats are all about. With the TAPS control in the wakeboard position, the boat doesn’t rise up to a plane as you accelerate. Instead, the non-planing hull produces the kind of huge wake that boarders love at the speed they need. By lowering the plate, you can regulate the size of your wake. With TAPS in the ski position the bow drops, the boat planes out in 3.6 seconds, and the 22Vé offers ideal slalom conditions. The addition of optional electronic speed control allows the driver to precisely duplicate the combination of settings for the most demanding riders. Tigé went to the trouble of consulting with skiers and boarders during the design process, to find out what they most wanted in terms of wake size and shape and it is clear they listened.
22Vé Specifications
The overall length measures 22 feet and the beam is a wide 102 inches. The 22Vé weighs 3,982 pounds and carries 38 gallons of fuel. Standard power is a 315 HP carbureted GM 5.7 liter Vortec engine. Five different options range up to the 380 Hp 6.0L Vortec MPI. Our test boat was equipped with the 5.7 Liter MPI GM Vortec engine. At 3500 RPM’s we cruised at 32.1 miles per hour using 8.7 gallons of gas. We reached 44.8 miles per hour as a maximum speed at 5200 revs.
Construction specs are equally as impressive. Their boats are said to weigh 400-800 pounds more than most others of similar size. Tigé bonds their hull and deck into a single solid fiberglass unit. Seat bases and other deck furniture are molded into the hull, not screwed onto the deck as is typical. This adds structural integrity to the entire vessel. I had one question for the Tigé engineers; why had they chosen not to put a sea cock on the engine cooling intake through-hull? Their explanation was logical, but I’d prefer to have the ability to shut this off if the system developed a leak. Tigé’s confidence in their product is confirmed by the LifePlus Lifetime Replacement Warranty. They’ll replace, for the original owner, a ’04, ’05, or ’06 registered boat if there is any structural failure in the hull, stringer matrix or floor for the lifetime of the boat.

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