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Manitou 25 Legacy SHP (2015-)

1 x 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 300

Brief Summary

The 25 Legacy SHP is far and away the most elegant boat in the Manitou fleet. Designed for the discriminating boater, she’s designed to provide the finest in class, style, and comfort while entertaining or participating in some watersports. With her 300-hp engine, SHP hull and aluminum sport arch, she is well equipped for some serious on-the-water activities. Entertaining is also a priority with the redesigned furniture, blue LED seat and track lighting, and the sleek new SRS seating group.

Key Features

  • Stainless Bimini top and boot
  • Hard side 24 can cooler
  • Kidney dinette table
  • Extended starboard chaise
  • Blue LED lights
  • 2 portable cupholders with stainless inserts
  • Ski tow bar
  • Stern toy box
  • AM/FM Polk Bluetooth radio with 4 Kicker speakers
  • Automotive style slider helm chair

Test Results

500 2.4 2.1 0.2 12 10.43 475 413 66
1000 5.1 4.4 0.6 8.5 7.39 337 293 72
1500 7.3 6.3 1.4 5.21 4.53 206 180 77
2000 10.4 9 2.6 4 3.48 158 138 80
2500 13.6 11.8 5.05 2.68 2.33 106 92 85
3000 19.9 17.3 6.3 3.15 2.74 125 108 81
3500 23.9 20.8 8.05 2.97 2.58 118 102 85
4000 28.8 25 10.8 2.66 2.31 105 92 85
4500 34.8 30.3 13.2 2.64 2.29 104 91 87
5000 41.5 36 16.65 2.49 2.16 99 86 87
5500 49.6 43.1 21.5 2.31 2.01 91 79 87


Length Overall 26' 4'' / 8.03 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 3,420 lbs.
1,551 kg
Tested Weight 3,965 lbs.
1,798 kg
Draft 14''
0.36 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 44 gal.
167 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 3,965 lbs.
1,798 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.4 sec
0 to 30 6.6 sec
Ratio N/A
Props Rebel 19
Load 2 persons, 71/125 fuel, no water, 25 lbs. of gear
Climate 74 deg., 60 humid.; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 300
Std. Power 1 x 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP running shot

The Manitou 25 Legacy SHP has an LOA of 26’4’’ (8.03 m) and a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m). We tested her with an Evinrude E-TEC G2 300.

Distinguishing Features

  • Powder Coated Rails and Walls. Here’s a unique feature and one that Manitou is understandably proud of. These will hold their finish long after their painted aluminum counterparts have oxidized and withered away.
  • SRS Seating Group. SRS stands for Split Rear Seats, and in this case, both of them convert from luxurious loungers to booth-style seating.
  • SHP Hull. SHP stands for Sport Handling Package and it provides for sporty performance with reinforced nosecones, lifting strakes, splash guards, and triple tubes with buoyancy to handle boats up to 300-hp.
  • Aluminum Sport Arch. This is a nicer version than the typical fiberglass models we usually see.
  • Interior Blue Accent Lighting. Provides for setting a relaxed mood for casual entertaining after the sun goes down.


The 25 Legacy SHP has a length overall of 26’4” (8.03 m), a beam of 8’6”(2.59 m) and draws 14” (35.6 cm) of water. With 25 gallons (94.6 L) of fuel onboard, 2 persons and test gear, we estimated her test weight at 3,965 lbs. (1,798 kg).

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP running shot

At cruise, the 25 Legacy SHP rides slightly bow high which contributes to her dry ride.

At WOT, we reached a top speed of 49.6 mph at 5500 rpm. At that speed, we were burning 21.50 gph giving us a range of 91 statute miles. Best cruise came in at 3000 rpm and was 19.9 mph. That produced a very comfortable ride with a 6.30 gph fuel burn which meant a range of 125 statute miles, while still maintaining a 10% reserve. We had a quick time to plane of only 3.4 seconds, accelerated to 20 mph in 4.5 seconds, and continued accelerating through 30 mph in 6.6 seconds and 40 mph in 7.3 seconds.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP running shot

Our test boat was equipped with the all-new Evinrude E-TEC G2 300-hp engine, turning a 19 Rebel propeller. This 25 Legacy SHP is engineered to handle an outboard rating of up to 300 hp.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP tilted engine

With an improved pivot point, when the engine is tilted up, the lower unit comes completely out of the water while the top of the engine remains clear of most engine wells.


Manitou has developed its own tube design that provides the performance and handling characteristics for the 25 Legacy. It’s called SHP for Sport Handling Package, and it consists of three tubes, with the center being oversized.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP sport handling package

The details of Manitou’s Sport Handling Package (SHP) hull can be seen here.

The outer tubes measure 23” (58.4 cm) in diameter each, while the center tube is 27” (68.6 cm). The center tube is also 5” (12.7 cm) lower than the outer tubes and this creates a pivot point for the boat on which to lean into the turns. Positive angle lifting strakes run down the full length of both sides of all the tubes. This pushes water up and away from the tubes to enhance the turning ability and get the boat up on plane quickly. At the nose cone, we find an integrated splash fin which is much stronger than a welded fin. This will keep the topside and passengers dry while underway. The nose cones are also thicker than the rest of the tubes.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP nose cone

The crimps in the nosecone help reinforce the hull from the pressure of the water as the boat moves at high speeds and the lateral stiffener provide additional support.

The 25 Legacy SHP is very responsive to the helm, thanks to the new integrated steering system from Evinrude. Motor steering is controlled by a hydraulic helix, located inside the cowling. This replaces the steering ram and tiller arm that we are so accustomed to seeing on outboards. She’s clearly prepared to provide a comfortable day on the water, whether it’s entertaining guests on a cruise or hooking up the tow rope and playing in the water.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP running shot

The Manitou 25 Legacy SHP stays dry crossing wakes thanks to the splash guards so she can handle chop well.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP running shot

With all of her luxury, it was surprising to see that the 25 Legacy had such sporty handling. This attribute is one of the most important details that sets her apart.

Features Inspection


One of the new features for 2015 from Manitou is the color matched powder coated rub rails, wall panels and frames. Powder coating is a process where a powder-based paint is sprayed onto the surface and then baked on at high temperatures. The result is a more durable finish with a deeper color than a regular painted surface.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP powder coated finish

This powder-coated finish provides a durable, weather-resistant surface and adds a nice touch of class to the finish work on the boat.

The sturdy aluminum powder coated sport arch is a new feature that adds a touch of class to this premium luxury pontoon. It’s also easy on the eyes, adding nicely to the 25 Legacy SHP’s sleek profile. This arch is hinged to allow it to collapse forward making for easier storage on a rack. Being aluminum it’s sturdier than a typical fiberglass arch, and it weighs considerably less. With its baked-on powder-coated finish, it looks better and has a more durable quality.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP sport arch

This classy sport arch adds a look of elegance to the Legacy’s profile. Of course its main function is to provide an elevated tow point for watersports.


The 25 Legacy SHP is offered in three seating arrangements.

The SRS version, for Split Rear Seating, offers a pair of aft-facing loungers that convert to booth style seats that can accommodate an optional table in between. Forward are opposing couches providing a more intimate gathering area. Across from the helm is a second captain’s bucket seat that reclines and swivels. Unlike the helm seat, this one does not have a flip-up bolster but it does have a flip-out footrest, much like a home recliner. The SRS is a dynamic split rear seating floor plan. The twin lounges convert to booth-style seats by moving a single seatback.

The PT floor plan provides a pair of swivel captain’s chairs to the port bow with a couch opposite. Further aft an L-shaped seat wraps around a pedestal base for an optional table. Just behind is a changing room that can also accommodate an optional Porta-Potti. A gate at the starboard quarter leads to the swim platform. The PT seating floor plan offers a more living room-like layout with two seats opposing a couch. Another sofa is aft.

The standard floor plan is basically the “standard” that we have seen on most every pontoon boat out there. Two forward couches at the bow with L-shaped seating adjacent to the helm. Behind the aft seats is the changing room/head.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP seating layout

The standard seating layout is more of what we usually see on pontoon boats.

Regardless of which floor plan is chosen for the 25 Legacy SHP, all of the new seating groups provide deep seats and high backs manufactured with high-quality marine grade vinyl with accented colors and welting. The quality finish work and durability are apparent with the double stitching throughout the boat. Moreover, the seats are among the plushest in the industry. So much so, in fact, that one doesn’t just sit on the seats but sits in them. The body is completely ensconced in comfort that just can’t be found elsewhere.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP seat backs

The seatbacks are plush and the finish work is high-end furniture grade.

Between the seat back and base cushion, Manitou has highlighted this area with color-coordinated fabric material for an added accent feature. The port side seating group can be used as a chaise lounge with lift-up armrest or shared by two people, sitting comfortably side by side.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP armrest

The portable armrest with cup holders comes in handy. And there is plenty of storage under the seats.


The captain’s chair is among the most comfortable we’ve sat in and is on par with those found in the largest luxury yachts we’ve tested. It has a self-leveling armrest on each side, a seat bolster for increased visibility, it can be adjusted forward or backward, and also reclines. As most of us at BoatTEST are “vertically challenged,” we’d add the optional hydraulic pedestal ($150) for the helm chair to raise or lower it depending on whether we were socializing or driving.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP captain's seat

The captain’s seat sits on a raised platform on a pedestal mount.

The helm console is both elegant and functional. A padded area to the left makes for quick drops of small items such as sunscreen or sunglasses…etc. It’s padded to protect items as well. Dual analog gauges flank Manitou’s proprietary Smart Screen showing data on all the boat’s systems. The switch panel is to the right side and Manitou went with all stainless toggle switches, which aren’t subject to UV degradation as are plastic switches.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP helm

Dual analog gauges with the new Manitou Smart Screen System mounted in the middle provide for an uncluttered helm.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP subwoofer

The 10” (25.4 cm) subwoofer is part of the upgraded speaker system ($1,563) for the Polk sound system, that includes 4 speakers with tweeters and an 800-watt Amp.

The throttle control has an electronic throttle adjustment feature that allows the operator to adjust the rpms either up or down by small increments for getting just the right wakeboarding speed.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP companion seat

The companion seat, directly across from the captains’ seat, also has the self-leveling armrests on each side and reclines. Underneath is a pop-up leg rest.

Convenience and Comfort

In-Deck Storage

Manitou takes advantage of the space provided in the center tube and offers the option of adding a sizeable in-deck storage compartment ($1,500). It’s among the biggest we’ve seen, measuring a full 7 ½’ (2.3 m). By its sheer size, it’s also prone to swallowing items up and rendering them out of reach. A convenient solution would be for Manitou to add a second access hatch in the deck.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP center storage

The center tube storage is 90” (2.3 m) long x 12” (30.5 cm) wide at the opening and 18” (45.7 cm) deep. Inside the tube, at its widest point, it measures 27” (68.6 cm). Plenty of room for the mooring cover that is shown here.

The deck of our test boat was covered in simulated teak vinyl ($2,113) in the gray color scheme, complemented with the optional sea grass mat ($1,688) with stainless steel snaps to keep it in place while underway.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP carpet

The snap-in carpet is a good option to reduce the slipping on the vinyl when it’s wet and complements the upscale appearance of the interior.


Manitou added the optional blue LED accent lighting to our test boat and it can be seen along the seatbacks, at the base of the seating groups ($675) and even in the stainless steel cup holders ($188). The resulting effect provides a warm feature to the nighttime cruises. Additional courtesy lights are located under the seating areas, illuminating the walking areas. Also available as an optional feature is the underwater lighting, which would really add a cool look.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP led rope light

The LED rope lighting under the seatbacks not only adds a touch of class but functionality as well.


For added convenience, Manitou has incorporated a privacy station into the back of the portside seating group. This provides a convenient place to change out of the wet bathing suit and into something more appropriate for the dockside restaurant. With the addition of the optional Porta-Potti ($106), it becomes an even more useful feature.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP changing area

This system easily opens to provide a full-height privacy area that can house an optional Porta-Potti.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP storage

At the seatbacks of the stern seating group, on the right side, is a stainless steel drawer and underneath, a large storage area.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP waste basket

On the left side, behind the companion seat is a wastebasket.

Stern Seating Modules

One of the most attractive features of the 25 Legacy SHP, and in particular her SRS layout, are the twin fiberglass stern modules that hold the innovative dual-purpose seating. Both seats start out as aft-facing chaise lounges providing an amazing level of comfort while watching the wake shrinking in the distance. This also provides a great observer’s station for watching the end of the towline. Of course, there’s much more to this seating arrangement than twin chaise lounges. By lifting the center of each seat, the cushion can be raised to form the seatback to the rear, forward-facing seat. Now we have booth-style seating with the ability to add a side-mount pedestal table in between.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP stern seating

The stern seating group is the same on each side of the boat. The chaise lounge configuration can be easily converted to a rear-facing reclined seat and a forward-facing aft seat just by lifting the center pad of the chaise configuration.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP pedestal table

The optional plastic pedestal table ($613) easily mounts in a side-mounted stainless steel bracket. Once installed, the sturdy table can accommodate two drinks and plenty of room for snacking. It even had dedicated stowage beneath the seat.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP forward facing seat

The forward-facing stern seat has a high back and conveniently located grab rail for added safety.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP chaise lounge

To convert the seating group back to a chaise lounge, just flip the forward-facing seatback, sit down and relax. Note the heavy-duty hardware at the seatback.

Stern Features

The stern has plenty of room for moving the good times into the water with a platform at each corner. Access to this area is controlled with a safety bar set at 24” (61 cm) to meet current safety standards. The reboarding ladder is as much a work of art as it is a functional accessory. It’s fabricated from curved stainless tubing secured with a corner bracket to the deck. The four steps are wide to give a better feel on bare feet. The grab handles come up quite high making the reboarding process that much more comfortable.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP boarding ladder

On the right side of the stern platform is a 4-step telescoping boarding ladder for the watersports. Finding a 4-step ladder on any boat is unusual and we think it is a sign of both quality and builder experience.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP rails

The stainless steel rails that wrap around the stern are not only a good looking design element, they also incorporate a grab rail and stern gate for improved safety.

Manitou 25 Legacy SHP tow point

At the center of the stern, is the sturdy stainless steel safety rail with integrated tow point for a day of fun on the water.


The Manitou 25 Legacy SHP is a luxury boat and as expected, luxury commands a premium price.

The base boat, without an engine, starts at $50,368. Manitou will power the 25 Legacy SHP with an outboard from any of the top 5 manufacturers with horsepower ranging from 25-hp to the maximum of 300-hp

Now We Choose an Engine.

A wide range of selections are available and prices range from the 25-hp Yamaha at $5,363 to the 300-hp Evinrude at $23,313. Evinrude is the only option for a 300-hp engine, all others top out at 250-hp. So Evinrude it is. We’re at $74,976 now.

Bimini top options exist even though the 25 Legacy SHP comes standard with a stainless steel framed version. This is an included upgrade to the aluminum-framed model on the company’s other boats. Moving up from this standard model, we have either a double Bimini top ($1,600) for extending the shade or replacing the standard top with a powered version to open and collapse at the touch of a button ($1,688). We’ll just stick with the standard for now. Still holding at $74,976.

Now the Options Come.

We’ll select the most coveted, and applicable to a luxury pontoon boat. Our list will comprise the barbecue grill ($350), the battery charging system ($400), a filler bench for the bow ($563), the in-deck storage ($1,500), the dual battery smart switch ($375), the simulated teak decking ($2,113), the tan seagrass snap-in carpet ($1,688), a hydraulic pedestal for the helm seat ($150), blue LED lighting for the cup holders ($188), the exterior blue LED lighting ($675), the Porta-Potti ($106), the portable table ($613), and the speaker upgrade ($1,563). That leaves us with a tricked out luxury pontoon for $85,260.


Manitou has clearly raised the bar with its innovative and luxurious design of the 25 Legacy SHP. A boat well equipped for entertaining with all of her high-quality comfort and convenience amenities and that is capable of providing lots of watersport fun with her sportboat handling and accessories.