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Intrepid Boats 300 Center Console (2013-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)


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Brief Summary

Intrepid says that it builds "one of a kind" boats "one at a time," and that is true. The Intrepid 300 is a good example of a popular size boat that Intrepid builds with a standard hull and deck, but then will customize it for the specific purposes of the owner. All boats are built to order and sold factory-direct. Because their are no dealers commissions involved, the price tag on these highly-customized boats is not as high as one might think.

Key Features


Length Overall 30' 0''
9.14 m
Beam 9' 6''
2.89 m
Dry Weight N/A
Tested Weight N/A
Draft N/A
- Draft Up N/A
- Draft Down N/A
- Air Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity N/A
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 180 gal.
681 L
Water Capacity 30 gal.
113 L
Length on Trailer N/A
Height on Trailer N/A
Trailer Weight N/A
Total Weight
(Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Engine Options

Std. Power Not Available
Tested Power Currently no test numbers
Opt. Power Not Available

Intrepid Boats 300 Center Console (2013-) Line Drawing


Captain's Report

Intrepid 300 Center Console
The Intrepid 300 is one of the most popular boats in the Intrepid line because she is just the right size for many applications. She carries a 9'6" (2.89 m) beam.

The only specifications Intrepid publishes are length: 30'0" (9.14 m), beam: 9'6" (2.89 m) and standard tankage: 180 gal. (684 L) of fuel and 30 gal. (114 L) of water. (Up to 214 gal./813 L of fuel in one tank is available as an option.) All of their boats have a deadrise at the transom of about 22-degrees. Beyond that the drawing board (actually a CAD system) is a clean slate.

A Short List of Standards

While most builders pride themselves on having lots of features on its standard list of equipment, Intrepid is very much the opposite -- its options list is much longer. The reason is that the standard Intrepid 300 (or virtually any boat in its line) is simply a starting point. Owners will pick and choose from Intrepid's extensive option list exactly what they want and where they want it installed (if possible).

Intrepid 300 Center Console
Intrepid's famous side door.

For example, one of the things that Intrepid is most famous for is its doors in the hull sides. Today most boats the company builds has these doors but it wasn't always like that. Intrepid was the first boat builder that we know of which incorporated this great idea into a center console, first doing it for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office, then for avid scuba divers, and after that by most of Intrepid's customers.

Intrepid 300 Center Console
Intrepid has numerous console configurations available for the 300.

Build to Fit One's Ergonomics

But the side door is just one customizable feature. Some owners also customize their Intrepids to fit their personal ergonomics. Short skippers may want a center console that is lower than standard to make it easier to see over. Or, they may want to keep the headroom inside the console's head, so they have Intrepid build in a raised platform at the helm.Likewise the helm seat is another fully customizable aspect of the Intrepid 300 Center Console. Some skippers want a leaning post, others want a high comfortable bench seat for two, still other operators prefer a fully bolstered seat with a swing-away bottom so that the operator can stand at the helm yet have bolsters around his trunk much as is done on high-performance boats.

Intrepid 300 Center Console
This owner wanted to share the helm with his honey, complete with foot rest on the console.

Many owners are tall men and like their shorter wives to also feel comfortable at the helm. For them, Intrepid would be glad to install an electric helm seat on a fiberglass base.

Purpose-Built For Any Sport

While Intrepid is most famous for building rugged boats for offshore big game and meat fishermen, it has also long catered to the scuba diving community. The large side door with custom-made stairs are only one way in which the Intrepids are customized for scuba diving. Rack storage for tanks will be fitted precisely where the owner/operator wants them, be that abaft the helm seat or along the gunwales or across the stern. Large fiberglass boxes to stow flippers, masks, wet suits and other gear are also a requirement for any well-outfitted scuba boat, and Intrepid has done it all before.

Intrepid 300 Center Console
The owner of this 300 Center Console placed his scuba tank racks abaft the helm seat. The side door can be seen in the background.

We're told by the folks at Intrepid that some customers want freshwater re-circulating tanks to clean their masks and regulators -- instead of a livewell that might be ordered by fishermen. Fishermen have their choice of putting the livewell into the cockpit sole, the starboard side of the transom or built-in across the whole transom. Just call the tune and Intrepid will do the piping, so to speak. Lockable rod lockers, rod holders, rod racks, rocket launchers, or anything else fishy is only a matter of telling Intrepid where to put it. We think you get the idea...

Intrepid 300 Center Console
This Intrepid 300 Center Console is the tender and fishing boat of choice for this huge megayacht. When underway offshore the Intrepid is towed in the wake of this behemoth.

Construction Standards Are NOT Optional

One thing that's not optional aboard an Intrepid is raceboat-tough construction. The 300 Center Console is built with uni- and multi-directional knitted fabrics and PVC foam coring, assembled in the mold then infused with high-profile resin and vacuum-bagged to ensure 100% bonding and a precise resin-to-glass ratio. (Too much resin only adds weight, not strength.) This building process – one that's expensive and time-consuming – results in a strong, lightweight laminate.

Intrepid 300 Center Console
The 300 comes with a standard dive platform on the transom and an integrated outboard motor bracket.

In the early days of Intrepid's boatbuilding it became the go-to builder for owners of megayachts wanting a large fiberglass center console as a tender or a fishing boat to tow along. Owners of these multi-million dollar vessels are used to getting what they want, and Intrepid was happy to customize any hull to their purpose. But can you imagine towing a 30' boat behind a four-deck megayacht with a 25' beam? Can you imagine how easy it would be for the professional crew in the pilothouse of the megayacht to forget they were towing another boat as they plowed along at 25 knots?

Intrepid 300 Center Console
This seat in front of the console is as well-executed as any we have seen, and better than most.

There is probably no service that is more demanding than being towed at relatively high speeds behind a large yacht in all kinds of weather. Cleats must be super strong, scuppers must be large and quick draining, and hulls must be not only strong but also very stable. As a result of these experiences, Intrepids were beaten up, but none were lost or even capsized according to a company spokesman. The result was that the boats got even tougher than before. And as other builders turned down building towable fishboats for megayachts, Intrepid's business grew.

Intrepid 300 Center Console
Many 300 Center Console owners like the large bow locker that is ideal for fenders and lines. The anchor locker is just forward.


Most center consoles are purchased through dealers. A few CC builders sell factory-direct and most of them do it that way for several reasons, such as they entered the game so late all of the good dealers were taken, or they are trying to cut out the dealer so they can sell boats for lower prices, which is the only reason people would buy their boats. But in a few cases builders sell direct because they are not interested in mass-producing boats so they can sell the company and retire. These builders take pride in what they make and want to deal directly with the owner to provide a better boat and a more satisfying boating experience. Intrepid falls into the last group.If you have never bought a boat factory-direct, let us tell you that it can be a great experience or a disappointing one. Disappointing because low-price point factory-direct boats often lack the kind of customer service most boaters expect. Call and see what we mean.

Intrepid 300 Center Console
Note that there are backrests all the way up the sides of the gunwales. The forward seat comes out for better access to the bow.

They Pick Up The Phone!

At Intrepid a live person always picks up the phone during working hours. If it is not the receptionist then it is someone else in the office. Each phone call is answered and taken care of immediately. And if you are a customer, the chances are whoever answers the phone knows all about your boat and is happy to talk to you about it whether it is under construction or was sold years before.Intrepid is famous for a number of things besides their excellent fit-and-finish, and one of them is customer service in the aftermarket.

Intrepid 300 Center Console
The U.S. Customs and other governmental agencies have commissioned Intrepid boats of all sizes for their very-specific waterborne needs.


Not everyone needs a custom-built 30' center console, or even one built to the high standards of the Intrepid 300. For those boaters we recommend that they find a boat that meets their needs at a price as affordable as possible -- and there are some good boats in this class on the market. However, we are often surprised at how high-priced some production 30' center consoles can be. If one has looked at one of these boats and liked what they saw, then we recommend that they talk to the folks at Intrepid. Even though they are custom and high-quality, because they are factory-direct their prices might not be far above the production boats you are considering.

Standard and Optional Features


Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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