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Brief Summary

The Hydra-Sports 2500 CC was designed to take avid anglers far offshore in the pursuit of game fish. Virtually everything about this boat is aimed in that direction, from her high freeboard and pronounced bow flare to her deep-V hull with 23-degrees of deadrise at the transom. Her fiberglass T-top comes standard and she will carry up to 500-hp on her transom.

Key Features


Length Overall 24' 10''
7.57 m
Beam 8' 10''
2.69 m
Dry Weight 5,474 lbs.
2,483 kg
Tested Weight N/A
Draft 21''
0.53 m
- Draft Up N/A
- Draft Down N/A
- Air Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom 23 deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 8' 0''
2.43 m
Weight Capacity N/A
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 176 gal.
667 L
Water Capacity 15 gal.
57 L
Length on Trailer N/A
Height on Trailer N/A
Trailer Weight N/A
Total Weight
(Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Engine Options

Std. Power Not Available
Tested Power Currently no test numbers
Opt. Power Various Evinrude and Yamaha up to 350-hp
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Captain's Report

Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
The Hydra-Sports 2500 CC has an 8'10" (2.69 m) beam and weighs 5,474 lb. (2,483 kg.) making her one of the largest center consoles in class.

The Mission of the Hydra-Sports 2500 CC

A 25' (7.62 m) center console is an ideal size boat for three or four fishing buddies to take offshore and that is the primary purpose of the Hydra-Sports 2500 CC. But there are a lot of boats on the market in this size range so Hydra-Sports decided to make this boat demonstrably capable, seaworthy and angler-friendly.

Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
A major feature of the Hydra-Sports 2500 CC is her large bow casting platform. Her 8'10" (2.69 m) beam not only gives her more stability but it also permits easier passage past the center console.

Distinguishing Features

High freeboard forward.

Like virtually all offshore Hydra-Sport models the 2500 CC has a relatively high freeboard forward.

Bow Flare.

Together with the higher freeboard comes more bow flare than we often see. This flare helps keep the boat dryer both at speed and when trolling in sloppy conditions.

Kevlar in the keel.

The 2500 CC is one of the few center consoles in class that has Kevlar in her keel. When dashing offshore at 40 knots there is always a chance of hitting a submerged object such as a lost container. In such a case the layer of bulletproof Kevlar in the hull bottom should minimize damage.

Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
The drop-down seats at the helm have bolsters. When traveling fast in sloppy conditions, the crew will be standing and the wrap-around seats will help provide a more secure feeling.

Fiberglass T-top.

Every fishing boat going offshore should have protection from the sun and that's why Hydra-Sports makes its T-top standard. Not only that, but it is fiberglass which is far more durable than canvas and can handle a number of standard and optional features that most anglers will appreciate.


There is 6' (1.82 m) of headroom in the head compartment, something that is a bit unusual in this size boat.

VHF radio.

Again, because the boat is intended to go offshore you will need a VHF radio, so Hydra-Sports puts it on as standard. It is installed in the fiberglass overhead thereby saving precious real estate on the instrument panel.

Large bow platform.

Many builders of center consoles have forgotten that a bow casting platform was one of the main selling features of early center consoles. Hydra-Sports designers have remembered and have cleverly designed a large platform that has what we'll call "wings" port and starboard so that this raised surface may also be used for sitting. In fact, optional cushions are available. There are standard padded bolsters all around the gunwales of the boat including here which can serve as a back rest.

She is beefy.

Since the 2500 CC is designed for serious offshore work it stands to reason that Hydra-Sports has built her strong. Weighing in at 5,474 lbs. (2,483 kgs.) this boat is one of the heaviest in class. Several factors contribute to that including the fact that she is also one of the beamiest boats in class at 8'10". Her bottom is reinforced with an integrated fiberglass grid system which is bonded to the hull.

Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
The 32 gallon baitwell in the transom has an exceptionally wide opening making retrieval handy.
Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
The green arrow points to the hatch to the pump room. The red arrow marks the screw-in hatch for access to the fuel fill and pick-up in the top of the aluminum tank. Note the bar to the right of the picture (blue arrow) which helps lock in feet when leaning over the side.

Ceramic print-thru blocker.

If you have ever walked along the side of a boat and seen "pattern print-thru" then you will know why Hydra-Sports wants to avoid it. Such a pattern is caused by the fiberglass woven roving beneath the surface of the hull. No builder wants this to happen, but occasionally it does. To prevent such a cosmetic blemish Hydra-Sports sprays in the mold a ceramic material designed to block print through. It is the only builder we know of that uses this specific process and material.

All composite construction.

There is no wood used in the build of the 2500 CC. In the transom, the place that receives the most stress, Hydra-Sports uses an "injected composite transom core." Because there is no wood in the boat there is no chance of rot or the possibility of soggy, flexing decks.

Thru-hull fittings.

Hydra-Sports is one of the few companies that uses two different materials for its thru-hull fittings. Below the waterline, the 2500 CC has only bronze. Above the waterline it uses only stainless steel.

Helm seat.

The 2500 has a "drop-out" double-bolster helm seat as standard equipment. This is the same kind of basic design that is used in many offshore raceboats. When the water is flat and the skipper and his navigator want to sit, there are seats. When it is rough and the boat is going fast then the most comfortable way to ride is standing up. Both seats have flip-up bolsters to make it more comfortable and secure when standing.

Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
The head compartment has full standing headroom for most people and is finished off professionally. The toilet bowl shown here is optional. There is an opening portlight for ventilation.

Major features

Hydra-Sports is providing a very-well equipped boat in the 2500, and it is full of features that some or many builders have on their option list. Here are a few that caught our eye--

Standard aft seat.

Most center consoles have fold-away aft seats but not all install them as standard.

Pressure water.

There is a shower at the transom and also a sink. Pressure water is supplied to both. The boat also comes standard with a raw water wash down system.

Frigid Rigid cooler.

Forward of the console is a padded seat bottom and back with a Frigid Rigid cooler under. If this is not enough cooler space, then turn one of the fish boxes into a cooler.

Head compartment details.

The inside of the head compartment has a fiberglass liner which is an improvement over some boats in class that have canvas over electrical components. The toilet is portable and there are options for upgrade. There is also an opening portlight for ventilation.

Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
The bow casting platform of the 2500 with the optional seat cushions in place. The hatch in the deck leads to a large compartment that can hold a net and other gear.
Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
Held open by the gas-assist struts these two fish boxes can hold a lot of cargo. They are insulated and they drain overboard.

Console helm equipment.

The windshield is tempered glass and not plexy, there is a standard compass and cover for the whole console unit. The boat comes with full instrumentation. There is room on the panel for one large multi-use screen or two smaller ones.

Systems Details


Even though the boat is only 25' long there are a surprising number of systems on her. There are two bilge pumps, one 800 gpm forward, and another one that is rated at 1500 gpm aft. The 32 gallon baitwell in the transom has an 1100 gpm pump.


There is a dual battery system with switch which we like for parallel starting in a pinch. There are a total of four battery trays in the boat so you can set up your engine start and house system in several ways.

Fuel and oil.

The 176 gal. (667 L) fuel tank is aluminum and all connection hoses are steel-reinforced and double clamped. There is a standard fuel/water separator for each engine. For boats equipped with 2-stroke engines there is a standard separate oil tank(s) with remote fill.

Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
The standard fiberglass T-top comes with white gel coat, colors are optional. Just about everything else in the picture comes standard except for the TACO outriggers. Lights over the helm are red for night running.

Trim tabs.

Tabs are standard with the 2500 and the stern and bottom have been designed specifically for units installed. They are stainless steel and have indicators at the helm.


This is where gremlins are most likely to appear. The electrical connections are rated as "submersible" according to the folks at Hydra-Sports. The boat also has a Dynaplate grounding system. We are told that the vessel's circuit breakers and connections are also "watertight." These precautions against moisture intrusion into the electrical system as well as the grounding system are a good example of things done right for the saltwater environment.

Engine Options

Hydra-Sports offers 12 different engine options from three brands. Evinrude heads the list with a total of five engine configurations. A single 300-hp DPZ E-TEC is available as are twin Evinrudes ranging from 150-hp to 250-hp. Four Yamaha rigs are available: a single F300 or F350, or twin 150s or 250s. Three set-ups using Mercury engines are available, including the 300-hp XXL as well as twin 150s or 250s.

Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
Hydra-Sports has used space in the gunwales that is usually wasted. These two bins are designed to hold tackle boxes.

Other Options

If you would like to make this boat even fishier, then several options are available. The standard helm seat can be replaced with a leaning post and a 40 gallon Kodiak baitwell and prep area. The T-top has the pads already molded in to take the optional TACO Grand Slam outriggers. Three rod holders can be mounted on the transom in a bracket. Visit the Hydra-Sports website to see the other optional and standard equipment available.

Performance and Handling

We have not tested the boat so can make no comment on these two critical details. However, the techs at Yamaha have tested the boat with twin Yamaha F150 TXR engines so we will pass along what they publish. They report that the boat's top speed with a full load of fuel and a test weight of 7,873 lbs. (3,578.6 kgs.) is 45.3 mph. Best cruise was reported to be at 4000 rpm where the boat went 26.1 mph, burning 12.7 gph and getting 2.06 mpg.

Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
This is how most anglers will use the boat, with one in the bow and another in the stern.


Obviously this boat has been designed and built with great care. We consider her in the top tier of center console boats produced in this size range. She is priced accordingly, but not as high as some.As we have pointed out in other reviews of new Hydra-Sports boats, the company is now owned by the same folks who build MasterCraft skiboats. While that might not seem like a logical lash-up, it is in fact a good one for consumers. MasterCraft has long had very high standards of quality and fit-and-finish. So, too, was Hydra-Sports known for its high standards, and now that its boats are being built in the same plant as the MasterCrafts we think a good thing can only get better.

Hydra-Sports 2500 CC
The 2500 CC was designed for big water.

As to which horsepower engines we would recommend that is an individual consideration so we cannot hazard a suggestion. The single 300-hp options are the lightest and least expensive way to go and we would probably go in that direction. On the other hand, many anglers will want to have the security inherent in a redundant engine system, in which case one of the twin 150-hp packages might be the way to go if you can be happy travelling under 50 mph. For those wanting more speed or intending to carry a lot more weight than the 7,800 lbs. mentioned above, then going up a notch might be the best course. No matter which way you choose to go with the engines, the 2500 CC should provide as good a ride and as reliable a boat as you can find in class.

Standard and Optional Features

Marine Electronics

GPS/Chart Optional
VHF Radio Standard


Battery Charger/Converter Optional
CD Stereo Optional
Head: Portable Standard
Trim Tabs Standard
Washdown: Raw Water Standard
Windlass Optional

Exterior Features

Hardtop Optional
Outlet: 12-Volt Acc Standard
Swim Ladder Standard
Swim Platform Standard
Transom Door Standard
Transom Shower Standard


Hull Warranty
10/1 limited warranty

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