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Cruisers Sport Series 278 Bow Rider (2013-)

1 x 320-hp MerCruiser 377 MAG

Brief Summary

On one hand the 278 Bow Rider is a new boat, but on the other hand it is not. The brand has been well-known for years, but it is now under the ownership of KCS International, builders of Cruisers Yachts and Rampage Yachts. KCS has applied its own big-boat standards and engineering specs to the ten-model Azure line and in the case of the 278 Bow Rider have made a good boat even better, placing it firmly in the premium category in terms of amenities, fit-and-finish, and the quality of equipment and materials used. Recently we tested the 278 Bow Rider and we are here to report that there is a new and in some respects a very different sportboat on the market.