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Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 (2017-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)

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Beneteau Factory Woodworking Process - Sailboat


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Brief Summary

Just recently introduced to the US and world markets, Beneteau has once again introduced an attractive, voluminous, easy-to-handle yacht. The new Beneteau Oceanis 62 is state-of-the-art with smooth sailing lines, generous accommodations on deck, and below, easily managed sail plan and attention to details, large and small. She incorporates proven concepts from the rest of the successful 10-boat line of Oceanis yachts.
Significantly for this 62’ 7” (19.07 m) Oceanis, Beneteau has drawn on the expertise of CNB, renown builder of yachts over 24 meters (78’ 9”) and group partner of Beneteau. The resulting product capitalizes on the manufacturing efficiencies of Beneteau coupled with expertise and experience of a world-class maxi yacht builder to deliver a well-engineered, high quality yacht.
We see the Oceanis 62 more than just the next step in the Oceanis line but a major step up in quality, comfort, and performance from her predecessors.

Key Features

  • Nature light below from windows all around hull and cabin top
  • Large sun bathing areas on the fore deck, midships and in the cockpit
  • Sail locker/crew’s quarters in bow; large cockpit lockers
  • Centerline pass through
  • Dual helm stations, with carbon fiber steering wheels, duplicate 12” chartplotters, sailing instruments, engine and thruster controls
  • Full dodger and Bimini with side enclosures
  • 160-hp Yanmar diesel engine
  • Alpi Mahogany woodwork interior
  • Ultraleather upholstery
  • Specifications

    Length Overall 62' 7''
    19.07 m
    Beam 17' 6''
    5.33 m
    Draft 9’ 6''
    2.90 m
    Shallow Draft (Shallow Keel) 7’ 7''
    2.30 m
    Hull Length 59' 5''
    18.12 m
    L.W.L 56’ 9''
    17.29 m
    Max Headroom open
    Dry Weight 53,286 lbs.
    24,170 kg
    Tested Weight N/A
    Mast Height (max)
    Person Capacity N/A
    Fuel Capacity 264 gal.
    999 L
    Water Capacity 280 gal.
    1,059 L
    Shallow Ballast Weight 14,987 lbs.
    6,800 kg
    Deep Ballast Weight 13,004 lbs
    5,900 kg
    Mainsail Area (Classic) 1,030 sq ft
    95.72 m²
    Headsail Area (105 %) 943 sq ft
    87.64 m²

    Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

    Engine Options

    Std. Power 1 x 160-hp Yanmar 6-cylinder
    Tested Power Currently no test numbers
    Opt. Power Not Available

    Captain's Report

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 running
    Sleek, graceful, spacious, powerful, and fast. The new Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 redefines comfort and ease of handling in the large performance cruising market at a very attractive price point.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 layout
    The deck layout of the Oceanis Yacht 62 features a clean, unencumbered deck with a large sunbathing area forward, midships and in the cockpit. The spacious cockpit utilizes two tables, one port and one starboard, making it easy to move fore and aft. Behind the dual helm stations, the bench seat covers the top of a hydraulically lifting barbeque and sink. All running rigging runs aft to winches at the helm stations.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 drawing
    The Oceanis Yacht 62 has an LOA of 62'7" (19.07 m), a hull length of 59'5" (18.12 m) and an LWL of 56'9" (17.29 m). Her total sail area is 1,973 sq. ft. (182 sq. m) with a 105% headsail.

    Vessel Overview

    In her light configuration, the Oceanis Yacht 62 displaces 53,286 lbs. (24,170 kg) and draws 9'6" (2.90 m) with her deep keel or 7’7” (2.30 m) with her shallow draft option. Her beam, carried well aft, is 17’ 6” (5.33 m).

    The Oceanis Yacht 62 3-spreader mast carries a large in-mast furling mainsail at 1,030 sq. ft. (94.3 sq. m) and a 943 sq. ft. (87.6 sq. m) 105% roller-furling jib. The optional roller furling asymmetrical spinnaker adds 2,583 sq. ft. (250 sq. m) of off-the-wind sail area and performance.

    She is powered by a 160-hp Yanmar diesel engine and carries 264 gallons (1,000 L) of fuel. She holds 280 gallons (1,060 L) of fresh water.

    Short-Handed or Single-Handed Sailing

    A vital ingredient for successful short-handed sailing, especially as the size of the sails increase, is a logical and ergonomic layout of winches, running rigging, jammers, autopilot, and line handling bags. The Oceanis Yacht 62 provides a compact, easy to reach layout close by to each helm station.

    The main running rigging Halyards, topping lift, boom vang, and mainsheet -- are all led aft from the mast in hidden runs through the cabin top keeping the deck clear. Just ahead of each helm station is a bank of jammers for each line and a powered self-tailing winch -- all within arm’s reach of the helm. Slightly outboard of each helm station is a larger powered primary self-tailing winch for the 105% and 2,583 sq. ft. (250 sq. m) asymmetrical spinnaker.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 running
    The roller furling asymmetrical spinnaker is set up for short-handed and single-handed sailing. With this combination, cracked off the wind, even in light air the Oceanis 42 romps through the water.

    Larger sails do require more energy with which to control them. By utilizing roller furling mainsail, headsail and asymmetrical spinnaker, three-block mechanical advantage on the mainsail, and powered winches for all sail evolutions, the Oceanis Yacht 62 sail plan is virtually as easy to handle as that of a much smaller yacht.

    Extra Crew. Push the “Auto” button on the autopilot, reach just forward of the helm for halyards and the mainsheet controls or just aft for the jib sheet, and one person can access, ease, or trim all the key trim ingredients for the boat. Because of this layout and with the autopilot engaged, the Oceanis Yacht 62 becomes a boat that is probably as easy to single hand as any on the market, no matter what the size.

    Beneteau has managed to make the Oceanis Yacht 62 nearly as easy to sail short-handed as a smaller boat by means of eight important details:

    • 1. Complete running rigging handling within a compact, ergonomic area of each helm station

    • 2. An easy-to-use B&G autopilot with clear, concise operations display
    • 3. Two powered self-tailing winches just ahead of the helm for halyards and the main sheet

    • 4. Two oversize powered self-tailing winches outboard of the helm for jib and asymmetrical spinnaker sheets

    • 5. Key running rigging led aft from the mast under deck to a bank of jammers within easy reach of the helm

    • 6. Large tail bags keeping the tails of running rigging organized and clear from the cockpit floor

    • 7. Increased mechanical advantage from the mainsheet block and tackle secured to the rigid arch over the companionway

    • 8. Arch also eliminates the need for a main traveler thus reducing the amount of running rigging in the cockpit
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 running
    In more breeze the Oceanis Yacht 62 is quick and responsive with the large furling mainsail and 105% roller furling jib.

    Comfort Abounds

    Sunbathing anyone? The Oceanis Yacht 62 provides seven generous lounging areas on deck due to its clean and uncluttered layout, flush deck hatches, and level cushion areas. On the fore deck, large cushions are fitted to the cabin top forward of the mast. The cabin top on either side of the companionway is fitted for another set of sunbathing cushions. This area also doubles as a comfortable reclining area under a dodger when the weather is inclement. The two 8’ 1” (2.47 m) long cockpit benches provide comfortable lounging whether at anchor or sailing. With the hydraulic lift tables lowered, these bench areas are 3’ 3” (0.99 m) wide. Across the transom aft of the wheels, a seventh padded sunning area provides a sheltered area, free from wind and spray.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 drawing
    The Oceanis Yacht 62 features generous amounts of comfort and lounging/sunbathing areas. Note that the aft athwartships bench behind the steering wheels rises hydraulically to expose a barbeque and sink. The transom door lowers to make a ‘teak beach’ just off the water.

    Thoughtful Cockpit

    When on deck, the boat's cockpit is the primary venue. Beneteau has evolved the cockpit design to ensure that it is large and comfortable and at the same time functional and efficient.

    With two helm stations, each complete with engine and sail controls, and port and starboard cockpit seats and tables, this Beneteau can easily seat a large crowd of family and friends. We particularly like the separate port and starboard tables that allow for a wide centerline passageway from the companionway all the way aft without jostling guests onboard.

    On the port helm console, Beneteau has added a beverage refrigerator to complement the barbeque, sink, and bar on the hydraulically lifting console. Line storage on either side near the running rigging jammers provides sufficient storage to keep the lines clear of the cockpit floor.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 drawing
    A 40 liter refrigerator, gas bottle locker and line storage areas are easy to access and utilize. Each helm console is complete with a 12” chartplotter along with multi-function displays for the autopilot, wind information, depth sounder, radar, and engine instruments.

    Double Helm Seats

    Double helm stations and seats, port and starboard with redundant engine controls and instrumentation, is a real plus for a yacht with this beam. When docking the Oceanis Yacht 62, the Captain has the benefit of excellent sight lines along the side of the boat near the dock. Coupled with the 160-hp Yanmar diesel engine, the Oceanis Yacht 62’s bow thruster and retractable stern thruster make handling this yacht in close quarters a cinch.

    While underway sailing, the benefits of a windward helm station, where one can easily see the sails and the waters ahead of the boat, make sailing this yacht fun, responsive and safe. With the large bench seat spanning the deck between the wheels, there is plenty of room for a couple -- and the kids -- to enjoy sailing together at the helm.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 stern
    Dual carbon fiber steering wheels, dual engine controls, and other instruments make the Oceanis Yacht 62 easy to handle, fun, and safe.

    Sea Access

    The transom door lowers on hydraulic rams to create a very large ‘teak beach’ -- a perfect swim platform. When Med-moored, the transom door opens for a step-aboard to dual companionways that reach into the cockpit. We really like the ease of access this design provides for stepping on to the boat and confidently into the cockpit.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 teak beach
    Along with the port and starboard companionways from ‘teak beach’ to cockpit, note the 10’ (3.1 m) hard bottom inflatable jet boat nestled in the garage.

    A Boat Within a Boat

    The hydraulic transom further lowers to launch the 10’ (3.1 m) Williams jet boat that comes with the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62. Fully lowered, the transom becomes a launch ramp for the dinghy, so the boat can be rolled out and down into the water. An electric winch at the forward end of the garage retrieves the dinghy to store it neatly out of the way.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 teak beachBeneteau Oceanis 62 dinghy

    On Deck

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 deck layout

    Starting at the bow, the Oceanis Yacht 62 has a solid stainless steel bowsprit that holds the standard plow anchor and tack fitting for the roller furling asymmetrical spinnaker. A robust stainless dolphin striker is integral with the stem fitting and provides the necessary structural support to fly the 2,583 sq. ft. (250 sq. m) asymmetrical in as much breeze as one would like.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 running shot
    A very good look at the impressive sprit structure, with built-in anchor roller, tack-fitting attachment for the asymmetrical spinnaker, and solid dolphin striker married into the stem structure.

    Just abaft of the bowsprit is the headstay for the standard roller-furling jib. The electric windlass is just aft on deck with a healthy chain/anchor rode well just forward of the watertight collision bulkhead.

    Crew. Next is the flush deck crew’s quarter’s hatch. All the hatches in the deck of the Oceanis Yacht 62 are flush, so there are no projections to catch one’s foot or snag a sheet. The flush deck arrangement also makes it very comfortable for sun bathing everywhere on deck.

    The crew’s quarter’s double very nicely for sail storage, fender and dock line storage, and extra provisions and spare parts for an extended cruise. There are two bunks, a shower, sink, and head with sufficient storage.

    Further aft there are two more opening hatches forward of the mast and large skylights just aft of the mast. With large windows and opening hatches in the cabin topsides, plus very large windows in the topsides, we found that there was a tremendous amount of light that flooded the interior and made the yacht open and airy. All of the hatches have screens and blackout covers to darken the interior spaces when desired.

    Standing Rigging

    The mast is stayed with three sweptback spreaders connected to upper shrouds affixed to chain plates on the yacht’s gunwales. Having the chain plates all the way outboard provides the maximum structural support and strength for the 90’ rig. The single backstay from the top of the mast is attached to a ‘fish plate’ well above deck that splits the backstay into two legs that attach outboard on the port and starboard quarters.

    The advantage of this arrangement, in addition to stabilizing the mast, is that it leaves the centerline at the transom unencumbered for ease of access to the companionways that lead down to the transom.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 idle
    In addition to the flush mounted hatches on deck, the Oceanis Yacht 62 enjoys a huge amount of natural light below decks courtesy of hatches and windows in the cabin top, and the large in-hull windows that accent each of the living spaces below.

    Interior Layouts

    The Oceanis Yacht 62 offers two layout versions: the first with three staterooms and three en-suite heads; the second with the same three staterooms plus a smaller bunkroom in place of the head. We would suggest that the three stateroom, three head layout is better for three couples, whereas the second layout might be better for a single, larger family with small children. Crew quarters with two pipe berths and a head in the bow come in both layouts.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 layout
    The three-cabin, three-head layout is ideal for three couples cruising together. Each cabin has plenty of storage and separate head.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 stateroom layout
    The four-cabin -- really a three stateroom, one small cabin -- and two head layout might be ideal for a larger family with children where the importance of three separate heads is reduced.


    Descending into the main cabin one can immediately see the abundant natural light, the open and airy layout and the comfort in the main salon. The interior joinery work is Alpi mahogany, the same composite material that Beneteau uses in all of its boats for durability in the marine environment.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 salon
    One of the attractive features below is the easy-to-negotiate stairs leading below -- the six steps have courtesy lights, moderate risers, and are not steep. Note in the foreground the sofa to the left, the large salon table with fold-down leaves, and the sofa to the right (mostly hidden) just ahead of the nav station.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 salon
    On the port side, the nav station has a built-in swiveling bucket nav seat: very functional at any angle of heel. The sofa outboard is quite large and comfortable, as is the continuation along the main bulkhead to the right of the picture. Note also the three large (lower) windows in the hull, coupled with the large windows and hatches in the cabin top, together, which bathe the interior in natural light.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 tv
    A look aft in the main salon. Note the secure handrail on the sofa backrest that also houses a retractable flat screen TV.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 nav
    Looking forward in the main salon with the navigation station to port. Note the three skylights in the overhead just aft of the main bulkhead.


    The galley extends the full length of the main salon along the starboard side. Along with the large sink forward, the three-burner stove/oven, a top and side loading refrigerator, and the freezer, there is ample flat working surface in the galley for food preparation. Above and below the counter tops, forward in dedicated lockers and below the hydraulic ram supported floorboards, there is abundant storage for a long passage to one’s favorite cruising ground.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 galley
    The galley extends the length of the main salon. Note the three in-hull windows above the counter tops, plus the large windows and hatches in the cabin top. Six lockers above the counters plus a compliment of drawers below provide excellent storage and ease of accessibility. Of special note to the right in the picture: a temperature controlled wine cellar.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 galleyBeneteau Oceanis 62 galley

    Master Stateroom

    The master stateroom forward offers a generous amount of real living space: plenty of room to move about the cabin without bumping into things, large hanging lockers and drawers, book shelves and reading lamps, and a number of other smart treatments to make an overnight or an extended cruise a real joy.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 stateroom
    While the general layout of the master stateroom remains the same, Beneteau offers three variations on the treatment for the desk/bureau/entertainment center aft in the cabin:
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 configuration
    In this configuration, the area aft in the master stateroom has a deck, swiveling chair, and computer connections to the boat’s Wifi system.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 second configuration
    That area can also be configured with a small dressing seat with storage below. Entertainment center still remains above.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 third configuration
    In the third configuration, a chest of drawers adds more storage space to the area.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 lockers
    Large hanging lockers and alongside, closets with shelves. Note that there are also drawers under the bunk for increased capacity.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 dressing room
    Of course, the master stateroom can be closed off from the rest of the boat. Doing so exposes a large dressing mirror aft in the cabin. To the right is the door to the stateroom head.

    Aft Cabins

    Two large aft cabins offer queen size beds, hanging lockers, drawers, bookshelves, built-in reading lights, and lots of natural light. Each stateroom opens into a private head, so guests have full privacy.

    Beneteau Oceanis 62 aft cabin
    Starboard side aft cabin. Note all the windows and storage spaces. At right, we can see a slight bulge where the bulkhead makes way for the Williams jet in the garage.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 port aft cabin
    Virtually the same configuration in the port aft cabin.
    Beneteau Oceanis 62 head
    The head on the port side, with large shower just aft. Comfortable. And it works.


    The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 will make an excellent summer cruiser or winter adventure. Because she is so large and capable, she can be sailed fairly quickly to the tropics in the fall. We can see her easily making the round trip from the Caribbean to New England, Canada, or the Great Lakes -- or from Seattle down to Mexico on the West Coast.

    We very much like the three-stateroom, three-head version because of the remarkable master cabin and heads and privacy in all the cabins.

    The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62 is a versatile boat that should be comfortable in most conditions.

    Standard and Optional Features

    Marine Electronics

    Autopilot Standard


    Battery Charger/Converter Standard
    CD Stereo Standard
    Head: Fixed Standard
    Trim Tabs Standard
    Water Heater Standard
    Windlass Standard


    Refrigerator Standard

    Exterior Features

    Outlet: 12-Volt Acc Standard
    Swim Ladder Standard
    Swim Platform Standard
    Transom Shower Standard

    Boats More Than 30 Feet

    Bow Thruster Standard


    Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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