Sea Pro Evaluation: By R. J. in Charleston, SC

City Charleston
State SC
Brand Sea Pro
Model 180cc
Length Johnson
Year 2000
Engine Brand Yamaha
Number of Engines 1
Engine Model ProV-200
Engine HP 200
Prop material Stainless
Prop Dia x Pitch 14.5x23
Did you buy the boat... New
How many hours have you put on the boat? 800
Have you used the boat in... Saltwater
Which type of body of water have you primarily used your boat? Bays and Sounds, Coastal Ocean
For which purpose did you primarily use the boat? Fishing, Day Cruising, Watersports, such as wakeboarding,
How would you assess the boat’s performance given its intended use? Very solid and affordable.
How would you characterize the engine(s) and drive units? Fast, Yamaha 2-Strokes are hard to start, and the Pro series doesn;t like to idel for long periods without overheating.
Was the helm comfortable and did it provide you with good visibility? Yes
Was the cockpit large enough and seating ample for your activities? Yes
Were the accommodations suitable for your use of the boat? Yes
How would you characterize access to your engine and equipment in your engine room? Good
What design features on deck did you appreciate most? Access around center console.
What design features below deck do you most appreciate? NA
How did the boat handle? Runs at 67mph, and handles great.
Are there any features or design aspects of the boat that you feel need changing? Perhaps lowering the console a bit, and the small 45-degree angle storage compartments on the side/rear are in the way for bottom fishing.
What options do you wish you had specified to be installed which you didn’t have? Folding T-Top
What was the name of the dealer who sold you the boat? Hanckel
Were you happy with your dealer's service? Yes
If you had any contact with the personnel at the factory, how would you characterize those contacts?
What other comments do you think should be made about the boat? Great boat - recommend to anyone!