Evinrude - The Features and Benefits of Evinrude Digital-Control Systems

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Evinrude Digital Control Systems

N is for “neutral” and that button lets the user rev the engine without shifting into gear, or fumbling for a button on the side of the binnacle.

The Single-Engine Digital Control Module

First thing I expect is that I’ll be able to have throttle only capability and with this, it’s available at the touch of a button labeled ‘N’ for neutral, once you touch it, you’re in neutral. You can rev the engine, no more pushing a button on the side. Another nice feature is to be able to make incremental changes in your speed. To do that on this control you put it into gear and get it at the speed you want. Now that you are coming up on a boat you will want to make a little bit more of an increase in speed, just give the RPM plus button a touch or RPM minus to slow yourself down. Each button push will give you about 50 RPM change in speed and you can do it five up and five down. Then it’s time to reset the throttle and now you can go five up and five down again, 50 RPMs for each button push.

Evinrude Digital Control Systems
Indicator lights tell the user whether the boat is set to neutral or shifted to forward or reverse.

Engine Controls Also Aren’t Always Mounted on the Horizontal. Sometimes they are mounted on a helm that’s at a 45-degree angle, and you’ll have a hard time knowing which gear you are in or if you’re even in neutral. With this control module, there are indicator lights to show whether you are in forward, neutral, or reverse.

Evinrude Digital Control Systems
A set screw lets users adjust the tension on the shift and throttle lever to their liking.

When your boat starts bouncing around you need a better feel of how the throttle is going to be working. There’s a tension adjust on this screw right here by tightening it, you can just add a little bit of tension so you’re not bouncing the throttle all over the place, and again, you’re only adjusting this lever, it’s still fly-by-wire. Let’s not forget we still have trim adjust on the outside of the control.

Evinrude Digital Control Systems
Evinrude’s digital control binnacle for multiple outboards has separate trim control rockers for each outboard in a twin installation, while the rocker on the port lever controls all engines together.

Digital Control Module for Two or More Outboards

Now let’s take a look at the twin engine application. There are a couple of differences in this unit. You still have your trim adjust, which will be collected for both engines. Individually, you can trim your port and starboard engine with rocker switches labeled “port” and “starboard” on the binnacle base. Now if you have more than two engines, such as triples or quads, these controls will be relegated to a separate panel on the helm dashboard, and allow you to move each individual engine.

Evinrude Digital Control Systems
The sync button is a function that’s easy to access on the twin control unit.

Want to sync your engines? Just push the “sync” button and you will only have one control, the port control. The starboard lever has no control. Why is the port one the master? Because you still have the trim control rocker mounted on the side of the lever. To get the engines out of sync, bring the two control levers together, push the sync button again to turn it off, and now you have individual controls on both engines.

The control unit for multiple outboards has the indicators showing what gear the levers are shifted to, and there’s an indicator for each side. Just as with the single-lever control, you still have the indicators for what gear you are in, as well as the RPM adjustment rocker and the tension adjust screws for each lever.

Evinrude Digital Control Systems
Fly-by-wire controls mean just that, engine throttle and shift commands are carried by electronic signals over wires.

Evinrude Digital Control Systems
Evinrude knows that today’s smart helms can use the information, so they have helm displays, such as these iCommand digital instruments that let boaters program the data they want to watch.

The benefit of having fly-by-wire controls, of course, is there are no more mechanical connections between the engine controls and the engine itself. Everything plugs into a module and then you have all the different functions coming off of that. Whether it be your iCommand gauges, tilt trim gauges, all of your functions go right into these modules.

Digital control allows Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards to perform seamlessly, and adds functionality and ease of use to all installations.