Yamaha Outboard
200 HPDI
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Yamaha Outboard 200 HPDI Yamaha Outboard 200 HPDI
Yamaha's revolutionary High Pressure Direct Injection was a giant technological leap, delivering fuel at an amazing 700 psi, vs. 90-450 psi of conventional direct injection. The difference in power to plane, acceleration, top-end speed, and fuel economy was nothing short of amazing according to Yamaha. A unique sound-dampening system makes our HPDIs dramatically quieter than conventional two-strokes. And they're so clean-running, they exceed the Federal EPA 2006 emission requirements, as well as earning a California C.A.R.B. two-star rating for very low emissions. Engine comes standard with a limited two-year warranty.

Key Features

  • The Proven Homogeneous Combustion Chamber Design maximizes power and fuel economy in the critical 2500-5500 rpm range
  • The Vapor Separator Tank removes vapors from the fuel for increased engine stability and reliability
  • Counter Rotation dramatically reduces steering torque and arm fatigue, while providing more control and acceleration
  • Yamaha HPDIs exceed the Federal EPA 2006 emission requirements, and have earned a California C.A.R.B two-star rating for very low emissions.
  • Oil Bi-Pass Groove around the bottom piston ring delivers the precise amount of oil to the top ring, enhancing durability
  • The Multi-Charge Monitoring System keeps your batteries charging whenever the engines are running
  • Front-Mounted Freshwater Flushing device makes it easy to completely flush the engine, in the slip or at home
  • Connect Yamaha's Digital Engine Management System to a GPS unit and track your mileage, speed and ETA along with your position
  • Precision Blendâ„¢ Oil Injection automatically injects just the right amount of oil, based on load and speed

Yamaha Outboard 200 HPDI (Outboard) Specifications
Horsepower 200-hp
Displacement (cu/cc) 158.40 cu / 2,595.71 cc
CARB Rating 2-Star

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Yamaha Outboard 200 HPDI