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4.3GXi (225-hp)

Brief Summary

This 4.3 L V-6 gasoline engine has a balanced shaft located in the center of the engine and offers quiet and virtually vibration-free operation. Volvo Penta only makes this engine in a non-catalyzed model that is not available in California and only in limited volumes in the U.S.

In one typical test of this engine in a single engine application we recorded the following: In a 20' boat weighing 2,750 lbs. (1,247 kg.) top speed was clocked at 49.4 mph getting 2.82 statute miles per gallon at 5000 rpm. Best cruising speed in this boat was recorded at 27.7 mph and 3000 rpm and she was getting 4.26 statute miles per gallon.

In twin-engine applications, builders install this engine in boats as large as the low 30-foot (9.14 m) range.

Power steering and trim are standard and they are available with SX or DP drives.