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MX 6.2 Black Scorpion (340-hp)

Brief Summary

The MX 6.2 Black Scorpion is an exclusive engine built for the tow sports market. This engine ensures maximum torque and pulling power for watersports.

Key Features

  • Long-stroke 377CID/6.2L engine with tunnel-ram intake system customized by MerCruiser produces an awesome 340hp/254kw and 385 ft lbs of torque for arm
  • Custom 'S' pipe exhaust system provides unobstructed exhaust flow for maximum power and runs underneath transmission mounts, opening up more foot room
  • Standard built-in flush system simplifies maintenance by allowing you to attach a garden hose to the engine flush port on top of the engine.
  • One-piece serpentine belt means easier servicing, less maintenance, unsurpassed belt life, and requires less horsepower to drive the engine accessorie
  • Water-separating fuel filter ensures clean and pure fuel for reliable performance.
  • MerCruiser multiport injection system provides dependable turn-key starts, optimized fuel/air distribution to each cylinder, digital electronic spark
  • Hypereutectic aluminum alloy pistons for increased strength.
  • Exclusive remote mounted oil filter place the oil filter within reach for simple, clean oil changes. Along with the easy oil drain system, MerCruiser
  • Exclusive easy oil drain system simplifies routine maintenance allowing engine oil to be drained through a hose that exits through the boat's standard


Type of Engine
Number of Cylinders
Horse Power 340
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Delivery
Shaft Length Options
Shift Throttle Control
Steering Control
Recommended Fuel
Alternator Output
CARB Rating
Engine Monitoring System

Captain's Report

  • All MerCruiser® gasoline engines are designed to run on 87-octane fuel making them less expensive to operate than engines that require a higher-octane rating.
  • Standard audio alarm system warns of low oil pressure, high water temperature, and excessive transmission temperature, reducing chances of engine or transmission damage.
  • Color-coded service points for easy identification of key service areas (yellow -engine oil; blue - engine coolant; brown - transmission fluid).
  • Engines incorporate roller valve lifters, improving efficiency for increased horsepower and performance.
  • 65-amp/917-watt alternator fully charges the battery for dependable starting with extra capacity to handle additional electrical accessories. Alternator is located high on the engine to avoid water contamination.
  • One-piece serpentine belt means easier servicing, less maintenance, unsurpassed belt life, and requires fewer horsepower to drive the engine accessories.
  • Heavy-duty water-circulating pump uses a stainless steel shaft, bronze impeller and special seal for long life.
  • Sealed flywheel housing protects starter from water damage for added resistance to the elements.
  • Remote water-separating fuel filter ensures dependable starts and performance by removing water and solid particles from fuel before they reach the fuel system.
  • High-capacity seawater pump provides up to 32 gal/121L of water per minute to handle even the most rigorous cooling demands.