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Four Winns Horizon 290 OB (2019-)

2 x 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2

Brief Summary

The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB is a combination of sportboat performance and cruiser-like amenities. From chaise lounge-seating to a full head compartment and berth, everything on this boat was engineered and crafted to appeal to an active family looking for a solid boat for fresh or saltwater use.

Key Features

  • Full head
  • Flexible transom seating
  • Configurable forward seating
  • Cabin with accommodations
  • Through-the-stem bow roller with windlass
  • Double-wide helm and companion seating with bolsters
  • Optional dual 300-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards
  • Transferable warranty

Test Results

510 3.1 2.7 0.5 6.1 5.3 659 572.9 61
1000 5.7 5 1.4 4.2 3.7 456 396.5 67
1500 7.8 6.7 3 3 2.3 284 246.7 69
2000 9.3 8.1 7.8 1.2 1 130 112.7 75
2500 11.2 9.7 11.1 1 0.9 109 94.8 79
3000 20.8 18.1 12.2 1.7 1.5 185 160.8 83
3500 31.3 27.2 14.3 2.2 1.9 237 206.3 85
4000 37.8 32.9 17.9 2.1 1.8 228 198.3 86
4500 43.5 37.8 21.9 2 1.7 215 187 88
5000 47.7 41.5 27.6 1.7 1.5 187 162.3 89
5500 53.3 46.3 34.3 1.6 1.4 168 145.9 96
5950 57.8 50.2 48.2 1.2 1 129 112.5 96


Length Overall 30' 1" (9.17 m)
Beam 9' 5" (2.87 cm)
Dry Weight 8,500 lbs. (3,856 kg)
Tested Weight 10,522 lbs. (4,773 kg)
Draft Up 25" (64 cm)
Draft Down 39" (99 cm)
Deadrise/Transom 21 degrees
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 8' (2.44 m)
Weight Capacity 1,199 lbs. (544 kg)
Person Capacity 12
Fuel Capacity 120 gal. (454 L)
Water Capacity 20 gal. (76 L)
Total Weight 10,522 lbs. (4,773 kg)


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 4.3 sec.
0 to 30 5.6 (0to20)
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 2 persons, 2/3 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 86 deg., 86 humid; wind: 1-5 mph; seas: flat

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 2 x 250-hp Mercury Verado 250XXL JPO
2 x 250-hp Mercury Verado 250XXL JPO Cold Fusion White
2 x 300-hp Mercury Verado 300XXL JPO
2 x 300-hp Mercury Verado 300XXL JPO Cold Fusion White
2 x 250-hp Yamaha F250 Helm Master
2 x 300-hp Yamaha F300 Helm Master
2 x 300-hp Yamaha F300 Helm Master White


Hull Warranty Extended Lifetime structural

Captain's Report


The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB combines sportboat performance with cruiser-like amenities. The test boat was powered by a pair of 300-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards.


Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Mission

The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB is designed to be a luxury day-boat platform for entertaining a crowd of family and friends. It has all of the features for enjoying waterborne adventures, such as beaching on the local sandbar island, traveling to a dockside eatery or simply cruising around. Additionally, with the optional sport tower, tow-sport capabilities can be added to the day’s activities.


The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB’s 9’5” (2.87 m) beam extends forward to provide copious seating and room to move throughout.

Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Distinguishing Features

• Electrically adjustable helm seat

• Stable-Vee hull

    Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Major Features

    • Swim Platform Lounge. The backrest of the aft bench seating electrically adjusts forward to create aft-facing lounge seating for use when the outboards are not being operated.

    • Walkthrough Windshield. The windshield opens to allow passengers to move from the cockpit to the forward seating and back. There is also an air-dam below the windshield for cooler days.

    • In-Console Cabin. The helm console has a cabin below with an insert to create a single day-berth with a hull-side window.

    • Freshwater System. The 20-gallon (76 L) freshwater system that feeds the head, sink(s), and transom shower.

    • Storage. There is storage under the seating, under the deck and a large, deep storage locker under the electrically actuated aft seating and lounge area.

    • Through Stem Bow Roller Anchoring System. The anchor is deployed via a through stem bow-roller with a windlass and remote in the ground tackle locker under the foredeck.

    • Sport Arch. The optional sport tower with deployable Bimini adds additional dimension.

    • Construction. The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB is built to ABYC standards.

      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Comparison

      Now, when we compare this performance to other bowriders in class that we have tested with both sterndrive and outboard engines, we discover that the Horizon 290 OB has a 6” (15.2 cm) or more greater beam, and is several thousand pounds heavier than all but one other vessel.

      Nevertheless, none was faster than the 57.8 mph we recorded at 5950 rpm. That says a lot about both the engines and the hull shape of the Horizon 290 OB. When it comes to fuel consumption at best cruise, she was the same or better than both sterndrive and other outboard-powered boats we have tested.

      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Performance


      The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB proved to possess a substantially solid ride and performance that we have come to expect from Four Winns.


      The Evinrude E-TEC G2 design provides clean rigging. Note that there are no external steering arms – Evinrude outboards are the only ones that have internal steering.

      Performance is not simply a function of the boats design. The potential of a boat’s proficiency is also a product of power. The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB test boat was powered with twin Evinrude 300-hp E-TEC G2 2-stroke outboards.

      Since 2-stroke engines produce twice as many power strokes as 4-stroke engines do, there is twice the power output per revolution at low and mid-range RPMs. The Evinrude E-TEC G2 300-hp engine is able to accelerate faster and give quick, low-end torque from a 558 lb. (253 kg) package. These direct-injected, 2-stroke engines give a greater power-to-weight ratio than a 4-stroke engine and there are fewer parts to maintain since there are no valves, cams, or timing chains that are required on typical 4-stroke outboards.

      In addition, the E-TEC G2 technology allows for exceptionally clean rigging. With the steering integrated into the mid-section just below the powerhead. There are no hydraulic cylinders, rams or hydraulic hoses to clutter up the transom.


      The full beam, 32” (83.8 cm) deep boarding and swim platform acts as a bracket for mounting the twin Evinrude 300-horsepower E-TEC G2 outboards. Brackets produce reduced bow-rise on acceleration and a stable running attitude.

      The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB has a length overall of 30’1” (9.17 m), and a beam of 9’5” (2.87 m). With an empty weight of 8,500 lbs. (3,856 kg), 68%, 50 lbs. (23 kg) of test equipment and two people onboard, we had an estimated weight of 10,522 (4,773 kg).

      Top Speed. With dual 300-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards, the test boat reached a top speed of 57.8 mph (93 kph) at 5950 rpm.

      Best Cruise. The best cruise came in at 3500 rpm, running at 31.3 mph (50.3 kph). At that speed, the 14.3 gph (54.1 lph) fuel burn translated into 2.2 mpg (0.9 kpl) and a range of 237 statute miles (381.4 km). This was calculated while still holding back a 10 percent reserve of the model’s 120-gallon (454 L) total fuel capacity.

      At 4000 rpm, we recorded 37.8 mph (60.8 kph) and only paid a fuel penalty of 0.1 mpg (0.04 kpl) and this is probably where most people run the boat when conditions permit.


      The Evinrude E-TEC G2 technology places the fuel injector (yellow arrow) strategically near the spark plug (red arrow).

      Evinrude E-TEC G2 Advanced Technology. The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB is available with the fuel economy of the Evinrude E-TEC G2. There are several reasons why they are so economical while providing exceptional thrust across the power band. The reasons mostly have to do with the E-TEC G2 technology.

      Among these attributes are an efficient combustion chamber design, a state-of-the-art direct injection system, placement of the injectors near the spark plugs, low friction design, and many other elements. They all make the Evinrude G2 engines some of the most fuel-efficient outboard engines, whether compared to other 2-stroke or 4-stroke outboards on the market.

      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Acceleration

      Time to Plane: 4.3 seconds

      Zero to 20 mph: 5.6 seconds

      Load: 2-persons, 68% fuel capacity, no water and 50 lbs. of gear

      Conditions: 86-degrees, light wind (1 to 5 mph), no chop


      The test was conducted in calm conditions on a freshwater lake.

      The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB proved to have solid performance. With its sharp bow entry, 21-degree deadrise at the transom, hard chines, aggressive running strakes, along with its heavy displacement, she should be a top-performer in coastal conditions as well.

      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Boat Inspection


      With dual 300-horsepower Evinrude E-TEC G2 2-stroke outboards, the Four Winns Horizon 290 OB is fast and efficient.


      Four Winns demonstrates its commitment to making the Horizon 290 OB a luxury day boat with the through-the-stem bow roller and anchoring system and pull-up cleats that keep the foredeck clear of tripping hazards. The port and starboard navigation lights are mounted on the outboard edges.


      The foredeck has molded in non-skid and a flush mounted trapezoidal hatch over the anchor locker with hinges on the port side.

      The hatch has a gas assist strut to facilitate opening and to allow the hatch to stay open hands-free.


      Shown are the optional windlass (green arrow), windlass remote (red arrow), the anchor washdown (yellow arrow), rode access plate (purple arrow), and anchor rode snubber (blue arrow).

      Ground Tackle Locker. The through-stem anchoring system is designed for a Bruce-style claw anchor. The anchor, the chain and rope, the anchor rode and windlass with remote are optional. The plastic access plate provides minimal access to the rode locker below. The snubber adds safety in case of an accidental windlass release when underway and should always be deployed when underway. We recommend all of the optional gear for a well-found boat.

      Forward Seating

      The forward cockpit provides flexible seating. Without inserts, it consists of a single forward-facing lounge seat on the starboard side that wraps to an aft-facing bench seat and a forward-facing bench seat on the port side. The port side seat is ideal for those who prefer not to ride with legs outstretched. However, it can convert to a lounge seat with a single upholstered insert. With a few more inserts, the whole forward seating can convert to a full-beam sun pad.


      The starboard side seating in the forward cockpit forms an L-shaped bench that wraps around the bow and can be used as a forward-facing lounge.


      Built into the side is a speaker, armrest, grab rail, and cup holders. Stainless steel grab rails are strategically placed for added safety.


      On the inboard side of the forward-facing seating are retractable armrests

      Armrests. In the deployed position, armrests not only provide comfort, they provide greater security while operating. Four Winns made the lounge armrests retractable to allow for more inboard facing bench seating.


      The backrests on the two forward-facing lounge seats raise and lower.

      Backrests. A clever feature is that the backrest on the lounge seat raises and lowers for adjustable comfort, the only one we have seen in class.


      The inserts fill in to support the upholstered filler pads to configure the forward seating area.


      >With all of the inserts in place, the forward seating area converts to a full-beam sun pad playpen. Sunbathers will love this fully padded location.

      To convert the forward seating to a large sun pad, simply put the three high-density polyethylene inserts in place, followed by the upholstered cushions that complete the sun pad. With the inserts and filler cushions in place, the forward cockpit becomes a large sun pad, with high bolsters or backrests all around.


      There is a table mounting bracket on the bow seat riser that provides opportunity for al fresco dining.


      Under the forward-most seating is storage with locking hinges (red arrows). Note the bulkhead table mount (yellow arrow).


      There is additional storage under the port seating, shown, and the starboard lounge seating.

      Windshield Walkthrough

      To safely move from the forward cockpit to the helm area, the Four Winns Horizon 290 OB has a 21” (53.34 cm) wide walkthrough. For those chilly mornings, Four Winns has provided a two-section air dam with magnets to keep them open, and two interconnected latches to keep them closed.


      The 21” (53.34 cm) wide windshield walkthrough closes with two latches to make it secure. Note, the windshield header is stainless steel.

      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Inside Cabin

      The entrance to the starboard cabin is in the inboard side of the helm console with an egress that measures 16” (40.64 cm) wide by 36” (91.44 cm) high. There are two steps down to the cabin with an overhead that is 4’11” (1.49 m) high. An insert converts the cabin to a single berth.


      Shown is the entrance to the cabin inside the helm console. The egress is 16” (40.64 cm) wide by 36” (91.44 cm) wide.


      The hull-side window illuminates the interior with natural light. The curtain allows for privacy when needed.


      With the insert in place there is a single berth for a person to take an afternoon nap. Note, mounted in the inboard bulkhead is an opening portlight for added natural light and fresh air.


      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Port Companion Console

      The port side companion console houses the full head compartment with a porcelain flushing toilet, a freshwater sink, solid surface countertop and storage below.


      Egress to the head compartment is 22.5” (57.15 cm) wide by 36” (91.4 cm) high.


      On top of the port companion console is a ventilation hatch, an unusual feature on a boat of this class.


      Below is the head with a large hull-side window that provides natural light. Note, the test boat was outfitted with a Vacuflush toilet.


      All of the control switches are mounted on the bulkhead outboard of the head.


      Forward of the head controls, there is a pull-out trash bin below the solid-surface countertop.

      Head Compartment Layout. Our only suggestion is to move the toilet paper dispenser from behind the toilet. Otherwise, this is one of the best executed heads we have seen in class.


      The port companion console has the audio component controls with 12-volt power port, dual USB charging ports, and a combo USB audio connector and audio port.


      The double-wide companion seating has a single flip-up bolster. Built into the bulwark on the outboard side of the seating are an armrest, grab handle, and two drink holders.


      The armrest opens to reveal storage for incidental items such as a mobile phone.

      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Helm


      The helm design is reminiscent of what is found on a small aircraft but a bit more upscale. The dash eyebrow is dark-grey vinyl that prevents light to reflect on the windshield or in the operator’s eyes. The accent stitching is a contrasting white. The single multifunction display is surrounded by carbon-fiber-like material and the base is brushed metal. If the base had a high lip it could be used to place incidentals.


      There are aviation-style toggle switches with activation lights on either side of the deluxe wrapped wheel. To the right are the controls for the stereo.


      On the armrest to starboard is the Evinrude digital throttle and shift with intuitive control buttons. Forward is the iDock Evinrude joystick.


      The 28” (71.1 cm) wide helm seat is wider than most in its class. Like the companion seating, it has a single full-width bolster shown here in the up position.

      Electrically Adjustable Helm Seat. The helm seat is electrically adjustable, something we usually don’t see in this size boat, and is on a fiberglass base which makes it much more solid than one on a pedestal.

      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Aft Cockpit

      The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB test boat had the optional tow-sport arch and a wet bar which is situated on the starboard side directly aft of the helm seat. On the port side is bench seating that doubles as an aft-facing lounge. The port seating warps to the aft forward-facing bench seating.


      The test boat had the optional tow-sport arch which is 77” (196.6 cm) above the deck.


      Between the helm seat and companion seat is an in-deck storage locker designed for the portable cooler.


      The wet bar is located on the starboard side directly aft of the helm seat.

      Wet Bar. Mounted on the solid-surface countertop is a stainless-steel sink, freshwater faucet, and drink holders.


      There is a refrigerator inside the forward most hatch under the solid-surface countertop.


      Next to the refrigerator is a hatch door that reveals a trash bin, a nicely thought out feature.


      On the aft-most side of the wet bar is the access panel to the shore power control switches.


      The shore power connector is mounted outboard on the starboard side.


      The port side settee wraps around to the forward-facing aft bench seating. There is a table mount on the vertical bulwark to add a table to the cockpit.


      Under the port settee is storage for the table (red arrow). The settee lifts easily with the gas assist strut (green arrow). Note the table mount (purple arrow) and battery power anodes (yellow arrow).


      The aft seating has an electrically actuated lift that opens to a large and deep storage compartment. Note the hatch in the middle of the deck is an access panel to the bilge.

      Outboard Power and Storage. By powering the Four Winns Horizon 290 OB with Evinrude outboards, there is space available where the sterndrive engines would normally be. Four Winns elected to use this space to provide owners with a large storage bin. This is an ideal place for water toys, boards, and equipment of all kinds.


      There are two ¾” (1.9 cm) vertical steel braces that connect the transom with the stringer grid which is glassed to the bottom. This spreads the stress of the outboards evenly throughout the hull.

      Storage Compartment Curtains. Snap-in curtains block off hard to reach areas that contain gear in the compartment. This arrangement is lighter than a fiberglass liner and permits unlimited access.


      Inside the aft seat storage on the port side is the freshwater 20-gallon (76 L) tank and battery compartment.


      There is expansive under-deck access to the 120-gallon (454 L) fuel tank which is one of the best we have seen in class.

      Polyethylene Fuel Tank. The tank is made of polyethylene, which is preferred to aluminum because it won’t corrode.

      Electrically-Actuated Backrest. The backrest of the forward-facing aft bench seating can be repositioned electrically. When positioned the furthest aft, the bench seating converts to a 34” (86.4 cm) deep sun pad that can be used while underway due to the security of the backrest.


      The forward-facing aft seat backrest slides forward to form an aft-facing transom seating, which is useful when at anchor or for watching people enjoying water play.


      On the starboard bulwark just forward of the transom walkthrough are the battery controls (yellow arrow), stereo remote (red arrow), speaker (purple arrow), and an AC outlet from the inverter (green arrow).

      Walkthrough. Moving from the cockpit to the swim platform, there are two steps up to the 16” (40.64 cm) wide transom walkthrough. The first step has a 7” (17.78 cm) riser and the second has a 7.5” (19.05 cm) riser. Down to the swim platform are two steps down, the first is a 7” (17.78 cm) step and the second is a 5” (12.7 cm) step.


      There is a stainless steel safety gate that should always be set in the closed position when underway.


      As can be seen, the swim platform with the aft-facing bench seat is a comfortable place to launch watersports. Incidentally, the Evinrude outboards now come standard in white, along with other colors.


      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Warranty

      The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB has a transferable warranty with 3-year coverage on most components, prorated 5-year coverage for osmatic blistering and a lifetime structural hull warranty.

      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Colors

      A variety of color combinations are available.


      Four Winns offers hull sides in Classic Navy, Crimson Red, Denim Blue, Jet Black, Liquid Blue, and Phantom Grey over white. All are also available as solid hull colors. Two-color interiors included are Ivory/Walnut, Latte/Dark Almond, Lunar/Ebony, and tropical lunar.

      Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Optional Equipment

      • Windlass, with rope, chain and anchor ($2,267)

      • Cockpit gas grill ($693)

      • Bow filler cushions ($713)

      • Premium sound package ($3,800)

      • Stereo remote at the helm ($380)

      • Dockside power ($2,200)

      • Swim platform mat ($573)

      • Wakeboard tower arch with Bimini ($8,467)

        Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Price

        The Four Winns Horizon 290 OB has an MSRP price of $213,538.

        Four Winns Horizon 290 OB: Observations

        We found the Four Winns Horizon 290 OB to be a fine vessel in its class, and she compares very favorably with virtually every other boat there. It is readily apparent by the design of the Horizon 290 OB that Four Winns understands how their customers use their boats and have designed it accordingly.

        In addition, powering this boat with a pair of Evinrude 300-horsepower E-TEC G2 outboards gives her good performance in a low maintenance package.

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