New 2007 Carvers Below Dealer Invoices! - 05/28/2008

Carver 56 Voyager

A new 2007 Carver’s 56 Voyager, the flagship, now can be yours at rock-bottom cost.

It should come as no news that many boat builders are running promotions to clear out non-current (i.e. not 2008 models) dealer inventory. Late last week Carver Yachts announced what might be the mother-of-all clearance sale deals: new 2007 Carver models can now be purchased below dealer invoice at participating dealers. That means that you get a new boat with a full factory warranty without taking the depreciation hit so common on new boats. We spoke with Carver’s VP of Sales to find out more about this unusual sales program. To find out what he said…hold on to your hat.