New 2007 Carvers Below Dealer Invoice! - 05/28/2008
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Carver 36 Carver 46 Carver 52
 Carver 36 Super Sport, smallest
in the Carver fleet.
Carver 46 Voyager, right in the middle of the Carver line. Carver 52 Voyager, second largest boat in the Carver fleet.

Brad Andress, VP of Sales for Carver Yachts, spoke with us about his company’s aggressive new summer sales event. We asked him why Carver was making such a dramatic offer. “We want to signal them that the deal just got a lot better. Now is simply the best time to buy a 2007 Carver,” he said.

The sale runs between now and June 30, 2008 on new 2007 models at participating Carver Yachts dealerships. The boats come with full factory 10-5-2 limited warranties, according to the company. The special sale is limited to 2007 models in participating dealer inventory.

Andress said that prices will never get better than they are today. He said that prices of future Carvers likely will go up because of the rise in petroleum costs.

How does one know how much the dealer was invoiced by Carver? “Just ask the dealer to show you the invoice,” he said. “They will be glad to.” While there are several dozen 2007 Carvers in dealer inventory around the country, there is not an unlimited supply. Once they are sold – or on June 30th – which ever comes first – the sale is over, said Andress. We asked Andress if there were any 2008 models being discounted and he replied that there are some incentives for 2008 and consumers should check with their Carver Yacht dealers for details.

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