Offshore Motoryacht Newsletter 5/28 - 05/28/2008
Offshore Motoryacht May 28, 2008 If you cannot view the see the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust

Test & Video Reviews

- Ferretti 881
- Altima 45
- Formula 350 Sun Sport
- Hinckley T38R Convertible 
- Strike 37 Walkaround
- Regulator 30/33


Also inside:

- Summer is Here
Epicenter of Expedition Yachts
- How Fractional Ownership Works - All 2007 Carvers BELOW Dealer
- Bass Pro Shops and MarineMax
- Why Repower with Yanmar
- Doral Seeks Dealers in U.S.
- Fairline Introduces New 55
- Dealer Certification is Important
- Firestorm of Outrage
- Earthrace Saga
- Both Committees Pass EPA Bill
- Death By Rigid Dinghy
- Ducky Award Winner

Summer is Here!
It's Time to Go Boating!

Summer is Here
Only the baby boomers will remember the good old days when everyone went boating in their convertible
on the first day of summer.

As our friend Larry Russo told us last year, “It’s time to go boating…you don’t have too many seasons left.” No matter how many seasons you have left, we doubt that there are enough to do all of the boating, visit all the places, fish all the spots, entertain all the friends, and enjoy all of the sunsets with your family that you would like. Don’t wait until next year – start now. Forget about fuel costs; the Europeans have been paying these prices for 50 years.  Home value will come back, but there is one thing that you will never get back: the Summer of 2008. To find out why we love boating and what we'd hate to miss…capture these moments.

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Boat Tests & Reviews

Ferretti 881

Ferretti 881The Ferretti 881 Motoryacht is a Mk II version of the beautiful 880 which was introduced several years ago. The big difference is the master stateroom which is the most innovative we have ever seen in this size motoryacht. The boat is full of practical innovations such as the "teak beach" and a separate room for ship's systems equipment. Overall the engineering and the attention to detail is second to none. Come aboard as Editor Jeff Hammond takes us through this model.


881 Interior
Tour the luxurious interior.
881 Flying Bridge
The fly bridge and engine room. 

Visit Ferretti's 881 web pages...

Sign up for more information on the Ferretti 881 or other yachts...

Altima 45

Altima 45Altima imports their boats from two boat yards in the Far East and the 45 is lavished with woodwork that makes this two stateroom boat cozy. Powered by twin diesel engines, the boat can travel at displacement speeds for long range and fuel economy. See Capt. Robert Smith's video.

Visit the Altima 45 web page.

Formula 350 Sun Sport

Formula 350

You will not sacrifice style or performance with Formula's 350 Sun Sport. This hot model is designed to deliver style, grace and speed to the family who wants it all. It carries a 10-year structural hull warranty, transferable 5-year Formula Guard Limited Protection Plan and striking Imron graphics.  See video and complete test results...

Visit the Formula 350 Sun Sport web page.


Hinckley 38

Hinckley T38R Convertible

Eric Champlin of Hinckley Yachts speaks with Jeff Hammond about the company's T38R Convertible.  Elegant, sexy and timeless, this Downeast model sets new standards in classy day-boats.  Innovations such as the hydraulic push button top and the JetStick for easier maneuvering around the dock add to the joy of this classic boat. Welcome aboard for video... 


Visit the Hinckley Yachts home page.

Strike 37 Walkaround

Strike 37

The standout feature of the Strike 37 Walkaround is the single level, wide deck. Any man, woman or child can safely navigate from stern to bow while fighting a monster fish or just enjoying the view ahead. It has all of the simplicity of a center console and yet you can still comfortably enjoy all of the added features of a full cuddy cabin.  See video on the Strike 37 Walkaround.


Visit the Strike 37 Walkaround web page.

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Second Look

New Regulator Express 30/33


Armstrong bracket Regulator Cabin Regulator 30 Test
The Armstrong bracket effectively make this
a 33-footer.
Cabin sleeps and feeds 4
with head
and shower.
See performance, specs, standard equipment
and video.


Regulator calls its new express a 30, but it is actually larger than a number of 33 footers on the market. So when you are comparing boats on your short list, put Regulator in with the bigger boats where she belongs. With a beam of 10' 7" she is right with many 33s, and with a displacement of 11,350 lbs. dry, she actually is heavier than most 33-footers we looked at. Like all Regulators, she is offshore-ready. Her best cruise is from 24 to 38 mph, a very wide window that you don't see on most boats. The only mistake Regulator made was by not calling her a 33.  See videos above.

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Nordhavn Interview

Nordhavn Yachts:
The Epicenter of Expedition Yachts

nh1 nh2 nh3 nh4 nh5
How sailing morphed into Nordhavn. Airline pilots -- the first Nordhavn owners. The dynamics of successful cruising couples. Why women like Nordhavn Yachts. Who is the typical Nordhavn buyer?


Almost 20 years ago Nordhavn launched their first expedition yacht. Since that time, the dream of its two entrepreneurial founders has launched a whole new category of the sport -- Expedition Yachting. They didn't invent the concept of world cruising, of course, as that quest had long burned in the hearts of men. Nor did they even create world-ranging production fiberglass boats, for sailboats own that distinction. But Nordhavn can lay claim to being the first company that set it sights on world cruising in a production fiberglass powerboat built by people who knew what they were doing and care passionately about getting the details right. It has spawned an industry.


Now everyone from kids out of college to 80-year-old America's Cup helmsman Ted Hood is designing "Expedition" yachts. Its time has come and Nordhavn is here with a fleet of boats that appeal to almost any purse. If you are at all interested in this type of boat our interview with Dan Streech, co-founder of Nordhavn, is "must" viewing.


To visit the Nordhavn website...steer this course.

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Fractional Ownership

How Fractional Ownership Works

Loren fractional ownership Fractional 3 Fractional 4
How captains
are selected.
Ownership shares
are saleable.
Cost of a share in
a 100' megayacht.
Eliminate the hassle.


Monocle Yacht Management has pioneered the concept of fractional ownership among yachts and has made the concept work. One reason Monocle has been able to make the concept work is because the company's founder, Loren Simkowitz, is a multi-millionaire and has owned megayachts for 25 years. He knows how they should be managed and he has the deep pockets to make sure things are done right. This is the last of a three-part series on Monocle Fractional ownership. If you would like to know more and see all of the yachts Monocle has under management.


See videos in Part I...


See videos in Part II...

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Retail Sales

New 2007 Carvers BELOW Dealer Invoice!

Carver 56 Voyager

A new 2007 Carver’s 56 Voyager, the flagship, now can be yours at rock-bottom cost.


It should come as no news that many boat builders are running promotions to clear out non-current (i.e. not 2008 models) dealer inventory. Late last week Carver Yachts announced what might be the mother-of-all clearance sale deals: new 2007 Carver models can now be purchased below dealer invoice at participating dealers. That means that you get a new boat with a full factory warranty without taking the depreciation hit so common on new boats. We spoke with Carver’s VP of Sales to find out more about this unusual sales program. To find out what he said…hold on to your hat.

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Retail News

Bass Pro Shops and MarineMax
Team-up for Sales Event

Tracker Sea Ray Tahoe Nitro Sun Tracker
Tracker Sea Ray Tahoe Nitro Sun Tracker


Bass Pro Shops and MarineMax are working together this June to offer a huge nationwide sale of their boats through Bass Pro Shops (which is owned by Tracker) and MarineMax (a publicly-traded company which specializes in Sea Rays) to sell their respective boats. While the sale is applicable at all Tracker Marine Group and MarineMax dealerships, 17 special locations at Bass Pro Shops have been set up with a multitude of activities and incentives. If you have never been to a Bass Pro Shop, then you owe it to yourself AND BoatTEST recommends you visit one ASAP -- there is nothing like them in the world! There will be free hats and T-shirts and prizes such as trips.  Who knows? This could be the first date of a long romance...For more information...

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Engine News

Why Repower with Yanmar

gas boat with diesel Re-power option
Why repower a gas boat
with diesel?
Why is Yanmar a better
repower option?

Kevin Carlan is the sales manager for Mastry Engine Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mastry is a major distributor of Yanmar engines and has been involved with re-powering boats for many years. Kevin eats, sleeps and breathes diesel re-powering.  He knows Yanmar engines and the problems and opportunites related to repower better than most people. We asked him some very basic questions and were surprised by the detail of his answers. If you are thinking about repowering, see all of BoatTEST's interview videos with Kevin Carlan...

Industry News

Doral Boats Seek
Dealers in U.S.

Doral Boats, built in Grand-Mere, Quebec, Canada, builds a line of 20 models stretching from a 17’ sport boat to a 45’ express cruiser. The company was founded in 1972, first to service the Canadian public, and now has grown to distribution in 29 countries. Its boats combine the classy styling found in Europe with the practical functionality found in American boats. Doral is now seeking dealers in the U.S. and has an attractive package to offer dealers. To find out the details…read on

New Boat

Fairline Introduces
New 55

Fairline 55
The new Squadron 55 has 3 staterooms.


Thirteen years after introducing the first Fairline Squadron 55, the company has created an all new 55 which will be introduced this fall at the Genoa and Cannes boat shows. The company says that it has already taken orders for 35 of the new 3-stateroom yachts. Equipped with twin Volvo Penta D 12-800 EVC 775-hp diesels the boat will retail for £775,000, excluding VAT, or about $1,550,000 US.


For more information about this new motoryacht…whistle a tune

Boat Dealers

Dealer Certification
is Important

For several years now the boating industry has been "certifying" marine dealers. As of May 1st, 389 dealers have been certified. The industry has been doing this because in the past dealer service has been uneven and in some cases detrimental to the sport. applauds the program and we urge our readers to use a "Certified Marine Dealer" when buying a new boat. 
Following are some valuable links...


List of Certified Marine Dealers...


Video explaining why certification was started...


Consumer Bill of Rights...


Video explaining benefits of using a Certified Dealer...


Who to contact with a dealer complaint...

yamaha pwc

grady-white ad




boat history





Sea-Doo Canada

Boat Attitude


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Firestorm of Outrage Over Ethanol Fuel Fiasco

A good solution to a fuel tank ruined by
ethanol fuel is to replace it with a metal one.

Last month we published an article about a California lawyer who has created a class action suit against the oil companies for putting ethanol in marine fuel that ended up destroying the fiberglass fuel tank in his old boat. The article hit a raw nerve among BTC readers who have experienced the problem. Letters poured in from all over the country recounting how E10 has ruined carburetors, fuel tanks and gas engines. Dozens want to join the class action and add California and the U.S. Congress to the list of defendants.
To find out what our readers have to say, and to discover a clever way to replace your dissolving fiberglass fuel on.

Earthrace Saga

Earthrace Averages 17.5 Kts

Earthrace Averages 17.5
The Earthrace crew arrives in Hawaii after 24 days and over 10,000 miles -- on schedule!

Considering all of the problems that Earthrace encountered during its first try for the Around the World Powerboat record, the first 24 days of this trip have been a piece of cake. Seas have been manageable and all critical equipment (except the head) has performed well. As we go to press Earthrace is in Hawaii, having covered over 10,000 nm from Saunto, Spain.

For more information and pictures...race this.

See Earthrace video from first
record attempt...

EPA Permit Fiasco

Both Committees Pass EPA Permit Relief Bill

EPA Permit Relief
The Congressional cavalry has heard the pleas from boaters -- but will they arrive in time to save us from the EPA bureaucrats?

Fewer than 45 "Congress-working-days" remain for both houses of Congress to pass the Clean Boating Act of 2008 which will give boaters relief from the impending Sept. 30th deadline. If the legislation is not signed into law by then, the EPA will be required to issue -- and boaters will be required to pay for -- permits regulating the overboard discharge of water from all sources. Big hurdles have been overcome and two big ones remain -- 1) getting both houses to bring the bill up for a vote, and 2) passing it. This will not be easy to do in 45 days. To get an exclusive report on the strategy for passage and to find out what more you can do...plunk your magic twanger

Write Congress -- You have nothing to lose except your EPA Permits!

Death by Rigid Dinghy

Dinghy Capsizes, Famous Doctor Dies

Edwin C. Hirsch rigid dinghies
Edwin C. Hirsch, MD, Head of Trauma unit at Boston Medical Center. Rigid dinghies used as a tenders are dangerous.  Inflatables are far safer.

Rigid dinghies used as tenders are dangerous, a fact that unfortunately was driven home again last Friday afternoon in Rockland Harbor, Maine. Dr. Edwin C. Hirsch, 72, plunged into the 48-degree water and died when the dinghy he and a friend were in shipped water and quickly capsized as the men were rowing out to their boat. Neither Hirsch nor Kevin Wilkins, 46, who survived, were wearing life vests.

To find out more about this accident and about Dr. on.


See TV News video of accident and pictures of survivor clinging to a mooring...
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"It doesn't matter how far away the water looked on the screen, GPS is not to be used as autopilot! Claim denied." – Josh M

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