Offshore Motoryacht May 14, 2008 - 05/14/2008
Offshore Motoryacht May 14, 2008 If you cannot view the see the newsletter, click here. Tests You Can Trust

Test & Video Reviews

- Azimut 55
- Cobalt 302
- Hatteras 77
- Hinckley T-38
- Pro-Line 35
- Strike 35
- Regulator 30


Also inside:

- Firestorm of Outrage
- A Close Look at Regal Boats
- China May Top US in Yacht Sales
- Reader Survey: Express Cruisers
- Caterpillar's C-9 Diesel
- Westerbeke's "Safe CO" Gen.
- SeaCore Anti-Corrosion Update
- Advantages of OceanLED Lights
- Bertram Yachts Innovations
- Earthrace Saga
- USCG Recalls
- Newish 37' Meridian for Sale
- Ducky Award Winner
- Senatorial Heroes

Firestorm of Outrage Over Ethanol Fuel Fiasco

Ethanol Fuel Tank
A good solution to a fuel tank ruined by ethanol fuel is to replace it with a metal one.

Last month we published an article about a California lawyer who has created a class action suit against the oil companies for putting ethanol in marine fuel that ended up destroying the fiberglass fuel tank in his old boat. The article hit a raw nerve among BTC readers who have experienced the problem. Letters poured in from all over the country recounting how E10 has ruined carburators, fuel tanks and gas engines. Dozens want to join the class action and add California and the U.S. Congress to the list. To find out what our readers have to say, and to discover a clever way to replace your dissolving fiberglass fuel on.

Boat Tests & Reviews

Cruisers 447

Cruisers Yachts 447

When it comes to sleeping, a two cabin boat often means compromise for a cruising family. With the 447 Sport Sedan from Cruisers Yachts, that’s no longer a problem.  The 447 has flexible accommodations, plenty of storage, and the style and luxury that Cruisers is known for.  Come aboard with Capt. John Wenz...

Formula 37 PC

Formula 37 PC

If you are looking for a cruising boat that has plenty of entertainment space yet fits in the mid-size marketplace, Formula has the 37 PC. "PC" stands for performance cruiser and when you read our report you'll see exactly what that means.

Read Capt. Rob's complete report and video...

Regulator 32 FS

Regulator 32 FS

The 32 is Regulator Marine’s largest model in their line of offshore capable fishing machines. The FS or “Forward Seating” version adds family-friendly seating to the front of the boat, without taking away any of the fishing features of this North Carolina built boat. See complete test and video...    


Tiara 4700 Sovran

Tiara 4700 Sovran

Tiara Yachts is probably best known for their versatile Open Series but they also build cruising yachts such as the 4700 Sovran. This is a rock-solid performer that features a resin infused hull for superior weight and strength characteristics. See Captain Rob's complete test and video report...

Pat Healey’s Viking 56

Viking 56

After replacing the old Viking 55 convertible with an all-new 56, the builder then decided to add an enclosed flybridge model to their lineup. At a boat show last year we caught up with second-generation boat builder Pat Healey and asked him what in his mind sets this boat apart from all other yachts in its class. He was not bashful about his answers. See video on Viking 56 Enclosed Flybridge…


See accommodation plans, specs, BTC’s “High Points”…

Midnight Lace 52

Midnight Lace 

Midnight Lace is boat design that harks back to the 1920s and the days of commuters rushing daily from the mansions along the north shore of Long Island to Wall Street. They were a breed for financiers in the Great Gatsby era, and they were fast, sleek and very much the fashion. This summer the Midnight Lace 52 is coming to Long Island Sound, NYC and Newport, RI. Today, some people might consider the Midnight Lace 52 a picnic boat on steroids, but either way you look at her she is a beautiful boat for the man who wants something different, with a touch of history, class, and the romance of a bygone world. Editor Jeff Hammond takes a video look...


Learn more about Midnight Lace...

Lazzara LSX Quad 75

Lazzara LSX Quad 75


It has been nearly 18 months since the Lazzara LSX Quad 75 was introduced, and no one has come close yet to equaling the innovations that were promulgated in this futuristic motoryacht. With 5 staterooms, galley down, and powered by four Volvo Penta diesel IPS drives, the LSX has performance to spare on either end of the speed spectrum. Third-generation boat builder Joey Lazzara takes us on a video tour of this trend-setting motoryacht.

Joey Lazzara Video Tour of the LSX Lazzara- Deck and Engine Lazzara-- what sets this boat apart
Lazzara heritage and inception of LSX...
see video
Video tour
of the LSX
see video
Deck and
engine room
see video
What sets the LSX Quad apart?...
see video

Visit Lazzara Yachts website...

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The Boating Lifestyle

Why We Love Boating

It is good to remember why we all love boating and these five video clips capture the essence of what makes this sport unlike any other. The moments you see captured here are all about living in the present and creating memories that will live a lifetime. We thank the good folks at Hydra-Sports for sending us these videos, which were all taken aboard a Hydra-Sport 33 center console in the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy the Boating LifeStyle! To see our tests of five Hydra-Sports...dive in here

The thrill She catches her ! A 1-hour fight You'll never forget Cooling off under
The thrill of a sailfish hook-up. She catches
A 1-hour fight for this lady angler. You'll never forget a tail-walking sail! Cooling off under a Hydra-Sports 3300.


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Azimut Yachts

China May Top US in Yacht Sales by 2015!

Azimut 68


According to Merrill Lynch, there are now 400,000 millionaires in China, 5,000 of them with assets of over 30 million USD.  China’s version of the Forbes 400, the Hurun Report, says that there are 106 billionaires there. According to an Ernst & Young report, China will soon surpass the United States, becoming the second biggest consumer of luxury goods in the world by 2015 with $11.5 billion in overall spending, a figure that represents 29% of the world total. Little wonder, then, that Azimut Yachts has just opened four dealerships in China and plans to take the country’s yachting market by storm – while at the same time – helping to create it. To find out what is happening in China and what Azimut is doing there…junk this.

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Reader Survey

Express Cruisers of the Near Future

Pershing 72

This Pershing 72 is typical of the new breed of Italian express cruisers.


A few weeks ago BTC conducted a survey among current owners of express cruisers to find out what they would be looking for in their next new boat. In the process we discovered that there are three very distinct "groups" which express boat buyers seem to fall into. To find out which group you are in and to catch a glimpse of the express cruiser of the near future...peek here.

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Diesel Engine News

Caterpillar’s C-9 Diesel

About five years ago Caterpillar marinized a small engine in its line, turning it into a 510-hp marine diesel. Now, thanks to ACERT technology they have been able to boost its horsepower to 575-hp. To see Capt. Smith’s video on the C9…power-up here.

 Generator News

"Safe CO" Generator

Westerbeke is proud of the fact that it was the first company to introduce a “low CO” generator in 2005, calling it “Safe CO.” As Westerbeke points out in the commercial video below, it was, “a step in the right direction.” A year later, Kohler took another step in the right direction by not only making its own “low CO” unit, but by also ceasing production of their old “high” CO gas generators. Onan has taken no steps at all, to our knowledge. So, we applaud Westerbeke for being the first, and we’ll be the first to congratulate them when they take step #2.


In the meantime, take a look at this fine educational/promotional video about Westerbeke’s “Safe CO” generator…


To visit Westerbeke’s "Safe CO” website…

Engine News

SeaCore Anti-Corrosion Update

MerCruiser has developed a SOTA anti-corrosion system for its sterndrive engines that by all accounts is the best protection since the sterndrive was first introduced over 45 years ago. MerCruiser is so sure that consumers will be pleased with the product that it has placed an extended warranty on SeaCore, making it a 4-year limited warranty at no extra cost. We asked Kevin Grodzki, president of MerCruiser, to update us on SeaCore’s progress…

LED Underwater Lights

LED Lights Ideal for Yachts


The advantages of LED lights over conventional lighting of all types are significant; for example, they burn cool and last 40,000 hours. OceanLED, maker of underwater lights, is a leader in marine lighting technology and through its testing with Viking Yachts the company has discovered that different colored lights attract different species of fish.
Learn the important details about LED lighting from Capt. Smith's in-depth video interview with Zack Savage, Service Manager for OceanLED... 

yamaha pwc

grady-white ad




boat history





Sea-Doo Canada

Boat Attitude


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Bertram Yachts

Bertram Yachts Innovations

Bertam Backing

In the early days of fiberglass boat-building Bertram Yachts was a leader in innovation. Because the company was located just a few miles from one of the greatest game fisheries in the world it was not surprising that its professional captains and engineers were constantly finding new ways to do things. One of those innovations was the cockpit mounted steering station. Now the captain could play the fish with unobstructed vision and be handy if he was needed to help out.

Capt. Smith takes a video look at this Bertram innovation...

Earthrace Saga

Spain to Panama
in 12 Days!

37' Meridian
The 78’ carbon-fiber trimaran
Earthrace on a quest.

Earthrace is having a relatively easy time of it compared to their first attempt. The boat arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 8 days from Spain, and was set back 30 hours because bio-diesel was being made as they waited. On day 12 the trimaran arrived in Panama and was awaiting its turn through the canal according to the last message from the vessel. To date, Earthrace has covered 4,970 nautical miles. To see some exciting video clips of Earthrace handling rough seas...submerge here.

USCG Recalls

Cabretta, Harris-Kayot, Yamaha Make the List

This is a Cabretta 155 sold by Boating Sales and Service in Shellman Bluff, GA.


Virtually every month the USCG issues a list of recalls. This list is composed of marine products that for one reason or another may potentially have a safety issue. It is always wise to check the list and if it does not involve any products you own, pass along the information to anyone you know who may own one of the units recalled.


For this month’s list…recall this.

VIP Member Boat

Newish 37’ Meridian Motoryacht For Sale

37' Meridian
An interior of the 368 Meridian.

A VIP Member of BTC has taken seriously ill and is looking for a quick sale of his rarely used 368 Meridian Motoryacht. The owner is asking for $395,000 for this 2007 tri-cabin boat which is powered by twin Cummins QSB 330-hp diesels. The owner tells us the price is “negotiable.” We’ll take the man at his word…find out more.



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Ducky Award Winner

whats going on here?


First Place

“I was considering the cuddy cabin model, but I couldn't pass up the optional flying bridge”. – G.Wolf


Second Place

“I was raised on a boat. My wife was raised in a trailer. It was a clearly brilliant compromise.” - D. Patterson

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