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Tests & Video Reviews

- Hatteras 60 GT
- Bayliner 340
- Formula 37 PC
- Henriques 42
- Mainship 31
- Regal 4060
- Wellcraft 30


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- New Center Console
- Mercury Racing X-Haust
- New on BoatTEST
- New Tenders
- Propulsion Plans
- News from Cobalt
- New Regulator
- OceanLED Lights
- Buyer's Guides
- Ethanol Boondoggle
- Your Tax Dollars at Work
- More VIP Member Benefits

Chertoff Discovers a "Delicate Balance"

DHS Secretary Chertoff now seems to reject the "Dark Side."

On Monday, April 28, Secretary Michael Chertoff announced the DHS’s long awaited “Small Vessel Security Strategy” (SVSS) in front of several hundred industry executives attending the NMMA’s “American Boating Congress” in Washington DC. The DHS’s strategy paper acknowledged in its “Guiding Principles” that its “…efforts must be designed so as to strike the delicate balance and trade offs between personal freedom, national security, and commerce.” To learn the details of the DHS’s strategy to save America from terrorists in small boats...spy on this.

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Boat Tests & Reviews

Bayliner 340

Bayliner 340

Bayliner’s Cruiser 340 is their flagship cruiser built to get more people into the cruising lifestyle. Her list of standard features fulfills most of the needs of the cruising family, while her options allow you to step it up a notch and customize your fun.  See Capt. Ron's complete report...

Formula 37 PC

Formula 37 PC

If you’re looking for a cruising boat that has a ton of entertainment space yet fits in the mid-size express cruiser range, Formula has a great choice for you in the 37 PC. You get a large cockpit, comfortable well-appointed room below, performance and class all in one package. See complete video and test...  


Henriques 42

Henriques 42 Express

The Henriques 42 Express is a well-built, nicely finished sportfisherman that will get you out to where the fish are and safely home in comfort, but also in a certain style that could only be born out of a long tradition of serious, day-in and day-out offshore fishing.  See Capt. John's complete test...


Mainship 31 Pilot

Mainship 31

The new Mainship 31 Pilot replaces the 30 Pilot and offers an option to the cruising family that wants more features at a price that fits better into a budget. There are nice features on the boat, such as a transom door that opens out to the full width swim platform.   See test video...   



Regal 4060

Regal 4060

Regal continues to build on excellence by listening to its customers and going back to the design table year after year. This year’s update to the 4060 is following in the wake of success in the Commodore line and delivers a great yacht for weekends and cruising performance. See complete test...  


Wellcraft 30 Scarab Sport

Wellcraft 30

The creative designers at Wellcraft have come up with a totally new 30 Scarab Sport. What makes this fishing boat so unique is the clever layout and utilization of space. Check out this new design and complete test and video...

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Boat Review 

Hatteras 60 GT: Light & Fast

The Hatteras 60 GT is 25,000-lbs. lighter than the standard version.

Some people said that Hatteras could not build a light, fast boat, but the 60 GT proves them wrong. With extensive use of coring (but not in the bottom), resin infusion, and literally watching every pound put on the boat, the GT model is 25,000 pounds lighter than her standard 60 sistership. The company says the GT model (Tournament Edition) will go 40 knots WOT or 35 at 2000 rpm with twin 180-hp engines. BTC editor Jeff Hammond talks with Hatterascal's Capt. Dave Field to find out what sets this boat apart from the rest.


Hatteras 1 Hatteras 2 Hatteras 3 Hatteras 4
What was Hatteras thinking when it built this boat? Why put a center console on a FB 60? Why styling comes first on the 60 GT foredeck. The "5 Decisive Factors" that set the 60 GT apart.

First Look

Center Console Battlewagon

Hydra-Sports 41
At 41 feet, this new Hydra-Sports center console is ready for serious offshore action.

The new Hydra-Sports 41 was introduced a couple of months ago at the Miami Boat Show and is one of the new breed of huge center consoles designed for the big convertible owner who is trading down, as well as smaller center console lovers trading up. This is the largest boat the builder has ever made and she is designed for serious big game fishermen who don't want the hassle of a full-time crew and a $3 million floating condo.  For a detailed look at this he-man fishing machine...troll here.

See BTC tests and videos of Hydra-Sports boats from 23' to 29'...

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Engine News

Mercury Racing's X-haust

X-haust uses a Y-pipe to combine the two banks of exhaust from each engine into a single exhaust tube that exits below the water line at idle.

Mercury Racing’s X-haust is a fully integrated sterndrive exhaust noise reduction system developed so that performance boats will meet the European Union and most US requirements.
Come along as Captain Robert Smith checks out this new system to see and hear if there really is a big difference between the X-haust and the standard system.

PWC News

PWC "Tenders" for Cruisers


With the advent of the large swim platforms and hydraulic transom lifts now available on many express cruisers, PWCs can be easily carried aboard and launched. Moreover, many boaters are using their PWC as a tender! Think about it: PWCs hold two or three adults, they are as dry as an inflatable, you can run them up on the beach, you can ski behind them, and they are easy to get on and off of. The new, light-weight Yamaha Cruiser FX SHO has almost as many features as the mothership itself. See Capt. Smith's video review...

News from Cobalt

Bigger Boats & Joysticks

Cobalt 37
The latest iteration of the new Cobalt 37.
See tests of 7 current models...

This spring Cobalt has been working hard to get joystick systems in place on as many twin-engine sterndrive installations as possible. Cobalt is also launching a new 37 express cruiser which has had a long gestation period. Find out from President Paxson St. Clair what is happening with both the joystick systems the new 37 by clicking on the links below.

axius and volvo with cobalt Cobalt 37
Axius and Volvo joystick drives coming soon. New 37 Express Cruiser coming this summer.

See tests and videos of 7 current models.


grady-white ad



boat history







boat attitude

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New Boat

Regulator 34

Regulator 34
The new 34 from Regulator is powered by twin 350-hp outboards.


At Regulator’s dealer council meeting in early April the builder unveiled its new 34 SS (for Starboard Seating) and it won unanimous huzzahs. This will be the largest boat in the Regulator line and will be available in October 2008. Builders are already taking orders. To find out more about this offshore fishing machine…troll here.

Interview with OceanLED

Features & Benefits

Z. Savage

Zack Savage, service manager from OceanLED, discusses the many

aspects of the company's lights.


Captain Rob Smith gets answers to many of the questions you have regarding OceanLED lights including installation, maintenance and cost of these underwater lights. Light up here...

Interview with Kevin Carlan

Gas to Diesel Repower

Yanmar Repower

Captain Rob sits down with Kevin Carlan of the Mastry Engine Company to discuss the advantages of repowering gas engines with Yanmar diesels. Find out more...

See our test of the Bertram 31 repower with twin Yanmar Engines.

Product Video

Kahlenberg Horns

Z. Savage

Kahlenberg Brothers Company possesses a heritage of craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise which spans more than a century. All Kahlenberg Horns have deep, rich tones and the units are designed for durability in the most adverse conditions. Hear all about them...

Buyer's Guide

74 Express Cruiser Tests

69 Express Cruisers
Express cruisers are evolving rapidly
into small motoryachts.

The most popular cruising powerboat design in the world is the "express cruiser." We have tested hundreds, and today we offer you 74 30' or larger from leading builders in America. At first glance they may seem similiar, but when you get into the details you will quickly see the differences. Some builders offer better functionality, standard equipment and amenities. Pay careful attention to important aspects of the boat such as deadrise, displacement, beam and horsepower, as these four aspects will play a major role in defining the boat.


Tests and Videos of Express Cruisers...

Buyer's Guide

15 High-Performance Tests

15 High-Performance
The new breed of muscle boats
also have amenities below.

Nothing makes heads turn on the dock like the throaty roar of a high-perfomance boat coming to life. That thump-thump-thump of twin high-compression engines at idle has an hypnotic effect on both men and women alike. The men like speed and the women like power. What a combination! The interiors have greatly improved over the years, so you must see them today to realize that these boats can be very high speed cruisers. How about NYC to Block Island in under two hours? Or Miami to Nassau in under 3 hours? Check them out...


Tests and Videos of High Perfomance boats...

Ethanol Boondoggle

Boater Sues
for Ethanol Damage

Ethanol damage
Ron Tamillo of Ron's Marine Service seen
here replacing Lawrence Turner's fuel tank.


A California powerboat owner, who is also a lawyer, has gotten so mad about ethanol damage to his boat's fiberglass fuel tank that he is suing several large oil companies. Ethanol literally ruined his fuel tank and he has spent $35,000 for replacement and repair. Fiberglass fuel tanks were made of resin not compatible with ethanol up until the early 1980s. These tanks are at risk and if you own a boat fitted with one you would be well advised to consult with your boat builder or competent boat yard.


To find out what happened to Mr. Turner and his boat and to register your experiences and comments...toggle this boondoggle.

USCG Videos

Your Tax Dollars
at Work

Drug Sub
Subs and semi-submersibles are now
used by drug smugglers.


Since 9/11 the USCG is better equipped than ever before and seems to be Johnny-on-the-spot all over North America saving hapless boaters and apprehending bad guys in semi-submersibles and in just old-fashioned go-fast boats. Now the USCG immortalizes virtually every one of its missions with video on the as well as on its own website and YouTube.  Steven Spielberg would be green with envy-- if not seasick--with these videos.

To see some of the Coast Guard's latest feats of daring-do...plunk your magic twanger.
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The Most Boat Buying Information on the Planet

targa 62 66 Azimut 85 Nefertari Custom Line

13 buttonsEach month more new-boat buyers come to than any other website. There are several reasons, such as our incredible database of 1000 boat tests with videos, our boat comparison on up to 75 criteria, and our easy-to-use functionality, but paramount above all is because BTC is consumer-oriented.


Because of all the work we put into each boat test, they have long been the "Gold Standard" in the boating industry. Just click on any or all of the 12 buttons seen here on the left. Be sure to check the new video functionality seen at the bottom of the test page, where we have plant tours, construction details and in many cases interviews with the company's president. You can take the measure of the builder, as we take the measure of the boats. All of this in addition to the videos that have made us famous.

dealer cardBTC has also led the industry in helping you compare the features and specs of boats side-by-side. Note the blue "Compare " button above. Before buying new, you should also check out what used boats are selling for in the same model.  Click on the green "Used Boats" button which will take you to boats in our classified data base. Note the grey buttons below and you can see four ways to contact a dealer: "Dealer Locator," "Price Quote," or, "Test Drive." Perhaps an even better way to contact a dealer is to refer to the "Dealer Contact Card" on the right of the test page. (See example above left). If you do not see such a card, it is because the builder wants you to go to his website. We've even provided that button, as well. The more time you research on BTC the more you'll get familiar with all the information we have for you. Good hunting!


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The Archives

141 "Archived" Boats from 10 Builders

Albemarle Fountain Meridian Rinker Sea Ray
Albemarle --
4 Tests
11 Tests
7 Tests
34 Tests
Sea Ray--
66 Tests


We are sometimes asked why we have boats in the "archives"? Largely, the answer is that these companies no longer partner with to contribute to defray the costs associated with hosting and streaming the test pages and videos of their boats so that you can view them for free. That's why they are in the "archives" and we have to ask you to pay a small access fee. It isn't much. You can can see ALL of the boats in our "archived" data base (over 500 boats in total) for just $7.95 for ONE week of access. Or, for $19.95 you can have access for a month. For $49.95 you can have unlimitied access to our "archived" database for a full year -- plus, you become a VIP Member of the BTC family and you receive 4 other major benefits as well. Check it all out. It could be the best money you ever spent in boating.




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Respected Soundings Writer Dies

GoddardSoundings Trade Only’s associate editor JoAnn W. Goddard died unexpectedly of natural causes this week in Washington, D.C., while covering the American Boating Congress. The entire BoatTEST staff mourns her passing. We have always considered JoAnn one of the very best writers in the field and we deeply admire her in-depth and fair articles on all subjects. Her passing is a great loss to boat owners and the boating industry, both of which came to rely on her careful and well-written reporting. For more about on

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“You stick with your 'personal flotation devices', and I’ll stick with mine.” --L. Oates


“Must …keep…both…hands…on the wheel.” --R. Thompson

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