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----------------------------------------Offshore Motoryacht Edition----------------------------------------

- Azimut 85
- Tiara Tournament Series (TTS)
- New Fairline Targa 44
- New Mainship Expedition
- Cruisers Yachts 460
- Stratos 186 XT

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Azimut 85

Fresh  & Romantic Styling

Azimut's exciting design innovations have inspired the world's boat designers.

Azimut 85

Azimut Continues to Bring Exciting Styling and Features

Azimut 85 salon
Azimut 85 Master Head
Master Head

The 85 features Azimut’s strengths and shows off their skill in giving you more features and comfort in every foot of waterline. From a bird’s eye view, she appears a sleek, performance-minded cruiser capable of high seas and fast passage. From your guest’s eye view, you ensconce yourself and them in luxury and space. Eight can dine inside formally while a much larger party can mix and mingle with a view from the stern rail to the helm in a single level of exterior and interior amenities...see video.

NEW Boat Tests

Fairline Targa 44

Fairline Targa 44

A Sporty Look

The all-new Targa 44 Gran Turismo is a modern express cruiser and is the smallest model in the Targa line. Sleek, elegant and modern are appropriate terms when admiring this yacht. Note the relatively small windscreen on the Targa 44 and its low window frame. This design makes the boat look exceedingly graceful and contemporary.   See Capt. Rob Smith's complete report...

Mainship Expedition

Mainship Expedition

New New Design from Mainship

Mainship has improved upon the success of their original 40 Trawler with the introduction of the Expedition. Room in the salon has been expanded making her a better candidate for entertaining and relaxing. Mainship delivers more cruising comfort at a price more can afford.   See Capt. Smith's complete test...

Cruisers Yachts 460 Express

Cruisers Yachts 460
Redesigned for 2008

Cruisers Yachts has carefully re-designed their popular 460 to give full-standing headroom in half of the aft cabin as well as to offer two layouts for the forward cabin. A host of additional new cruising features were implemented including more gear in the cockpit.  See complete test...  

Bertram Yachts is Long on Innovation

It is not surprising that a boat builder that is pushing 50 years old has achieved more more than its share of innovations.  Bertram has been coming up with out-of-box solutions far longer than the phrase.  For example, putting the boat's fuel tank athwart ship over the boat's center of gravity.  Bertram calls this their "centerline fuel tank." Another innovation is the spiral staircase to the flying bridge.  Let's join Capt. Robert Smith as he takes a look at important Bertram Yacht detail...

View video of the importance of an athwart ship fuel tank.

Bertram was the first to put a spiral staircase on a convertible, see video.

Bertram Spiral Staircase A spiral staircase is safer in a seaway. Bertram Centerline Fuel As fuel is burned off trim stays the same.

Jeff Kruschek Interview

Larson Boat’s “Zero-Defects” Policy

Larson General Manager Jeff Kruscheck speaks softly, but don’t be fooled -- he has no patience for boats coming off the line that aren’t exactly right. When he says, “We have to build a boat that’s perfect,” he mean just that. That’s why the company has instituted some of the industry’s most impressive quality control procedures. “Zero-Time Failure” to the dealer is Kruscheck’s mantra. Listen…

larson1 larson2 larson3 larson4
Larson’s new “unitized” construction process. Larson’s special electrical QC program. Larson’s zero-defect construction policy. Larson’s VEC system
is still SOTA.

Kevin Grodzki Videos

Grodzki Deck here 

Grodzki copy here.

kg1 kg2 kg3 kg4
Is joystick technology planned for twin outboards next? Is Mercury coming out
with gasoline pod drives?
How has SeaCore been accepted by the market? How much more does the SeaCore sytem cost?

Paxson St. Clair

Paxson St. Clair

Paxson St. Clair

cobalt1 When is a new model being launched? cobalt2 Cobalt will Offer both MerCruiser and Volvo joystick systems? cobalt3 How were Cobalt's sales in 2007?
cobalt4 What is the relationship between Cobalt and its dealers. cobalt5 What being a Cobalt Dealer entail? cobalt6 Cobalt's President Takes All Customer Calls
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Tiara Tournament Series (TTS)

Features for the Serious Angler

Tiara 3800 Open
The 3800 Open TTS is fishy.

There are four models in the Tiara Tournament Series – 3200, 3600, 3800, and 4200. The Tiara express fishboats are known for their low freeboard in the cockpit, making it easy to grab fish when they are to boat, and their seaworthiness when offshore and the wind clocks to the north. The TTS Opens come standard with premium accessories more often requested by fishermen, including hardtop, spreader lights, transom live well and bait prep center among other things. See our tests on these magnificent fishing machines.

Tiara Boat Tests

Tiara 3800 Open test View test and video of the 3800 Open. Tiara 4200 open test View test and video of the 4200 Open.

French Navy Rescues Cruise Yacht and Captures 6 Pirates

French Naval vessel Jean Bart rafted with Le Ponant after rescue.

The skipper of Le Ponant, Patrick Marchesseau, stated after the crew’s release on Sunday, that the pirates took his ship a week before by firing Kalashnikov AK-47 rifles as they drew close to the cruise yacht. The unarmed crew turned water hoses on the rifle-wielding Somalian pirates in a desperate bid to repel them before being captured and held hostage for a week off the Somali coast. To read the rest of this exciting story…Hoist Your Jolly Roger

“Tiger Team” says Cruising Canvas and Gas Engines are Problematical

cruising canvas
Cruising canvas is safe in some uses, but not when running.

The USCG reports 64 boating fatalities due to CO poisoning over the last four reported years. The “Tiger Team” has investigated a number of these CO accidents and has pointed out to the USCG some areas of concern. One of those situations is the operation of a gasoline-powered boat with cruising canvas up. ATiger Team reports flatly, “The fact is, canvas should NOT be up when the boat is in operation.” To find out more about what the “Tiger Team” report says…breath in here


grady-white ad

boat history



worlds greatest boat show


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New Boat

First Peek: New Bayliner 320

This “First Draft” artist rendition of the new 320 shows the boat will be comfortable in any European marina.

Bayliner Marine is a whirlwind of design activity these days as there now seems to be a direct line of communication between the marketplace and the company’s product development team. The builder is working hard not only to build boats with world-class exterior styling but also to deliver interior accommodation plans in step with the latest trends. In fact, the new 320 which will be in production late spring will offer a choice of interior plans.

To read all about it, and to find out the price…turn the page

Engine News

What you Need to Know About Merc’s 496 MAG

bob and merc 496
The engine is loaded with features.
Take a look.

This big block is wired for the future. With the PCM 555 microprocessor built right in, you can take advantage of all that SmartCraft™ and Axius ™ have to offer. The engine also comes in a SeaCore anti-corrosion version. The unit comes standard with a 1-year warranty, plus an additional year if installed in a MerCruiser certified boat brand. Warranties up to 4 years are available with the HO version. Watch Capt. Smith’s video review and get all of the details.

Product Video

Change Pitch On Veem Props In Minutes

Capt. Smith takes a look at new Veem Engineering Prop solution to an old problem.


Some of the world's leading builders of inboard boats are using Veem Engineering “adjustable pitch” props to dial in the optimum solution quickly to maximize performance and efficiency.

Take a look with Capt. Robert Smith.

Boat Review

Carver's 36 Mariner Updates Interior


Carver offers a single floor plan for this model, which is designed with a classic layout that allows its owners to enjoy the boat whether it’s at a dock or cruising the seas.

Come along as Christopher Hughes shows us the new interior.

What is Going On Here?

I just watched your video for Lazzara LSX (The Tour). "THE WIFE!!??" Are you kidding me!? Do you really think she is still stuck in the kitchen!? I find your tour to be offensive to me as a woman. You are obviously intending to show this boat to men. I'll shop elsewhere.


Sooner than you might think.—Ed.

Reading Room

Boater's Checklist by Clay Kelley A true seaman's Bible. Boater's Checklist addresses what should be checked and when it should be checked before traveling the waterways with your boat. This book is a necessity!!! Systems onboard have become so complex and varied that remembering everything that should be done is nearly impossible! This is a must have for every boat owner.



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