Offshore Motoryacht March 5, 2008 - 03/05/2008
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Sport and music stars lead the parade of African-Americans into boating.  Other minorities are also joining the fun.
Tiger Woods Jayson P.Diddy
tiger's yacht jayson's yacht p. diddy's yacht
Tiger Woods’s 155-ft. Christensen “Privacy” leads the fleet, Miami Dolphin Jayson Taylor recently sold his 99’ Hargrave, P. Diddy is partial to Azimut motoryachts.

Last week a BTC reader wrote to say that in 50 years of reading boating magazines he had only seen two ads with African-Americans in them: one by Wellcraft and another by Four Winns. He went on to say the only boats he has ever bought were those brands. The implication of his letter is that the boating industry has traditionally ignored African-Americans or has not marketed to them. Perhaps that is about to change.  Read more…

Azimut Benetti
Azimut/Benetti Production Dominates World for 10th Year
Azimut is the largest importer of motoryachts into the U.S.
Style and design trump weak dollars!

Paolo Vitelli, founder of Azimut and CEO of Azimut/Benetti, has parlayed a sailboat charter business into the world’s largest builder of motoryachts with annual sales of $1.3 billion. The last five years his company has grown at 26% per annum, and his design team leads the world in stylish innovations that are copied the world over. In the videos above, meet the driving personality that made all of this come to pass in just 35 years.

Coming Soon: Vitelli talks about Azimut/Benetti’s Future Plans.

Fountain Powerboats
Fountain Powerboat Wins P-1
World Championship

Last of the Red-Hot Racers from the land of guts and grits, Reggie Fountain is never at a loss for words. 
Reggie Fountain is still going strong 29 years after he founded Fountain Powerboats. Once a top driver on the Mercury Outboard Racing Team, Reggie is still beating his competition, and if he can’t do that, surely he’ll out last them. In this interview, first of a series, Reggie gives us a peek into what it takes to get a successful offshore racing boat together. It is far more than the brand of the hull, as even Reggie readily admits. We ask his competitors not to watch these videos as they may be hazardous to their blood pressure.

"Starter" Motoryacht Selection: Part II
Motoryacht Accommodations:
Subtle Differences

Plan your boat's work, then find accommodations to fit.
Fairline 68
Azimut 62
Ferretti 63
Hatteras 64
cheoy lee
Cheoy Lee Bravo 68
McKinna 68

On the face of it there doesn’t appear to be much of a difference among the accommodations of these 6 “starter” motoryachts except that two of them have 4 stateroom options. But we all know that every boat is a compromise, so let’s ferret out the best plan for you…step aboard

Yanmar 6LY3 Diesel

Yanmar Diesels Are
Lighter & Faster

Yanmar has gobbled up U.S. diesel market share
– find out why.

If you thought diesels were too expensive and heavy for you, then think again. The last five years Yanmar has been quietly eating Cummins and Volvo Penta’s diesel lunch in the mid-range. Watch this video and find out why…

Yanmar engines are standard or optional equipment on nearly 50 boats that BTC has tested.
To find out what boats are available with these lightweight engines…crank here

Underwaters Lights A-GO-GO

Ocean LED Underwater Lights Raise Fish!
See Capt. Smith’s video on how to install Ocean LED lights.

Ocean LED
Not only do they look cool at night,
but they also raise fish!

Ocean LED underwater lights are easy to install and make only a one-inch hole in your hull. Some 5200 and running a little cable and you’re in business. See Capt. Smith’s easy installation video…light up here

Grady's with 350-hp Yamaha

Grady-White Inspired
Yamaha 350s

But now their competition is jumping on the 350 bandwagon.

Grady-White 330
The Grady-White 330 Express comes powered by twin 350 Yamahas. See test.

Yamaha started delivering 350-hp outboards to customers about eight months ago and the first shipload went to Grady-White. But many other center console makers have put their name on the Yamaha list and the engine maker was overwhelmed with orders. Capt. Smith takes a video look at what all of the fuss is about…electric start

Grady 232 Gulfstream test with 350s…
Grady 305 Express with 350s…
Grady 330 Express with 350s… 
Grady 336 Canyon Runner with 350s…

The Mercedes of Horns

The Horns
of Plenty

Why own a $100k boat
with a $29 horn?

Rob & Kahlenberg
Capt. Smith shows you the new Kahlenberg horn for small boats.

For some reason production boat builders often skimp when it comes to boat horns. How often have you seen a 38’ express cruiser (Cost $250k) with a horn that sounds like it belongs on a kid’s tricycle?  Now Kahlenberg -- maker of horns for megayachts – has a horn for small boats. sells them starting at $209 (list $250). 

See Capt. Smith’s video demo…

See demo of Kahlenberg horns on a megayacht…

Link to Kahlenberg horn on…

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sound off

Reader Feedback, Opinions, Inquiries, Ideas, Suggestions

When a thought crosses your mind about boats and boating, chances are hundreds of other boat owners would be interested in what you have to say. To make it easy for you…Sound Off here

Boathistory Report
Check before you buy.

President of NMMA on Industry’s Challenges
The EPA permit issue is far from being put to bed; cranky boat owners are being put out of their misery. 

BoatTEST Staff Reports on Sterndrive Joystick System
Now tested on numerous boats of several brands our staff likes what it sees.

Chris Hughes and Axius
BoatTEST COO Chris Hughes has joined the ranks of joystick fans.

If you’re planning on buying a twin-engine sterndrive then you will want to see this video where Capt. Rob Smith explains the details and mechanisms and Chris tells you how it feels to drive a boat with one…twist this joystick

World's Greatest 

Yanmar 6LY3 Diesel

Navy Destroyer Chops Trawler
in Two

Aegis-class destroyer in Japanese navy
dispatches trawler.

atagoAtago is bristling with SOTA radar. Ten men were on the bridge.

bowYup guys, that’s where it happened.

trawler debris
The debris proves that the trawler had the right-of-way. If only John Belushi were still alive.

On February 19 a Japanese Aegis-class destroyer sliced through a 50’ fishing trawler which had its nets out, was reportedly properly lit, and had the right-of-way during the pre-dawn encounter. To find out more about this tragedy that killed a father and son fishing crew and to see the video…read more


what is going on
“Blond, Jane Blond."

We received over 400 caption suggestions for this picture.  The coveted “Rubber Duck” award winner is...
rubber duckyReader Captions
First Place
“Blond, Jane Blond."
--P. Grubb

Second Place
"That’s right Officer. I was putting on my lipstick and talking to my sister on the cell phone when this big Bully turned right in front of me.”
 --J. Hylman

Honorable (almost) Mentions
“When the female Houseboatasaurus gives her mating call not even the adolescent Sportasaurus can resist.”
-- Bruce

“And this, son, is where dinghies come from.”
--C. Jonnes

devil duckBoatTEST Announces the "Devil Duck Award" for the most provocative printable caption.

Our first award goes to ….

“It was a brief but romantic interlude resulting in four beautiful bouncing baby boats 9 months later.”
--B. Tarnowski
What is Going
on Here?
write the caption
You write the caption.
Will you win the coveted "Ducky Trophy" for best caption? Simply fill in your caption and you may get lucky...quack here


Bermuda to Azores is a Big Hop
1,818 miles in one hop requires long distance cruisers
with big tanks and small engines.
Repairs in Paradise
nordhavn repairs
Two stabilizers fail.
Medical Emergency
nordhavn help
Out of Medivac range.
Mid-Atlantic Refueling
nordhavn fuel
The big help the small.
Rock without Elvis
nordhavn rock
A front passes through.
Prop Problems
nordhavn props
Murphy's Law at work.
Land Ho-- It's Horta!
nordhavn land
Terra firma is welcome.

The 18 intrepid yachts make the 1818 miles from Bermuda to the Azores without serious incident. However, there were problems along the way and it is interesting to see how they were solved. If you missed the first or second part of this 2004 record-breaking transatlantic passage, click on the links below.

Carbon Monoxide
Air Force General Deactivates Alarm and Dies of CO Poisoning
After a career of “trusting the instruments” ex-pilot takes batteries out of his alarm and drops dead.
Sometime between Dec. 30, 2007 and Jan. 1, 2008, General Stephen Vonderheide fell face down on the sole of the salon in his 38’ Chris-Craft “Lucky Lady” which was tied up in the Village West marina in Stockton, CA. Vonderheide was described by his boss in the Air Force as a “crackerjack” pilot who flew “every plane we had.” He was a man trained to trust the instruments on a plane – but, unfortunately, he evidently did not trust them on his boat. To read a full report on this tragic on

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copperproCopper Pro SCX 67 

Copper Pro™ SCX™ 67 provides extended antifouling protection against barnacles, algae and hydroids in salt and fresh water on boat bottoms only. SCX™ - SLIME CONTROL XTRA™ - acts like a sunscreen to prevent slime and algae. Its ablative copolymer base renders a smooth finish with durability and abrasion resistance. Copper Pro™ SCX™ 67 releases biocide by the constant exposure of new paint film to the water.

Prices start at $35.50

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charles industry
Ideal for bass boats, PWCs, jon boats, bay boats, etc. where weight, size and cost are important.

Charles Industries has devised a clever little device called “Start Now” which can be your AAA water service without the wait. If your main engine cranking battery runs down you’ve got a problem. But with the “Start Now” device, all you need to do is have a cheap, small battery connected to it, and your motor will start. See Capt. Smith’s product video for all of the details, and an example of when it won’t work…

Want to buy Start Now? Visit our store.
  reading room

prop bookThe Propeller Handbook: The Complete Reference for Choosing, Installing, and Understanding Boat Propellers by Dave Gerr
At first, choosing the correct propeller for your boat may seem simple. But as one choice affects another, affects another, many boaters feels that propeller selection is more like divine intervention than logic. This book answers all those questions regarding propeller choice. Written for small boats, this handy easy-to-use reference book is a must have!!! All of these questions and more are answered in this complete reference book:

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buoyBuoy Selection
The sole purpose of the mooring buoy is to support the mooring chain. The boat should be tied to the anchor chain, never to the buoy or hardware. Check out the extensive line of buoys available at tremendously DISCOUNTED PRICES!!

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