Offshore Motoryacht February 20, 2008 - 02/20/2008

Miami Boat Show Round-up
The “Usual Suspects” Win
J. D. Power Awards

Privately-owned boat builders again sweep “satisfaction” awards; all are repeat winners!
Kris Carroll
Correct Craft
correct craft
Bill Yeargin
Duane Kuck
Paxson St. Clair

Click on the pictures above and you will find out the secrets of their success. But the boating public, for the most part, doesn’t really need J.D. Power to tell them who is tops in customer satisfaction anymore, and as long as winners cough up the huge fees charged by the survey firm for advertising their little trophy, the awards will go on. This year the awards were based on 9718 returned surveys, a 25% drop from the previous year.

74% of new boat buyers answering the lengthy survey said that they experienced problems with their new boats, and topping the list of aggravations were carbureted engines. In the category of small runabouts, 80% of the boats have this 19th century technology – and according to J. D. Power 40% of the problems small runabouts have are related to the carburetor. To find out about all of the winners, and the scores of the losers – many just an eyelash behind – check out and save our full report…read on



Behind Show Glitz: Industry Leaders
Get Serious

From QC managers to CEOs, the sport of boating is no game

BoatTEST Editor Jeff Hammond kicks off BTC's
2nd year of
Miami Boat
Show coverage…
See Video

In the most comprehensive exposition by industry leaders ever recorded in one place at one time, captures their take on the future of boating and what will be affecting every boat owner. Hear what is really going on behind the headlines and the hype and how new technology will change the face of boating. Join us for the next three weeks…seeing is believing.

outboard engine news
New 350-hp SCi Verado Outboard Mercury and Suzuki introduce
5 new outboards

The new 350-hp Verado won’t be available
until October 2008.

The largest new outboard engine introduced at the Miami Boat Show was the 350-hp Verado by Mercury Marine. The new model is based on the same in-line 6- cylinder block used by the 300-hp Verado introduced last year. Mercury also introduced a new 20-hp 4-stroke engine. Suzuki introduced three new 4-stroke engines of 70, 80, and 90-hp. To find out the details about all of these engines…rev up here

Yamaha and Volvo Penta Regain Award Status
Most contests are tight; customers grumpy about
EFI fuel consumption
and transmissions

Mark @ Mercury
Mark Schwabero, President of Mercury Outboards, explains Mercury’s
2-stroke J.D. Power victory.
(See Video)

J.D. Power says that marine engine customer satisfaction has declined slightly across all four segments. It is unclear how much of that decline in satisfaction is due to the rise of fuel prices. CSI scores for first place were virtually a dead heat in all but the inboard gas category. To find out the companies’ scores and to discover the one laggard…use this throttle
Windsor Craft
Only Connoisseurs Need Apply
Mahogany boats are not
for everyone-- and that is precisely why discerning yachtsmen like them

windsorcraft 30
Windsor Craft is now building 30', 36', and 40' day boats with and without hardtops.

If you would like a head-turning, classic design moored in front of your house rather than something pedestrian, then you should consider one of the Windsor Crafts. They start at about $550,000 for the 30-footer. The crew inspected the new 36 hardtop at a recent show and liked what they saw. See their video report…

See the complete Windsor Craft line.

65' Flush Deck Motoryachts
So You Want
To Buy a Motoryacht?
Nothing stirs passion in a boomer’s heart
quite like a flush deck motoryacht

Fairline Squadron 68
Horizon 62
Marquis 65
az 62
Azimut 62
Ferretti 63
Hatteras 64
cheoy lee
Cheoy Lee 64
McKinna 65
ocean alexander
Ocean Alexander 64
Above are 9 motoryachts that range from just under $2 million to about $3.4 million. They look similar but underneath that shiny gelcoat they are as different as their price tags.

Flush deck motoryachts go back to the dawn of power yachting in the early years of the 20th century and they have stuck in the imaginations of yachtsmen ever since. They have evolved from plumb bow, narrow, displacement speed paragons of squared-off stately elegance to motoryachts that are for the most part sleek and rounded with flying bridges, swim platforms, sun pads and davits for jet skis and RIBs. They have progressed past the garish gin palaces of the 1960s and ‘70s into personal statements of one’s style, zest for life on the water, and quest for the perfect yacht.

Thirty years ago a 65’ motoryacht would have been considered huge, but by today’s standards that’s about where one starts in the flush deck motoryacht category. The most important thing about buying a motoryacht is finding one that suits your needs, experience and temperament. Join with us now as we survey 9 diverse production motoryachts – most are flush deck but a few are not, but all have a flying bridge -- from around the world and try to match the right boat with the right buyer.
YOU BE THE MATCH MAKER! …the buck starts here

Motoryacht Buying: Points to Ponder
Buying a large motoryacht is NOT like buying a house, and it is a lot harder to get it right.

One point to remember when you are buying your dream boat: Who is going to buy it next?

Motoryachts are like small towns: you generate your own electricity, treat your own sewage, provide your own cable TV service and much more. Buying one is not something most people take lightly because you are talking millions of dollars, but with so many choices, where does one begin? The answer is not at the boat show, a boating magazine, or even BTC’s Offshore Motoryacht where hundreds of specs and pictures are listed. The best place to start is with a blank piece of paper and pencil…ponder this

Sorensen's details make the difference
Part III:
Before You Buy:
Does the Boat "Measure Up" ?
All boats look good in the pictures, but make sure YOU fit in the boat, and the boat fits YOUR needs
Capt. Eric Sorensen takes a look at a typical 38-foot express cruiser and measures important aspects of the boat. Even big boats are smaller than you may think. Naval architects are trying to cram a lot of amenities into a small space, so you must make sure that you fit into the boat. In a dealer’s showroom, don’t hesitate to stretch out on the bunk, stand in the shower stall, or sit on the head. These little details may mean the difference between the boat that looks good and the one that actually is good. This is the third installment in a series of videos on express cruiser buying.

Largest T.A. Powerboat
Fleet Enters Bermuda

Our video series continues as 18 boats make their
way to Bermuda on their way to the Med

If you have ever thought about long distance cruising then you will want to watch the second installment of the epic 2004 transatlantic crossing. The Nordhavn video saga continues as the little fleet heads into the Atlantic toward Bermuda on their 4000 mile crossing. Even if you have no interest in world cruising, these videos give insight to what life at sea can be like in the 21st Century aboard a powerboat.

See first installment of T.A. videos…

Want information about Nordhavn Yachts...

Boating Industry Customer Survey
You Be the Judge!
The boating industry is hungry for boat-owner feedback. Here is your chance to let the brass know what you think

Your STYLE preference?

is enough?

Your WARRANTY requirements?

Are you
PRICE sensitive?

Is boating in
your FUTURE?
BoatTEST wants to get your feedback to builders so that they can bake your ideas and concepts into the next generation of boats. With the advent of the Internet the consumer has never before been so influential. And now, most builders have access to a five-axis router with CAD which means new tooling can be made in months not years. Take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us and we’ll get your advice into the executive offices of America’s boat builders. Sound off here…

Writers, Captains, Deck Hands
Help us celebrate the joys of powerboating, cruising, boat maintenance, varnish work

Here, two power boaters find themselves up a creek without a steam engine and need professional instruction. Perhaps your skills and expertise could help other BTC readers.

BTC Publishing’s weekly e-newsletters are read around the world by boaters seeking information on powerboat buying, operation, maintenance and enjoyment. We are looking for a few good contributors to help us keep our readers supplied with up-to-the-minute information on subjects such as, say, steam engines. A once in a lifetime opportunity…plunk your magic twanger

Yacht Brokerage
For Sale: One
Dictator Ship
Options on Saddam’s boat included missiles, a mosque, and secret submarine escape pod. For Sale: $35 Million

Every dictator should have a megayacht and Saddam had two. But what happened to the other one?

Who would have thought that Saddam Hussein was also a closet yachtsman? He owned two huge megayachts, one a gift from the Saudi Royal family (another group of ardent yachtsmen) as thanks for waging war on Iran, an 8-year altercation that cost 1 million lives. The 269’ Ocean Breeze (nee Quadisiyah Saddam) now lies in Nice. While she is for sale by a well-known international yacht broker, no one is claiming ownership. The new Baghdad government is demanding the yacht back, but the French government has claimed the boat until a proper title can be determined. For the rest of the story, and to find out what happened to Saddam’s other megayacht…buzz off

Reader Feedback, Opinions, Inquiries, Ideas, Suggestions

When a thought crosses your mind about boats and boating, chances are hundreds of other boat owners would be interested in what you have to say. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll try to produce an article to answer your questions, publish your thoughts, or just take it to heart. To make it easy for you, all you need do is …Sound Off, 1,2,3,4
Which Way to
the Gym?

This picture struck a responsive cord in our readers and we received over 200 caption suggestions. BoatTEST’s awards committee was unable to reach a decision on one winner, so this week we will award two of the coveted rubber duckys.
Reader Captions
First Place (A tie)

"Excuse me ladies... but which way to the GYM?"
--C. Perreau

"Girls, I'm in water up to my knees. Do you know where your outdrive is?"
--M. Shaffer

Second Place
"Hey ladies, once you've had a man with no neck you'll never go back".
--W. Boostin

"For the last time Larry, we do NOT want to see your dinghy!"
--J. Silverman

Honorable (almost) Mention
Big Larry had done a great job of getting the ladies on board. Unfortunately he didn't leave any room for himself.
--M. Newton

"It might be your boat but you still can't come."
--M. Clay

"Honey, you'd look a whole lot better with a shirt on sitting on that 58 Sea Ray over there."
--L. Smith
What is Going
on Here?
You write the caption.
Will you win the coveted "Ducky Trophy" for best caption? Simply fill in your caption and you may get lucky...quack here

Hull and Bottom On & Off Gel Cleaner 32oz
ON & OFF GEL Fiberglass Hull & Bottom Cleaner has a unique viscous formula that clings to the surface to break down tough grease and oil and remove stubborn scum lines and rust stains. ON & OFF GEL's bold, blue color makes it easy to see where the product has been applied. Just brush it on, rinse it off. Fresh scent. Safe on gelcoat.

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reading room

prop bookThe Propeller Handbook: The Complete Reference for Choosing, Installing, and Understanding Boat Propellers by Dave Gerr
At first, choosing the correct propeller for your boat may seem simple. But as one choice affects another, affects another, many boaters feels that propeller selection is more like divine intervention than logic. This book answers all those questions regarding propeller choice. Written for small boats, this handy easy-to-use reference book is a must have!!! All of these questions and more are answered in this complete reference book:

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