New 350-hp SCi Verado Outboard - 02/20/2008

Mercury and Suzuki introduce 5 new outboards

The new 350-hp Verado won’t be available until October 2008.

Mercury Racing developed the new Verado 350-hp Verado SCi and has passed on its handiwork to Mercury Marine to build the production model which should be available in October 2008. The new engine uses the same in-line 6-cylinder block used in the 300-hp Verado introduced last year. The company’s press release stated: “The 350…continues Mercury Racing’s heritage of delivering more power and performance than competitive outboards with the same horsepower rating.” To find out exactly what is meant by that statement, check the BTC newsletter next week and find out.

Details on the 350

The 2.6-liter supercharged engine features electronically controlled sequential multi-port fuel injection, four valves per cylinder, double overhead cam design, a charge-air cooler and electronic boost bypass control. The new top cowl design features fresh air intakes at both the top and front of the engine.

Mercury Racing designed an all-new gearcase to handle the Verado 350 SCi’s high torque and power output. Engineers developed a new hydrodynamic shape and size to accommodate the larger-diameter straight cut gears, heavy-duty 1-1/4” diameter propeller shaft and billet aluminum bearing carrier.

New 20-hp outboard from Mercury

Mercury Marine introduced a new 20-hp 4-stroke outboard. The new engine is set to be available beginning early 2008. Weighing in at 115 lbs. (53 kgs), the 20- hp model has 351cc of displacement. The outboard is offered with a multi-function tiller featuring Mercury’s exclusive shift-in-handle design as well as providing control of steering, throttle, throttle friction, trim and stop controls for convenient one-hand operation. The tiller can be locked in the up position for convenience, or tilted down for compact storage.

The new model is available with manual trim including automatic reverse hooks, or power tilt and comes in 15- and 20-inch shaft lengths for added versatility. The outboard is offered in manual or electric start with standard automatic decompression. The electric start models come equipped with a manual-starter in case of low battery power for added peace of mind.

Three New Suzukis

Suzuki unveiled three new 4-stroke models for 2009: the new DF70, DF80, and DF90. At the heart of each of these new 4-strokes is a new, more compact 4-cylinder Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) powerhead with four-valves-per-cylinder and 1502 cm3 (91.7 cu. in.) displacement. These new 70-, 80-, and 90-horsepower models will feature many of the technical advancements Suzuki pioneered in the 4-stroke category, including digital sequential electronic fuel injection and solid state ignition for improved performance and efficiency, Suzuki's proven offset drive shaft for a compact design and better balance, a powerful 2.59:1 final drive ratio for quick hole shots and top-end performance and a zero-maintenance self adjusting timing chain. The new DF70/80/90 4-strokes also feature a powerful 30-amp alternator to provide all the power boaters and fishermen need for all-day operation of pumps, marine electronics and other accessories.

Suzuki says that its compact powerhead and offset driveshaft help make the DF90 the smallest outboard in the 90-horsepower category. With an engine height of 147.9 cm, this new outboard is almost eight centimeters shorter than Suzuki's previous 90-horsepower 4-stroke – and up to twenty three centimeters shorter than competitive models, the company says.