Offshore Motoryacht February 6, 2008 - 02/06/2008

New at the Miami Show
New Marquis 70 Makes its Debut
Make your VIP reservation below
marquis 70
Boaters are already making their VIP reservations to see Hull #1 of the exciting new tri-deck Marquis which will be on display at the Collins Ave. venue Feb. 14 -18.

With a soaring sky lounge, four cabins (3 with en suite heads) and Euro-styling from the drawing boards of Nuvolari Lenard of Venice, Italy, the new Marquis 70 is “the” new cruising motoryacht to see at the Miami Boat Show. Clearly, this boat is going to be on the “short list” of nearly every boat owner who wants to move up from a large express cruiser to do some serious cruising in style, rather than in his grandfather’s yesteryear-styled trawler. The base price is $3,277,000 with twin 1000-hp Cat diesels. For a first look at the boat with complete accommodation drawings and smuggled-out snap shots…plunk your magic twanger


new at miami show
 Fairline’s New Targa 44 Makes
US Debut

With IPS and an automatic sun roof, this British bombshell has two cabins with en suite heads

targa 44
Fairline has loaded up this new Targa with material and amenities it usually reserves for their larger Squadron and Phantom lines.

If you are going to the Miami show, and are looking for a hardtop express in the 40-foot range you must see the Targa 44. Introduced last fall at the Southampton Boat Show, this new Fairline yacht is competitively priced and gives you a good benchmark with which to compare America built boats.

To see accommodation drawings…go over there

For more information on Fairline

Larson’s 330 Cabrio Has a
New Interior

A complete redesign and redecoration surrounds the cabin in wood and natural light

The 330 has a proven Delta Conic hull with 18 degrees deadrise at the transom.

If clothes make the man, then details make the boat. For 2008 Larson has added a hand-crafted wooden table top which has an inlay pattern inspired by a compass rose. The edge is trimmed with wood carved in a nautical rope pattern. The artistic design of the table is replicated in a smaller accent piece attached to the cabin overhead. It is truly amazing how these and many other details have transformed the 330 Cabrio interior into a cozy, nautical (but not corny) up-scale cabin. Take a closer look…
Pictures of Interiors Details Test of Larson Cabrio 330

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Miami Boat Show Banner

Can’t Make it to the Miami Boat Show?
It’s a great place to check out your next new boat – but, if you can’t make it, let us help!

One of BoatTEST's captains will be glad to check out your next boat.  Just ask us!

One of the difficulties in making the best decision when buying a new boat is checking out all of the brands and models available to you and zeroing in on the best few for your unique situation. Big boat shows like Miami are a good place to do it -- but not everyone can make it there, February 14 to 18. For that reason, Boat Test will check out any single boat on your short list and answer your most important question…sign up here

video review

American Tug 41 Has Room and Good Sea Keeping
Twin staterooms make this a cozy long distance cruiser  bound for offshore adventure

cruisers yachts
This well-design vessel has an ideal yachtsman’s helm and good visibility.

It is little wonder that the American Tug 41 has become a popular boat for yachtsmen planning long distance cruising. She is ideal for two couples and has staterooms with en suite heads for both and a helm that would make Admiral Halsey green with envy. Powered by a single diesel engine and with the prop protected by a keel mis-adventure is minimized and economy is maximized. Keep your eyes peeled for the new 49’ coming out in 2008 with an extended salon.

See our video review of the American Tug 41…

Repowering a Bertram 31
Buy an old Bertram 31, add a new Yanmar diesel, some paint and – presto! – you have a new boat for a song

1,860 Bertram 31s were built since the boat was introduced in 1961. It remains a revered classic among fishermen and many are on the used boat market.

If you’ve ever wondered how much it would cost to repower a Bertram 31, we’ve got the answer: you can do it for less than $60,000 (including installation) with a pair of Yanmar 6LPA STP2 diesels rated at 315-hp. The Bertram 31 was built for 16 years, including a Silver Anniversary Edition in 1986, and many of them are on the market from prices ranging from $40,000 on up.  To find out more about this low-cost way to get a proven hull under your feet for serious fishing, check out the two videos below.

newest battlewagon
New Bertram 70
Appeals to
Big Game Anglers 
Should all battlewagons
looks the same?
Bertram Yachts has always had a distinctive style

bertram 70
Launched just 4 months ago, the new Bertram 70 at the Miami Boat Show has lots of different features and plenty of nuance.

Since the days of founder Richard Bertram, Bertram Yachts have almost always looked a bit different than other boats in class. Perhaps the reason is because starting with the founder himself, the company has always had supreme confidence in its knowledge of powerboats, offshore racing, and big game fishing. Even the company’s dealers have said for generations that the person who buys a Bertram is different than those who buy other brands. Perhaps, but in any case, take a look at the video previews here and see if this battlewagon appeals to you…


 Windsor Craft: 
For the World’s Most Elegant Locations

The all-wood Windsor Crafts are only for a discerning few yachtsmen

Only connoisseurs of fine craftsmanship and boats sculptured completely in wood need apply.

Windsor Crafts are not for everyone. Nor are they designed for every place. They are being built strictly for yachtsmen who have the history of the sport running through their veins, an eye for classic lines, and who appreciate the highest – and nearly lost – traditions of wood boatbuilding. They are intended for lakes such as Como, Tahoe and Lucerne, and for seaside venues such as Rapallo, Cap Ferret and Bass Harbor. To find out more about what goes into a Windsor Craft, we spoke with the company’s general manager.

northwest executive 


Nordhavn’s Bold, New World-Cruiser
This new 75 is one of the most innovative big boats we have seen in a long time

Hull #1 should arrive in Dana Point, Calif. summer of ’08. The 75EYF has something for everyone—it’s a dive boat, big game fisherman, world cruiser. MSRP is about $4 million.

If you dream about long range cruising, but are put off by the frumpy style and single-engine aspects of many of these types of boats, then Nordhavn has the answer for you. How about a twin-engine – with both props behind skegs! – beamy yachtfisherman with a shear that has a hint of John Rybovich? Like most Nordhavn yachts, clearly this one has been very well thought out, and we think it could very well become the most popular vessel of its size and type. To see accommodation drawings, specs and our take on the new design…sign on here


Marquis 50 Coupe With Three Large Staterooms
Powered by IPS, this Euro-styled Express is Unusual in Layout and Functionality

This galley-up design maximizes accommodations below. Base price: $956,600.

It is not often that a builder of large yachts launches two new boats at the same time, but Marquis has done it. In addition to the 70, the company is also showing its new Marquis 50 for the first time at the Miami Boat Show. Her standard power is triple IPS 450 330-hp engines with joystick. With a 15’7” beam and a displacement of 44,500 lbs. this boat should be as comfortable as they come in this size range. To see complete drawings and some smuggled snap shots for hull #1…move on

For more information on this new model


Largest Transatlantic
Motoryacht Crossing

Video series gives you the feel of the historic 2004 transatlantic power crossing. 18 power owners call it –
“A Piece of Cake”


Boating Industry Customer Survey
You Be the Judge!
The boating industry is hungry for boat-owner feedback. Here is your chance to let the brass know what you think

Your STYLE preference?

is enough?

Your WARRANTY requirements?

Are you  
PRICE sensitive?

Is boating in
your  FUTURE?
BoatTEST wants to get your feedback to builders so that they can bake your ideas and concepts into the next generation of boats. With the advent of the Internet the consumer has never before been so influential. And now, most builders have access to a five-axis router with CAD which means new tooling can be made in months not years. Take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us and we’ll get your advice into the executive offices of America’s boat builders. Sound off here…

Conservation vs. the fish market

A Tuna Sells For $55,700 in Tokyo
At $91 per pound, are bluefin tunas’ days numbered?

At 5:00 am, six mornings a week, an auction is held in the Tokyo fish market where, one at a time, frozen tuna carcasses are auctioned off.

A Hong Kong sushi restaurant owner Saturday, January 5,  paid a record $55,700 for a massive 607 lb. bluefin tuna caught off Japan's northern region of Aomori in the first auction of the year at the world's largest fish market in Tokyo. The final price was a record for Japan and nearly two million yen more than the highest price paid the previous year. All of this has created a town of millionaire tuna fishermen in Australia. To find out how you, too, can become a millionaire meat fisherman…gaff here

For Sailors Only

What is Going
on Here?
Be the first one on your block
to figure out what this
Neolithic boater is doing

Take a good look at this picture and guess what is going on here and think (like a sailor).

We all know that sailors boat to a different drummer, but what is going on here? The best caption gets a rubber ducky…

A sailor trying to look macho New  place for fender storage
Your caption for
the ducky
Trash bags full of wine bottles
Wrecking balls waiting for a powerboat

Re: EPA Ballast Permit Fiasco

FYI, Boxer’s office automatically dismisses, most likely without anyone’s even glancing at them, any emails not from California residents. Apparently, she fancies herself a CALIFORNIA Senator, not a UNITED STATES Senator.
--S. Wills

[Cindy Squires, the NMMA’s Chief Counsel of Public Affairs, tells us that despite the returned emails, Sen. Boxer got the message." --Ed.]

Re: LNG in Boston Harbor

Terminals should be allowed. They are among the heaviest regulated infrastructures in the USA. I work in the propane industry and sell clean energy but security people say that [propane] is risky. Freezing to death is pretty risky within itself I would think …lots of our power plants are powered by LNG.
--J. Garner

To read more fireworks on the Boston LNG article…push this button

Reader Feedback, Opinions, Inquiries, Ideas, Suggestions

When a thought crosses your mind about boats and boating, chances are hundreds of other boat owners would be interested in what you have to say. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll try to produce an article to answer your questions, publish your thoughts, or just take it to heart. To make it easy for you, all you need do is …Sound Off, 1,2,3,4

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  joysticks come to Sterndrives

Formula Jumps on Axius Joystick and Coupe Design
Company VP Grant Porter explains what’s driving sales at this premier brand

fuel filter news

62’ Commercial Fish Boat Capsizes In Rough Waters
A 70-year-old British Columbia tribal chief dies as high seas and snow hamper rescue efforts. EPIRB alerts CG

The 62 foot Westisle was capsized in 50 kt. winds.

The body of Alfred was recovered the next day.

A 62-foot fishing boat carrying  British Columbia Tribal Leader Patrick Alfred and 5 other men capsized in the Georgia Strait on Monday night, January 7, 2008. The crewmen were able to get into a small skiff but were unable to rescue Alfred who was last seen in his yellow foul weather gear clinging on to his capsized hull. To find out what happened and the role a working EPIRB played in the rescue…read on

World's Greatest
Safety Product Banner

EPIRBs: What You Need to Know
In 2007 they saved 253 people – but you need
to know the details
(that’s where the devil is)

ACR Electronics has made EPRIBs since their inception and has 60% market share.

Certainly no boat going out of VHF range should be without an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacon), and actually no boat at all going offshore should be without one. They are expensive, but ask any of the 253 people they helped to rescue over the last year if they are worth it. They have their limitations, as the adjacent story suggests, but they are the best thing we have and they are far better now than ever before. To find out more about EPIRBS, their limitations, what you can expect and not expect…activate here

earthrace redux banner

The Mad Kiwi Tries Again for World Circumnavigation Record
Neither bad bio-fuel, a diet of junk food, nor a grumpy crew will keep this Jack Sparrow from his rounds

Not only is the earth round, but it is also up hill – particularly for Earthrace.

The stage is set for Earthrace’s second attempt to break the around-the-world powerboat record. If you will recall, skipper/owner/promoter/madman Peter Bethune attempted this stunt last year but was delayed by the Guatemala navy which held him for a week or so after he ran over and killed a local fisherman in the black of night. Then, a piston burned out on this Cummins diesel in the western Pacific and he had to wait two weeks for replacement parts to make their way to his island paradise. Finally, he threw in the towel when his million-dollar carbon fiber trimaran began delaminating in the western Med. Start date is March 1 in Valencia, Spain. As last year, we will keep you posted. Via con dios. 

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