New Boat Buying Advice - 12/05/2007
New Boat Buying Advice Life-long boat dealer Larry Russo gives his views on how to get a good deal in a soft market

Larry Russo is one of the most universally respected boat dealers in the U.S. His father started Russo Marine in 1940 and Larry started working there when he was 8. Over the years he has been president of many industry groups, including the MRAA (the national boat dealers association), and he is currently chairman of the industry’s Dealer Certification Program. For the last three years his dealership has been rated in the “Top 10” in the nation by Boating Industry magazine. He is not bashful about saying what is on his mind, as you’ll see.

Larry Russo 5
Why do boats have high markups?
LarryRusso  7
Can all cash buy a better deal?
Larry Russo  8
How can buyers take advantage of a soft market?
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Is the dealer or brand more important?
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Is it hard to get a boat loan?
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Any complaints about sportboats?