Boater Tries to Pass in Front of Ferry - 12/05/2007

With brains and luck like this, next he should try beating the Brownsville Express to a RR crossing

"Unfortunately I think this one came right up on the blind side and the captain didn't see it until right before the impact. There wasn't much he could do about it though. It's really hard to stop a vessel this size very quickly," said ferry operations manager Howard Gillespie.

"I looked over to my right here and I saw an upside down fishing boat bobbing in the water and I could make out about three heads right next to it," said Jesse O'Neil, who witnessed the crash.

USCG Perspective

The Coast Guard managed to pull the sinking fishing boat out of the water. According to Petty Officer Albert Garansuay, "a lot of the small pleasure crafts are just out here speeding through. We're just lucky it doesn't happen as often as it could happen."