Special Edition Newsletter 11/7 - 11/07/2007


Buddy Davis Quits Big Fishboats!
The Man Who Made “Carolina Flair” Famous Bows Out of Sportfishermen. Davis will concentrate on Center Consoles with
B & D Boatworks on Roanoke Island, N.C.
Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show Round-up
Part II

See Videos on 15 New Boats
Change “Prop Pitch” Without Changing Props
Anti-Roll Gyros Are Here!

Great deals were evident all over the show and dealers weren't bashful about discounts.

NEW Cobalt 46
Breaks the Rules
Cobalt's Long-Awaited Yacht has Cutting Edge Design Innovations
Inside and Out

New technology allows builders to laminate glass in hullsides and not lose strength. Cobalt has out-done the Italians at their own game with sweeping glass design.

New Yamaha SuperJet PWC
Catches Huge Air!
It's Awesome, Dude! New Hull Shape with Sponsons give Stability and Make Turning a Snap

This 291-lb. stand-up PWC is great for
novice or expert.

NEW Bertram 700
Offshore Battlewagon

Bertram 70
Seen here off Cabo San Lucas via Photoshop. Record fish photos coming soon.

New Anti-Roll/Yaw Stabilizer for Powerboats 35'+
Mal de Mer could be a thing of the past for many people

The Seakeeper Anti-Roll Gyro works in a vacuum for increased efficiency.

Seakeeper is a four- year-old company founded by Shepard McKenney and John Adams. McKenney previously owned Hinckley Yachts and developed their innovative JetStick™ technology, which is a fly by wire control system for jet powered boats, eight years before Volvo Penta introduced its joystick system with the IPS. We point this out simply to underscore that these men are thinking ahead and know the boat business. Gyros stabilizers definitely dampen roll and yaw, and may be the “Next New Thing” in marine equipment for displacement boats and anchoring.

Review the features of the Seakeeper  7000. 


New McKinna 69: Four-Stateroom Yacht For $2 Million!
This Boat is Loaded with Standard Equipment and we doubt that this great price will last long

With its huge cockpit, the McKinna 69 can be a yachtfish, a dive boat, an entertaining dance hall, or mid-range cruiser.

BoatTEST Editor-in-Chief Jeff Hammond takes a video look at the first 69 to hit the East Coast and comments on the boat's functionality. Also check out the long list of standard equipment and the interior accommodation drawings of this exciting new boat...plunk the magic twanger.

American Angler 18 For Freshwater

The American Angler 18 Phantom topped out at 42.7 mph with a single Mercury 115.

American Angler, part of the SmokerCraft family of boats, is one solid fishing machine. This model is designed with raised consoles for better view underway, better performance with lifting and turning strakes and features to make it easy for you to concentrate on catching fish. See Capt. Robert Smith's full test with video.

New VideoTest Header

Robalo R300
Center Console

Robalo R300
The R300 comes with twin Yamaha 225s or 250s. How about one 350?

Triton 301 XD Saltwater Express

With a 22-degree deadrise and 25” freeboard at the transom the 301 XD is salty.

With a 10'10” beam and at 8,320-lbs, the Triton 301 XD is a solid saltwater contender. Triton will let you put any brand outboard on the transom you want – for an extra rigging charge (Merc power rigging is gratis). Base price on this boat in about $176,000, and is $196,000 (MSRP) the way we'd rig it out. See what Capt. Robert Smith has to say.

Crownline 260 LS 

Crownline 260 LS
Crownline has a changing room with porcelain head in the companion console.

Crownline expanded the LS line to include the 260LS Bowrider. They eliminated the wetbar because surveys show they are seldom used, instead they've focused on more seating and more comfort. Sports car styling is evident starting from the large stainless emblem on the stern to the stainless steel and colored accents at the wheel.  We've never tested a Crownline, so see what Capt. Robert Smith has to say about the one he saw at the show.

Century 2900

Century 2900
With a 9'6'' beam, this 7,000-lb. CC carries a great name going back to the 1920s.

Iran Almost Sinks US Frigate in Gulf Crew saves doomed vessel: Eric Sorensen Given Credit

During the spring of 1988 the US Navy was busy keeping the sea lanes open in the Persian Gulf, particularly for tankers on their way to America's East Coast. The Iraq-Iran War was raging and Iran was causing mischief in the Persian Gulf preying on tankers and freighters bound to and from Iraq. In April 1988 the USS Samuel B. Roberts -- while backing out of a mine field -- struck a mine which tore a 24' hole in her bottom below the engine room-- a wound far worse than that inflicted on the USS Cole years later -- and she nearly sank. That she didn't is testament to a well-trained crew who wouldn't give up the ship. To find out what happened and how the crew literally strapped the ship together -- Buy the Book!


Doral Elite 235br 
Classy Sportboat
and 43.6 mph WOT
European flair and sports car-inspired details make this one of the sexiest runabouts

We think the optional cabriolet color seats makes 235br Doral irresistible.

The design and engineering folks at Doral are marching to a different drummer – and we like the tune. If the details and elegant fit and finish on the 235br don't get your juices flowing, then watch the complete video of Capt. Robert Smith's test.

Change Pitch On Veem Props In Minutes W/O
Changing Props

A Simple (Patented) Solution to Finding the Right Prop Performance 
Capt. Robert Smith takes a look at new Veem Engineering Prop solution to an old problem. 

Some of the world's leading builders of inboard boats are using Veem Engineering “adjustable pitch” props to dial in the optimum solution quickly to maximize performance and efficiency. Take a look with Capt. Robert Smith.

All-New Cruisers Yachts' 360 Express
11 Engine Options
Built light and fast, she hits
37 mph with twin 420s

Cruisers Yachts has done away with analog gauges with this all-new 360 express cruiser.

Capt. Ron Svoboda wrings out the new Cruisers Yachts 36-footer powered by twin MerCruiser 420-hp inboard engines. Capt. Ron would like to see big sterndrives on this honey, but some will like her just the way she is, providing a 216 miles range at 25.6 mph cruise at 90% fuel capacity. Come along with Capt. Ron

Azimut 85 Motoryacht Looks Better Than Ever Italian designers keep Azimuts Fresh and Romantic; Their Influence Trickles down to 19-Footers

Azimut's exciting design innovations have inspired the world's boat designers.

While the Azimut 85 is not a new boat, each year the company's stylists add new interior touches that keep the motoryacht vibrant and avant garde. That exciting Italian flair has trickled all the way down to 19' sportboats built in the American Midwest. See Capt. Robert Smith's report on Azimut's latest 85 offering.

 Fairline Targa 44 Express Cruiser
The builder says its twin cabin design goes 34 knots with 2 x IPS 500s

Note the relatively small windscreen on the Targa 44 and its low window frame. This design makes the boat look exceedingly graceful and contemporary.

The Targa 44 coupe top and sunroof have been carefully designed so that when the skipper stands up sightlines will be through the open sunroof, thus getting great visibility forward. When the sunroof is closed, the helmsman will be seated do to limited headroom. Capt. Robert Smith takes us on a video tour of the new Fairline.

Will Regal's “Window Express” Design Become a Trend?
Regal WE
Regal's four “Window Express” models at the Ft. Lauderdale Show were an eye catcher.

BoatTEST's Jeff Hammond and Capt. Eric Sorensen take a detailed look at Regal's “Window Express” concept both inside and out. Tell us what you think by taking part in the survey below.

I like the distinctive look
I like more sunlight below
Other builders will copy this design

New Video Test Header

New Cranchi 43 HT Is Priced to Sell
In America
With a helm that looks like it was designed by
Flash Gordon

Cranchi 43 HT
Not all express cruisers are the same as proven by this 43 HT by Cranchi.

A spokesman for the company said at the show that Cranchi to keep its robust U.S. sales chugging right along with competitive pricing during the current weak-dollar cycle. That means that Americans who are bitten by the Romantic – (and oh-so-sexy) -- Italian styling bug and want the real thing, may be able to get it without much of a penalty. Editor Jeff Hammond takes us onboard for a look.

Retail Special

  “ShrinkRapid” Sewn Covers At
Discount Prices

Boattest store

Dr. Shrink announces NEW for 2007 “ShrinkRapid” Sewn Covers. Dr. Shrink's new “ShrinkRapid” semi-fit storage covers are designed to make shrinkwrapping boats much easier and faster than in the past. Covers are constructed of durable 7-ml white shrinkwrap with sewn-in drawstrings and belly bands.  Each cover comes neatly packaged in plastic sleeve and includes two self-adhesive “Weather Tight” vents. Prices start from $44.50.

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Taylor Made Boat Covers At Lowest Prices

Taylor Made

Taylor Made offers a style of boat cover to fit every boat, and each cover is made with the finest quality fabrics and craftsmanship. Taylor Made products offer a variety of different ways to protect your boat from the elements. Purchase your Taylor Made Boat Cover at Discount Prices.

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Extreme Heaters

The MUST-HAVE accessory for the serious boater who wants to enjoy their boat year-round! Why spend time and money to winterize your boat and miss out enjoying your boat during the fall and winter months? XTREME Heaters are small, highly efficient marine engine compartment heaters that will protect your boat from the threat of sudden freezes for a never-ending boating season. 

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Prevent Ice in Your Slip

Designed to prevent ice formation around boats, marinas, floating docks, piers, etc. The propeller draws up warmer subsurface water and deflects it to the surface creating a constant circulation of warmer water that prevents ice formation. Just cut a hole and lower unit into place. 3/4 HP 115 Volt.


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