BoatTEST Newsletter 10/31/2007 - 10/31/2007
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Silverton WOWs ‘Em With New 52 Ovation

The new 52 Ovation with triple IPS introduced by Silverton Marine was impressive.

When we walked up to people at the show, the first thing they asked was, “Have you seen the 52 Ovation?” Silverton Marine Corporation showed what it could really do if challenged. The 52 Ovation incorporates numerous good functionality ideas, has design and décor sophistication and, for the most part, apparent quality. Even the most jaded boating industry veterans were excited to see what middle-market Silverton could do when it wanted to create a more up-market yacht…read more.

The “Old” Bertram is Back with a New
70' Battlewagon

Bertram 70
The new Bertram 700 would make Dick Bertram proud. With a full line of 7 models the old “Damn-the-Torpedoes” Bertram of the past is back with a wave-crunching vengeance.

Twenty years ago an ad ran showing Bertram and Hatteras in front of a Viking and the caption read, “We're Behind, but Catching Up.” Well, Viking certainly caught up and surpassed the front-runners of the 1970's and early ‘80s. But after two decades of tumultuous ownership, Ferretti bought the company several years ago and now has the proud name back at full strength with 7 models from 36 to 70 feet. To read about the new 700.

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Cruisers Yachts'
New 460 Express
Re-Designed for 2008

Cruisers Yachts 460
With twin 435-hp Volvo Penta V-Drive diesels expect a range of around 371 miles.

Cruisers Yachts has carefully re-designed their popular 460 to give full-standing headroom in half of the aft cabin as well as to offer two layouts for the forward cabin. A host of additional new cruising features were implemented including more gear in the cockpit. The test boat was 27,000 lb. displacement, making it lighter than many boats this size and giving you 1 mile per gallon at best cruise – and that is almost as good as it gets in these size boats. Watch Video

 New Raymarine
Is 10 Times Faster!

Raymarine says its new navigation system is bigger, faster, brighter, better and more intuitive than last year's

Capt. Bob Smith takes a quick look at Raymarine's brand new G-Series  Navigation System which -- the company says -- has a processor 10 times faster than last year's E-Series, a far brighter screen (that can be dimmed at night), and display Raymarines' Super HD radar targets with 256 levels of color definition. See it Now.

New Triton 301 XD
For Saltwater Fun

Earl Benz brings his freshwater magic to blue,
salty water.

In case you haven't noticed, Earl Benz, who made is reputation with bass boats and multi-specie freshwater fishing machines, has introduced several Triton express fishboats to the blue water angler. Now comes the 301XD, a simple, uncomplicated boat at a competitive price…read more

Four Winns V338 Pocket Cruiser
with Fire Power

Four Winns
The Four Winns V338 looks majestic.

The Four Winns V338 is an impressive express cruiser with a length of 35 feet and a beam of 11'6”. We were most taken with the thoughtful design in the galley with toe-kick space under both the salon lounge and the cabinets in the galley. Often times, that is were the size of a smaller cruiser becomes painful, but not in this boat which has been carefully designed to keep spaces open and bright below. The hatches were well placed over the forward berth, galley and salon lounger right where the natural light would do the most good….read more.

Rampage 41
Has Double Cabin
Rampage 41
Rampage 41 on the war-path.

Rampage Yachts offers the 41 Express with optional double stateroom configuration consisting of a forward stateroom with island queen berth and second stateroom featuring two twin Pullman-style berths. The 41's fuel capacity, ice management system and modular cockpit, helm options, and new double cabin configuration meets stringent Capt. Barta “Offshore Performance Standards for Fishibility,” says the company. Read more.

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Exciting New
26' Deckboat
From Four Winns

Four Winns
The SL 262 stands for sport luxury and this boat covers those bases well.

The SL 262 is a Sport Luxury bowrider deckboat with a radical new design and cruising range of 191 miles. She is designed for wakeboarding, skiing and water play and is full of innovate ideas and classy amenities. We tested this model with a 300-hp Volvo Penta stern drive and she flies. Watch Video Test.

Strike Yachts 37' Walkaround

The standout feature of the Strike 37 Walkaround is the single level, wide deck. Any man, woman or child can safely navigate from stern to bow while fighting a monster fish or just enjoying the view ahead. It has all of the simplicity of a center console and yet you can still comfortably enjoy all of the added features of a full cuddy cabin. The 13' beam boat has motor options from Yanmar or Cummins. Stay tuned as Capt. Bob Smith gives us a video walk-thru…in the meantime, visit

New Jupiter 34
Center Console
What happens when a veteran big-fishboat builder like Carl Herndon sets his mind to building center consoles? The answer is you get big center consoles that are ruggedly constructed and full of big boat features. Herndon's Jupiter Boats introduced a brand new center console to expand their line of popular high-end fishboats. This model has lots of wide walk-around space with a handy T-Top providing great coverage. The aft bench seat easily stows or deploys for comfort as you ride out to your favorite fishing hole. Stay tuned for video review.

Cabo Yachts'
New 38 Flybridge

Cabo 38
Fresh from the drawing board, the new 38 Flybridge model creates more utility.

Following the introduction of their 38 Express this past February, Cabo Yachts introduced their first new Flybridge model in three years – the 38 Flybridge. It is available with engine options from Caterpillar, Cummins, Yanmar, and MAN that range from 715 to 800 hp. The 38 Flybridge sells for from $780,000 to $900,000 depending on options and engines…read more.
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New Regal 5260 Sold Out for
Two Years

Italian Builders fly to Ft. Lauderdale To See 
52 First Hand
Regal 5260
While only 8' longer than their 44' Commodore, Regal's new 52 is in another world.

With deposits on 53 boats and only able to deliver 25 a year, Regal decided not to put their new, highly-acclaimed 5260 in the show. But, in fact, hull #2 was hidden behind a house in a canal just 10 minutes from the show site and potential customers who were really insistent, or had their checkbook handy, could wangle a look-see. One charming Italian couple of “buyers” morphed back into their natural state of boat builders once they got on the boat and began surreptitiously taking measurements and notes. To get our take on this new boat and to see our smuggled out snap-shots plunk the magic twanger…

Windsor Craft 36 Has
Great Gatsby Panache

Windsor Craft

The man who personally owns more boat companies than any other individual on the planet – Irwin Jacobs – could have any boat on earth that struck his fancy. He has chosen the Windsor Craft line of boats to be his personal calling card. The newest is pictured here, a 36' day boat, built with hand-picked mahogany planks, and the best equipment and hardware money can buy. The Windsor Crafts are built in Turkey and are sold here for prices that make some Maine wood boatbuilders shake their heads in amazement. If you want to be seen in a real head-turner, then there is nothing quite like the Windsor Craft 36 at any price. 

 New Hatteras 72' Motor Yacht Designed for Owner-Skipper

The Hatteras 72 Motor Yacht at sunrise at the
Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show.

The new Hatteras 72 Motor Yacht which debuted at the Ft. Lauderdale show was designed specifically for the owner-skipper and spouse to operate by themselves. Hatteras probably has the larger base of current owners of motoryachts that are "owner-operated” than any other brand in the world. So it is fitting that it has created a boat that its current owners can easily move into – sans crew. Finding a good and compatible captain is harder than ever, and we applaud Hatteras for designing a boat for the owner/skipper. Read our first take on the new 72…no captains, please.

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Glastron's All New
GT 225

Goes 52 MPH at WOT

An innovative stern entry maximizes the cockpit seating and adds to the comfort of this boat, but hold on to your hat because it is a rocket.

The GT 225 features the extended swim platform at no additional cost, and the boat, with a stern drive and trailer, can be purchased for under $30k. Our test boat pushed 52.3 mph with the 270-hp Volvo 5.0L GXi. Check out our Test.

New Bertram 410 Strikes at the Heart of the Big Game Market
Bertram's 410 offers beef to big game hunters.

Positioned between the old 38 and 46, the new Bertram 410 offers the brawn of the 46 and nimbleness of the 38 in a new package directed at the heart of the big game fishing market. Find out more about the 410.

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Manitou's 20X-Plode Tri-Toon Cuts Figure "8s"
And Goes 43 MPH

Manitou 20
These boats actually handle like a skiboat on rails, cutting sharp, tight turns.

The Sport Handling Package delivers eye-popping performance with turns like a speed boat. Our test boat ran an impressive 43.3 mph with the 175-hp Evinrude E-TEC outboard. Watch video.

American Tug 41 Gets Flying Bridge

American Tug
New American Tug 41 with Flying Bridge.

Last year American Tug launched its 100th boat, a happy day for young boat builder, Tom Nelson. His trawler-type boats are known as “tugs with rooster tails,” because his single-engine designs can go 25 knots and run circles around the real things. Now, he has built a flying bridge on the popular 41 and increased functionality on this versatile cruising boat…read more.

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 “ShrinkRapid” Sewn Covers
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Dr. Shrink announces NEW for 2007 “ShrinkRapid” Sewn Covers.  Dr. Shrink's new “ShrinkRapid” semi-fit storage covers are designed to make shrinkwrapping boats much easier and faster than in the past.  Covers are constructed of touch and durable 7-ml white shrinkwrap with sewn-in drawstrings and belly bands.  Available in 28 different sizes to fit personal watercrafts, bass boats, runabouts, pontoons, center console boats, and cuddy cabin styles.  Covers come in 2 foot increments and are simply laid over the boat, drawstrings are pulled tight, belly bands tightened and then the cover is heated.  Each cover comes neatly packaged in plastic sleeve and includes two self-adhesive “Weather Tight” vents.  Prices start from $44.50.

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Taylor Made Boat Covers At Lowest Prices

Taylor Made offers a style of boat cover to fit every boat, and each cover is made with the finest quality fabrics and craftsmanship. Taylor Made products offer a variety of different ways to protect your boat from the elements. Purchase your Taylor Made Boat Cover at Discount Prices.
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