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Advancements in Stern Drive Saltwater Corrosion Protection

Volvo and MerCruiser trade shots over their different “solutions” to an old problem.
Volvo's President makes a surprising statement about MerCruiser's New SeaCore “Solution”

Volvo Penta's “Ocean Series Drive” was introduced in 2001 for the
U.S. saltwater fishing market and are only available on U.S.-built boats.

Part III in our wide-ranging interview of Clint Moore, President of Volvo Penta of America, addresses the subjects of saltwater corrosion, water ingestion, the Jan. 1 California emission deadline, and the demise of carburetors on engines.

How has Volvo Penta's “Ocean Series” anti-corrosion composite system worked out?

What do you say to MerCruiser's contention that your system doesn't work well and that your Neutra-Salt solution kills goldfish?

Why doesn't Volvo Penta copy MerCruiser's “SeaCore” approach? See Moore's surprising answer.

Moore's comments on the on-going water-ingestion problem. 

Will Volvo Penta be ready for California's Jan. 1 emissions deadline and how much will it cost boat buyers?

Why does Volvo Penta stick with carburetors in gas engines?

To see the other interviews in this three-part series…Part IPart II.

A Buyer's Market
New Boat Deals Abound, But it Won't Last Forever
As any visitor to a fall boat show has observed, there are rather startling discounts from MSRP available on many boats these days – even more so than last year. These discounts are for real, but they will only last awhile, so don't think that there is a new pricing paradigm.
What's going on? How long will the low prices last?...find out here.

Calling All
California Dreamers
The Clock is ticking for new
SD or gas inboard buyers.
If you live or boat in California, you have only 82 days left before new gas engine emission requirements will require catalytic converters on all gasoline inboard or stern drive engines. Exempted are units already in the distribution pipeline. As soon as those units are sold off, expect a sharp jump in prices because the cost of conversion is not cheap. (Most outboard and diesel engines already meet the standards.) If you are planning on buying a boat powered by a gas inboard or stern drive, now is the time to make your deal, as selection will narrow and prices will rise as “old” inventory sells off.
$2 Billion Worth
of Boats
at Ft. Lauderdale

Boat Show 5% of annual U.S. new boat sales represented by 1,600 boats in 6 show venues
Show Management, producer of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 25-29, says that its show will have $2 billion worth of boats – both new and used – on display. That means that the boats there represent 5% of the total U.S. annual sales of new boats and that the “average” boat at the show sells for over $1.2 million! Yikes…you'd better read more.

World's Largest
Boat Show Calendar
Click here to view calendar

Versa Dock
Solves Docking Problems

The Versa Dock system assembles quickly and easily to virtually any configuration.

Just think of all the problems this terrific docking system solves: don't worry about banging up your boat in a storm; forget fenders; save on bottom paint; great for docks too shallow at low tide; wakes won't hurt your boat; etc. and you can't beat the 20-year transferable warranty…see video.

3M Water Filter
Get rid of the plastic taste, metals and sediment in your boat's drinking water with this easy to use filter from 3M…see video

New DuraSafe Locks
for Electronics

DuraSafe locks for marine electronics give you
peace of mind.
If you are tired of taking off your electronic gear every time you leave your boat, then consider the new DuraSafe locks for electronics…see video

Smart Tabs
For Low-Cost
Automatic Boat Trimming

Nitrogen gas cylinders which you can adjust make trimming for planing automatic…see video

New Vinyl Cleaner

This vinyl cleaner was made for the vinyl manufacturer, so it should be good.
Texas A&M Crowned Collegiate Bass Fishing's
National Champion

83 college teams compete in 2nd Boat/US Tournament

A & M fishermen Justin Hackly (left) and Trevor Knight hold up the National Collegiate Championship Trophy for tournament bass fishing.

It was a traditional collegiate National Championship showdown with 83 teams from the Big 10, Big 12, WAC, Sun Belt and SEC athletic conferences in final contention for the title. What, no Ivy League schools? more

FINAL WEEK – Don't forget to check out over 175 products that are on sale for winterizing your boat.
Check out some of the more popular items. Storage Covers – SAVE UP TO 33%. Just about the best light weight cover on the market. Tough, 8x10 weave high-density poly woven cover, coated on both sides with durable low-density UV resistant polyethylene. Sun and fade resistant. Heat sealed seams. Leak proof, rot proof and tear proof. Polyethylene rope lined hems. Grommeted approximately every three feet. Comes in a variety of sizes.
Click here to purchase

Moisture Absorber – SAVE 47%. Dries air in cabins, lockers, closets, bathrooms, basements, and other enclosed areas to a level that mildew cannot grow. Absorbs up to 50% more moisture than flake formulas. Click here to order 

Click here to see all the boat maintenance products on sale.

Ship of Ghosts by James D. Hornfischer. This engrossing WWII epic recounts the exploits of the Houston, mainstay of the skimpy Allied fleet opposing the Japanese onslaught in the war's early days, until her sinking in a desperate battle with overwhelming Japanese forces in the Java Sea in 1942.

List Price: $26.00
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Sea of Thunder: Four Commanders and the Last Great Naval Campaign 1941-1945 by Evan Thomas Sea of Thunder provides one of the most insightful analyses of personalities and military cultures at war. The book tells the story of the Japanese and American commanders whose fates converged in history's last great naval engagement, the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944.

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Rescue Boat with Survivors Flips

A Boat Carrying 5 Rescues 4,
then Overturns; All 9 Then
Saved By CG

All 9 boaters wore life vests and stayed with the “rescue” boat until saved.
Nine people were plucked from the Mississippi Sound by the U.S. Coast Guard on Saturday September 29, 2007 when two boats flipped over, the second having just rescued people from the first…read more
New Glastron 205
Loaded and Affordable

You won't believe the speed of this boat with a single 220-hp to believe

New Larson 288 LXi Has 5-Year
Stem-to-Stern Warranty…plus Trailer!

Chances are this could be the fastest big boat on your lake...speed check here!

New American Angler 1660
is Ruggedly Constructed and Priced Right

With a 50-hp Honda the 1660 is a dependable workhorse with low operating costs

The 1660 Bass and Bay is not for you champagne drinking types. This is a man's boat, with the basics, hull, engine and seats and a few features that cross the line from necessity to comfort. For instance, a pair of swivel casting chairs comes standard, as does a small helm console and adequate dry storage compartments. Check out this affordable and rugged workhorse…click here

New Sylvan Signature 8522 Is Fast and Comfortable

With two logs and great lift, the 8522 can tow skiers and water toys with ease

The Signature 8522 is the deluxe version of the 22' Mirage pontoon boat by Sylvan. Not only is this boat comfortable and spacious, but she is exceedingly fast for a 2,200-lb platform. With a single 150-hp Evinrude 2-stroke outboard we recorded nearly 42 mph at WOT. But there is more to this boat than speed…see video

New Maxum 2900 
Sport Cruiser

This pocket cruiser maximizes room and minimizes price.

The 2900 SE sleeps 4 comfortably and can be used as an affordable weekender.
Maxum's all-new 2900 SE packs a lot of functionality into a pocket cruiser for a base MSRP of 131K with most of the basic amenities and a twin 4.3 liter 220-hp engine. We tested the twin 260-hp model…see video

Malibu Boats to Release Corvette Limited Edition
In November

Malibu Boats has been selected by General Motors to produce the new Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V -- a water sports boat designed by Malibu with the Corvette brand and the car's distinctive style…read more

Boat Thefts
up 30%
In Florida
in 2007

High Performance Boats are the targets of choice says FWCC

Boat thefts in Florida are up 30 percent so far this year, compared to the same period of last year, reports the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recently…read details

Ranger Has
New Website

Ranger has created an informative and exciting new web site that has many videos and easy-to-follow diagrams explaining the features and benefits of their products.
Ranger recently announced that their new state-of-the-art website is operational and we recommend that you take the time to thoroughly explore it. You will find innovative new presentations, drawings, videos and functionality that will help you find the right boat for you…click here.

First Woman Pro-Angler Qualifies for FLW Bass Fishing Championship

Karen Savik will compete for $60,000 purse. Many women join the Pro Tour
and score in the top 10.
Savik looks gift bass in the mouth.

Karen Savik of St. Louis Park, Minn earned a berth in the EverStart Series Championship, making her the first woman ever to qualify as a pro angler for an FLW Outdoors bass-fishing championship.She finished 15th on the pro side of the EverStart Series Northern Division this season.  Many other women do well…read all about it.
Beware of
Falling Rocks

Two Killed by falling slab on Lake Powell.
Two people were killed when a gigantic rock slab apparently broke off a sandstone arch at Arizona's Lake Powell and smashed onto their pontoon boat. To find out why no good deed goes un-punished…click here

Alcohol Impairs Rational Thought

Davie Fire Rescue search for possible victims of a boat crash in the Dania Cut-Off Canal on Sunday, Sept 30. Mark Edward Babinec, 37, had been navigating the Dania Cut-Off Canal Sunday night when he hit his head on a set of pipes that hang low over the canal and then crashed into the embankment at State Road 7 and Orange Drive, officials said. He was said by police to be going 40 to 50 mph. Babinec's blood alcohol level at the time of the crash was .242, about three times the legal limit, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.