New EpHX Vinyl Cleaner - 10/10/2007

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EpHX (pronounced "effects") Vinyl Cleaner has been scientifically formulated exclusively for G & T Product Solutions. This pH balanced formula will easily tackle the toughest soil and grime, but will not damage the surface of your vinyl or leave an oily residue.

New EpHX Vinyl Cleaner replaces our former Vinyl Finish Vinyl Cleaner. It is an environmentally responsible cleaner formulated exclusively for G & T Marine Specialties Group (the manufacturers of the vinyl that covers your Veada boat seats and accessories). It also works great on Tent Vinyl. This product was tested to ensure consistency and UV stability after continued use. EpHX Vinyl Cleaner will not leave a residue and has proven to out-perform leading competitive products for stain removal. ... Visit their website