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Jeff Hammond

WELCOME to the first issue of “Offshore Motoryacht.” Only about 10,000 powerboats 30'+ are sold new in the U.S. each year. So if you are lucky enough to own one, you are a member of a very special club. This bi-weekly newsletter is dedicated to serving your interests and informational needs.

Having founded “Power And Motoryacht” in 1984, been an owner of powerboats 19' to 91', and an observer of them for 38 years, I am dedicated to providing you information and insight that will help you buy smarter and better enjoy your boat.

We are building a data base on-line of 30'+ powerboats that you can access 24/7 that will have the latest news, boat reviews, opinions and insights into powerboats 30' to 80'. We will help you be a better informed buyer and we hope to encourage you to use and enjoy your boat more than you already do.

“Offshore Motoryacht” is not for everyone. Below, you can select the newsletters you wish to receive. We hope you join us for the ride!

Good Boating,

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A Tale of Two Cities

Two Vastly Different Express Cruisers make good “compare-and-contrast” subjects to help find the best features.

Sabre 42 built in South Casco, Maine

Sunseeker 44 built in Poole, England

We spent a week cruising on each one of these popular express cruisers in Maine last August. Both are 2003 models and are privately owned. The Sunseeker 44 is no longer in production and the Sabre 42 has been modified here and there since this boat was built. Nevertheless, the compromises and trade-offs seen in these two vessels are typical for these type and size boats. Take a look at the videos below, we don't think you've ever seen anything like them—

An overview of what YOUR mission should be

Pick the STYLE that suites your aesthetic boating eye
The HELM is the most important place for serious boaters Make sure INSTRUMENT placement is smart
COMPANION seating is important Check the functionality of your BRIDGE DECK

NEXT ISSUE of Offshore Motoryacht (October 17): See a comparison of the salon, master stateroom, guest stateroom, head, cockpit/stern, bow/foredeck, and engine room of the Sabre 42 and the Sunseeker 44... compare and contrast... a Tale of Two Cities.


Volvo Penta IPS:

Pres. Clint Moore gives a “behind-the-scenes” look at his company's latest innovation.

This is Part II in our three-part series (Part I published in BoatTEST.com newsletter Sept. 26, 2007) of interviews with Clint Moore, President of Volvo Penta of America.

When will gas-powered IPS systems be available?

What is Volvo Penta's market-by-market strategy for IPS introduction?

When will Volvo Penta's Fly-by-Wire technology catch up with MerCruiser's Axius system?

Why Volvo Penta has had to double IPS production.

How IPS stops warranty finger-pointing.

Can IPS match the turning radius of Zeus?

Is the IPS system safe on flybridge boats?

Why Did a 33' Powerplay
Destruct Offshore?

A 1994 High Performance boat jumps a wake and falls apart, killing 4 people. The FFWCC says it was because of operator error. Others disagree.

Photo shows the separation of hull from deck when boat landed after jumping a wake.

After a nearly nine-month investigation into the cause of a deadly boat disintegration off Big Marco Pass, in January 2007, an investigator with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has determined the wreck may have been the result of a combination of excessive speed, operator inexperience and alcohol.

But the father of the man who was killed while driving the boat said the investigators seemed to be in over their heads and that they refused to look into possible defects with the boat and potential negligence on the part of previous owners. To find out why this 33' boat fell apart…read more.

Ballast Water Bill Moving Through Senate

Sen. Boxer Vows to Stop Costly EPA
Permits for Recreational Boats

Ballast water being pumped overboard in Portland, Maine harbor at 3:30pm, August 25, 2007. 7,000 invasive species have arrived this way.

See video of tanker "Honor-System" discharging ballast water in Portland, Maine Harbor.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), chairwoman of the Environment and Public Works committee, said last week that she supports exempting recreational boats from permitting requirements and promised to work with Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) on an independent measure to save boaters from costly EPA permits that had been mandated by a federal judge last year. To read all about this critical turn of events in the senate…
click here.

New York Times Keel-Hauls
Congressional Yachtsmen

Muckraker Rakes Capital Yacht Club Members' Muck
Sen. Larry Craig is Discovered Boating

At the Capital YC on the Potomac River, houseboats seem to be the vessels of choice for Washington's lawmakers/breakers.

To read about yachtsmen Sen. Larry Craig and Sen. Ted Stevens, as well as former congressmen/club members Randy Cunningham, Bob Ney and James Traficant – all of who are boning up on the rules-of-the-road in the pokey these days–click here.

Regal Redoux
New Regal 52 NOT Factory-Direct

Designer Donald Blount notes knots, not MPH!

The new Regal 52' is hot and the builder is increasing production.

After running an article on the Regal 5260 last week a spokesman for the company (Regal) called to say that the boat is not actually being sold “factory-direct.” Orders for the boat and all of the paperwork must be filled out at the local Regal dealership and the local dealer will be responsible for customer service after delivery. However, the Regal factory will deliver the boat and customers will deal with the factory on all customizing aspects of the boat. Dealers won't have to inventory the boat.

We also got a note from Regal 52 designer Donald Blount pointing out that we mistakenly printed that the yacht Fortuna went 70 knots, not 70 mph as we inadvertently reported. We made the same error with the average speed of the Blue Riband winner, publishing mph instead of knots. Our apologies to all concerned.

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Three New Boats
Launched at Norwalk Show

New East Bay 55

New Sabre 52 Salon Express

New Symbol 59 Motoryacht

We've Tested

40'+ Express Cruisers:
Compare Performance,
Accommodations and Cost

BoatTEST.com has tested the Alegria with both Zeus drives and conventional inboard shaft drives. See the difference!

The boats have been the hottest segment of the 40'+ for the last decade and they are becoming even more sophisticated and seaworthy than ever before. Good choices now abound. Check out these boat tests with videos and see what we mean…click here.

Doral Alegria 45

Ferretti 881

Formula 45

Carver Voyager 57

Cruisers Yachts 447

Viking 60

Hatteras 60 GT

Neptunus 62

Four Winns 458

Midnight Lace 52

Cabo 48

Lazzara LSX 75

Riviera 4700 SY

Tiara 4700

Breakwater Bashing

Rocks and concrete almost trump fiberglass, but there is a simple solution

Fountain Powerboats are fast, but not very good jumpers.

For Tips on Avoiding Breakwaters...click here

4 Crew Killed on Florida Sportfishing Charter
"Float Plan" alerts family to trouble

47' Buddy Davis sportfisherman “Joe Cool” was found by USCG sans crew.

Two men were found floating – with their luggage -- in a life raft in the Bahamas near Bimini and claimed that the boat they had chartered and were aboard was hijacked. The two rescued men said the assailants who took over the boat shot the four crew members. Guillermo Zarabozo, 19, told the Coast Guard during interviews that "unknown subjects hijacked the vessel at sea," then asked him to dump the bodies overboard. To read the rest of this fishy storyclick here.

Thriller Powerboats Revs Up New Models

Moves Into The Consumer Market With Powerful High Speed Boats.

Fort Pierce-based Thriller Powerboats owner Arnie Gemino, a former commercial pilot, stands behind what may be the fastest boat ever built: a twin jet engine 55-foot catamaran known as the Thriller F-4 Phantom II.

Thriller Powerboats, based in Fort Pierce is revving up production and pushing the limits of high-performance power boating with several new models. Read More

Bad Day for NE Headboats

2 Fishing Boats Issue May-Days on a Bright and Sunny Saturday.

Two fishing headboats got into trouble last Saturday afternoon and evening in the same general area in the Northeast. To find out what happened and where…click here.

Beyond Endurance: 300 Boats, 600 Miles, and One Deadly Storm by Adam Mayers

List Price $29.95
Price: $19.77
Save: $10.18
Click here to order.

Beyond Endurance is the story of the August 1979 Fastnet race, from Cowes on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel to the Fastnet lighthouse off the south coast of Ireland. This race hit by fierce storm which culminated into a night of terror, courage and split-second reactions of the ferocious seas forcing each sailor either to give up and face almost certain death or to find the strength and skill within to keep him alive. Only twenty six survived.

BoatTESTSTORE announces the addition of Dr. Shrink's Premium Shrinkwrapping Products

Dr. Shrink's products allow all boat owners to shrinkwrap their boats for winter storage. The complete line of innovative products include 100% virgin resin shrinkwrap, specialized tapes, vents, super strong cord strapping, zipper access doors, heat tools, buckles and film cutting knives. Everything you need to shrinkwrap your boat can be found at BoatTESTSTORE.com, our prices are the lowest around. Dr. Shrink, Inc. is thinking of the environment and has implemented only coast-to-coast recycling program for used shrinkwrap. Please check out the REBAG system and see how you can help the environment. Order Dr. Shrink Products Here.

BoatTESTSTORE announces a way to extend the use of your boat into the Fall and SAVE up to $45!!

The MUST HAVE accessory for the serious boater who wants to enjoy their boat year-round! Why spend time and money to winterize your boat and miss out enjoying your boat during the fall and winter months? XTREME Heaters are small, highly efficient marine engine compartment heaters that will protect your boat from the threat of sudden freezes for a never-ending boating season. In addition to protecting your engine and running gear, your XTREME Heater will help extend the life of your battery(s) which can be adversely affected by freezing temperatures. Built with modern technology, and proven in thousands of customer installations, XTREME Heaters are the smallest, most efficient, most effective, and most heavily tested bilge heaters available. XTREME Heaters, we raised the standard in engine compartment protection. THIS PRODUCT SHIPS GROUND ONLY!

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