Tigé Convex VX - 12/19/2012

Tigé recently announced the introduction of an exciting new product exclusively designed for its Convex V hull. The Convex VX is a hull extension device that attaches to the swim platform of Tigé boats to create a huge, clean wave. Shape control is directed by the TAPS2 system that was pioneered by Tigé. We're told that the Convex VX does not interfere with the conventional wakeboard wake made by the Convex V hull.

Tigé Convex VX
Look at that wave! Tigé’s new Convex VX creates a remarkably long and powerful wave for wakesurfers!

For the last several years wakesurfing has been growing in popularity and in some respects is actually more fun and challenging than surfing on the beach. Tigé’s newly patented Convex VX promises to begin a new chapter in what has historically been one of the most innovative categories in boating.

Tigé Convex VX
The new Convex VX wakesurfing device connects with the Tigé swim platform to create huge, controllable waves.

The new Convex VX is a fiberglass hull extension device developed to enhance the running surface of Tigé boats at wakesurf speeds. Designed to flow seamlessly, the Convex VX attaches to the swim platform and extends the bottom surface of the hull. The Convex VX works hand-in-hand with Tigé TAPS2 system, which controls wake-making parameters from a control screen at the helm.

Tigé says the new wake-making device results in “complete wake control and capability to dial in a perfect Tigé surf wave on either side of the boat, at anytime.” We are told that the Convex VX apparatus is easily removable, but that there is no need to detach it for conventional wakeboarding at the end of a tow rope.

Tigé Convex VX
Tigé’s TAPS2 system integrates with the new wake-making device for control of wakesurfing.

In Tigé’s Own Words

“We developed the Convex VX to take our pro level wave to an unrivaled new height,” stated Rick Correll, President of Tigé Boats. “Tigé cultivates product innovations that take a different approach and Tigé owners benefit greatly from it. The launch of the Convex VX puts our surf wave in a totally different ballpark.”

Tigé Convex VX
Surfers in the hinterland will appreciate the wake making potential of the Tigé Convex VX.

Making Waves

Tigé has been making some waves of its own and was recently named Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) Leadership Buzz Brand of the Year. It has also been awarded eight consecutive Excellence in Customer Service awards by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Tigé is an independent, design-driven company, celebrating over 20-years of building wakeboats which now range from 20 to 24 feet in length. The company is based in Abilene, Texas.

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