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- Princecraft 192 Ventura
- Monte Carlo Yachts 76
- Bayliner 170 OB
- Boston Whaler 285 Conquest
- Riviera 51 Convertible
- Cruisers Yachts 430 SC
- Godfrey Sweetwater 2486 FC
- Rinker 216 Captiva
- Spencer 70
- Yamaha 242 Limited S
- Volvo Penta Powertrim
- Shurhold Products
- Picture of the Week
- Boating Course On DVD
- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson
- Ducky Award Winner

Princecraft 192 Ventura: Room, Room,
And Even More Room!

Princecraft 192 Ventura
The Princecraft 192 Ventura is one of the most durable, versatile and large 19-footers on the market. She even has an optional pop-up privacy enclosure in the stern.

The Princecraft 192 Ventura is an attractive-looking bowrider for towing sports, fishing or entertaining a crowd.  The image above gives some idea of the remarkable room there is in this vessel -- and it does not even show the whole boat! (The cameraman is standing where there are two forward-facing seats.) We have just completed a video that shows all of the attributes of this noteworthy boat. See her now...

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Test Video

Monte Carlo Yachts 76:
Performance, Technology and Luxury

Monte Carlo Yachts 76
From the helm on the flying bridge, the Monte Carlo Yachts 76 looks like a small ship - and she is. The coastline in the background is the French Riviera.

When we tested the Monte Carlo Yachts 76 we found a well laid out and beautifully finished yacht. Her handling was rock solid and she has the versatility to reach planing speeds, or lope along at displacement speed while the miles slowly tick off. As for her close quarters handling, she’s one of the first of the larger class of yachts to take advantage of pod technology, and it has paid off in maneuverability, better speed, and greater fuel efficiency. Let’s take a ride as we test Monte Carlo's unique blend of performance, technology and luxury. To the Mediterranean Sea...

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Test Video

Bayliner 170 OB:
Fish & Ski -- But Wakeboarding, Too?

Bayliner 170 OB
Bayliner seems to have a knack for tweaking a hull for getting the best performance out of an engine. She has a top speed of over 40 mph powered by a 115-hp outboard, and a best cruise range of 127 miles.

The design team at Bayliner added a number of thoughtful features to their 170 OB, but the most noticeable one is versatility. We tested her with the optional fish & ski package, but Bayliner also touts her as a capable all-around watersports boat.  To us that better mean that the boat can do more than pull a tube around a lake. In order to find out just how “watersports capable” the 170 OB actually is, we attempted to pull a wakeboarder out of the water with a 115-hp engine attached. See the video to find out what happened.  While you’re at it, take a look at the features too. Test and features video…

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New Test Video

Boston Whaler 285 Conquest:
Fish, Cruise, or Overnights

Boston Whaler 285 Conquest
At 27’10” (8.51 m) the 285 has the features of the larger Conquests with the maneuverability of the midsize models.

The trend for using fishing boats for cruising is nowhere better illustrated than with the Boston Whaler Conquest line-up and this new 285 model. We found her to be well equipped with an array of amenities and she accommodates overnights just as easily as she does a day of fishing. Because she's built for bluewater work, you'll find safety and a solid feel in the way she handles the seas. She also has a couple of layout options. Let's step aboard...

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Captain's Report

Riviera 51 EFB:
Many Entertainment Venues

Riviera 51 EFB
With three private staterooms including a full-beam master, an aft galley nestled between two entertainment areas, and yet another gathering area on the flybridge, you'll be hard pressed not to find a comfortable place to relax aboard the Riviera 51 EFB.

The Riviera 51 Convertible seems a lot larger than she actually is because there's so much usable space spread throughout this yacht. She's the direct result of customer feedback from around the globe, and we have no trouble believing that the innovations and clever features we've seen on her are exactly what customers are looking for. In addition to being so easily adaptable to entertaining, she's also customizable. Just take a look and see. More...

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Interior Video

Cruisers Yachts 430 Sports Coupe:
Interior Yacht-Grade Execution

Cruisers Yachts 430 Sports Coupe
The salon of the Cruisers Yachts 430 Sports Coupe speaks for itself. Note the arched doors to the head (left) and to the mid-cabin (right), an expensive-to-build detail and one worth every penny in our book because of the elegance and nautical feel that it brings to the interior.

From time to time we talk about the importance of yacht connoisseurship and the above photo illustrates what we mean. Not only are the doors arched, but the exotic Wenge wood cabinetry is finished to the same standards as on large motoryachts. The sofa is covered in real leather as standard, the liquor cabinet adds an old world touch and the mirror above makes the space appear larger and reflects light making the salon brighter. A fine yacht is more than the sum of its parts. See what we mean in the 430 Sports Coupe...

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Captain's Report

Godfrey Sweetwater 2486 FC:
An Affordable Toon for a Large Group

Godfrey Sweetwater 2486 FC
The Sweetwater 2486 FC is the largest boat in this particularly series and its main features are the two forward-facing seats in the bow that can be used by anglers for casting.

Sweetwater is part of the Godfrey family of boat brands, one of the largest boat builders in the U.S. The company owns several pontoon brands so it knows a thing or two about toon construction and what buyers want in a pontoon boat.  There are several interesting aspects of the Sweetwater 2486 FC, but perhaps the most compelling one of all is the price when powered by an Evinrude 90-hp E-TEC. Find out more...

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Test Video

Rinker 216 BR:
47.9 MPH WOT with 4.3L & Alpha One

Rinker 216 BR
The Rinker 216 Captiva has a new hull design that is fast and has no bad habits according to our testing captain.

The 216 BR is Rinker’s response to customers who asked for performance and good-handling in the 20-foot-plus bowrider. Offered in sterndrive only, the 216 is designed to get optimal performance from the standard 220-hp MerCruiser 4.3L Alpha One and to remain on plane at relatively low rpms for watersports. Currently the boat has an MSRP as low as $31,999 with the tested engine and drive. See the video...

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Test Video

Volvo Penta "Sportfish Mode":
The IPS1200 Makes a Big Boat Dance

Volvo Penta IPS1200
Because the IPS pods are pointed outward on a diagonal angle in "Sportfish Mode" they react forcefully and quickly to the skipper's commands when chasing a rambunctious game fish.

Big convertibles can be clumsy when it comes to the most important task they are called upon to perform: backing down with alacrity on a prize-winning game fish. Little wonder, since battlewagons the size of the Spencer 70 we tested displace 83,000 lbs. (37,727 kgs.) or more. Imagine trying to move that bulk port and starboard to match the dance of a darting billfish with his adrenaline pumping. But that's exactly what Volvo Penta's "Sportfish Mode" on its IPS1200 system does. Because the IPS pods can quickly direct thrust to follow the fish, anglers have a much better chance to bring a trophy catch to wire. Standard inboard-powered convertibles simply can't match the IPS backing down performance. See it in action...

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Test Video

Yamaha 242 Limited S:
4.3 Seconds 0-to-30!

Yamaha 242 Limited S
With a time to plane of 2.6 seconds you'd better hold on when the Yamaha 242 Limited S takes off.

The Yamaha 242 Limited S is one of the hottest jet boats on the market. During our test we hit a top speed of 51.4 mph, but where she really shines is with get-up-and-go. Her time-to-plane was 2.6 seconds and 0-to-30 was 4.3 seconds. She is powered by twin 1812 cc High-Output engines connected to a 3-blade stainless steel impeller pumping water through twin 155 mm nozzles. Find out more...

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Test Video

With Volvo Penta's
"Powertrim Assistant" 
Boats Can Trim Themselves

Volvo Penta engineers make boating easy and precise with "Powertrim Assistant."

Properly trimming a boat to get the best performance is one of those things that most boaters are either good at, or not. This is one of the reasons that the team at Volvo Penta has developed the "Powertrim Assistant" feature. This feature will automatically monitor your boat's speed and drive position, then adjust the trim of your sterndrive to maximize performance. Take a close look with this short video...


Shurhold's Pro Polish 

Shurhold Products
This PWC still has a showroom luster after a week of use and several washes.

When the team at Shurhold told us that their Pro Polish was “Better than an old fashioned wax” and one of the reasons was that it is a Shurhold Pro Polish“polymer based formula with cosmetic grade ingredients,” we just had to send it to our skunk works for testing. The results: when applying we could see swirl marks and water spots disappear, and when buffed out, the resulting finish looked just as advertised - a nice deep luster with a showroom shine. But that was not enough, so after a week of use and four washings, with only drying the surface, we took a picture. We’d say this passed the test. Get complete product information here...

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Smart Boating
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Based on the feedback we’ve been getting about's Boating Course it’s clearly not only for beginners, but for veteran boaters as well. Perhaps that is why the NMMA started promoting the course after just one look. It's the most complete boating course available...period. Order here...

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