Test of Shurhold Buff Magic - 01/18/2012

The team at Shurhold recently told us they had designed and formulated their Buff Magic product with jeweler's rouge to be an effective metal polish, as well as a buffing and polishing cream. They tell us it is effective on oxidation, clear coat staining, surface rust, tarnish, and plexi-glas scratches among some of the applications. We have tested Buff Magic on boats before, so this time we wanted to notch things up a bit and conduct a challenging test, on a vehicle headlight lens.

Rescue of the Week
Seen here is the headlight lens of a 2005 minivan that has become dulled by the sandblasting effects of road debris. We have just brushed on a coat of Buff Magic in preparation for buffing out.
Rescue of the Week
Headlight lens on a 2005 minivan prior to buffing and polishing with Buff Magic. These are BoatTEST.com images taken by BoatTEST on a BoatTEST test vehicle in Oct. 2010.

We applied our Buff Magic and then used the Shurhold dual action polisher to work the product all around the headlight lens for about two minutes. We applied the Buff Magic twice, as the sandblasted effect on the lens was rather heavy. Our total time for the test from start to finish was approximately seven minutes, which we feel is a very reasonable time given the outcome.

Rescue of the Week
Here's the final result: All the scratches have disappeared, like magic. Or, like Buff Magic...

Above are the results of our Shurhold Buff Magic test on the headlight lens of our minivan. As you can clearly see, all of the scratches and sand blasting effects have been removed and the shine on the lens is truly impressive. The actual improvement is more impressive than this picture is able to show. This product left the lens clear and smooth, and we can easily see how it would do a great job on your boat surfaces. Test results: Very good results, works exactly as advertised.

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