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- Cruisers Yachts 48 Cantius
- Bayliner 180 OB
- Yamaha VXS
- Seaswirl 2105 CC
- Larson LX 850
- MerCruiser Bravo III
- Glastron DX 215 DB
- Bennington 2574 RLi
- Sea-Doo RXT-X 260
- Tahoe 215 CC OB
- Larson VEC Technology
- Trophy 2206 DC
- Axis A22
- Chris-Craft Silver Bullet
- Crownline 270 BR
- MasterCraft CSX 265 SS
- Evinrude 250 HO
- Call for Assistance
- Docking Made Simple
- Do You Have the Right Prop
- Shurhold Pro Polish
- Boating Course Now on DVD
- Picture of the Week
- Four Winns H210
- Angler Loses $1.4 Million
- Docking Made Simple
- Hydra-Sports News
- Readers Boat Buying Questions
- Arrest of the Week
- British Dog Swims w/ Dolphin
- Engine Buying Tips
- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson
- Ducky Award Winner
- What's Going On Here

The New Cruisers Yachts
48 Cantius:
Rough Water Is Her Game!

Cruisers Yachts Cantius 48
Video of the new 48 Cantius Sports Coupe shows she takes on the big seas almost as easy as calm waters.

On a gray, overcast day last month while storms were marching through Minnesota and Wisconsin we tested Cruisers Yachts' new 48 Cantius in Green Bay, an arm of Lake Michigan. It was far too rough to get fair performance numbers and very difficult even to get video steady enough to watch. But what we did get was a good feel for how hull #1 of this 48-foot boat handled herself in snotty conditions. In the process we also gained new respect for some of the advantages of Volvo Penta IPS pod drives and what they can do that those little appendages called rudders cannot.  If you can't make it to the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show (which starts tomorrow) then tune into our newest video shot aboard her.  Strap yourself in here...

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New Boat

Bayliner 180 OB:
Viva la Simple Life

Bayliner 180 OB
When it’s time for a less complicated pace, you can’t beat the Bayliner 180 OB.

Boating is supposed to be a fun pastime, so when your ship finally comes in, you may not be the type of person who wants the challenges of a large, complicated boat while you’re trying to unwind. Sometimes, “keep it simple stupid” (KISS) is a much better mantra for some people when getting on the water – and there is nothing wrong with that! Probably the best example of the simple boating lifestyle is the Bayliner 180 OB. It’s easy to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to store. About the only maintenance items you’ll need are a can of boat polish and a rag. We recently sent Capt. Steve to put the 180 OB to a full test and let us know what he thought. You can read his full report and see the test video here...

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New Test Video

New Yamaha VXS:
Performance & Test

Yamaha VXS
Not one to hold back on the throttle, our COO Christopher Hughes tests to see if the VXS is up to the acceleration challenge.

When we asked Yamaha what their criteria were when they designed the VXS they told us this: To bring to the market a high performance watercraft that was economical, no-frills, but powerful and fun.  With this in mind we set out to test the new VXS and see how they did. With an MSRP of $10,899 it is priced well under many other PWCs and includes a 1812CC four-stroke, four-cylinder marine engine in a nimble lightweight package. Climb aboard with us as we take the VXS out for a test ride...

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New Test Video

New Seaswirl 2105 CC:
For Both Family and Friends

Seaswirl 2105 CC
The Striper 2105 CC has an LOA of 21'6”, a beam of 8'6", and a draft of 13”. With a 105 gallon fuel capacity, we had a range of 434 miles at a best cruise speed of 23.7 mph.

Striper made the 2105 CC as an offshore fishing boat that’s also designed to keep the family happy. We’re not sure what it takes to make a center console family friendly, but it probably starts and ends with a head in the console and bow cushions. There really isn’t much more that can be done with a center console. As for the fishermen, that’s another story. For them, we found the 2105 CC to be a virtual blank canvas, waiting to be painted with the options that are specific to the mission intended, whether it is trolling, casting, jigging, or any combination. For those folks, the message is clear. The 2105 CC is ready to deliver. But all that is just talk if the boat doesn’t handle well, so to make that determination, we put it through a full test. See the video...

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New Test Video

New Larson LX 850:
52.7 MPH with a 4.3L MPI

Larson LX 850
Larson’s new launch, the LX 850 has an LOA of 18’5” (5.6 m), a beam of 7'8" (2.64 m) and a draft of 31” (78.7 cm). With a black hull this boat looks mean.

There’s not a lot that you can do with the layout of a bowrider. At least that’s what we thought until we saw the Larson LX 850. By adding in some clever features to an otherwise normal layout, Larson created a bowrider that had us taking a second look. Combined with her good looks, great handling, and WOT speed, this is a boat that deserves a much closer inspection. And what better way to do that than to put her through a full test.  The test video is ready to roll...

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The Lower Unit

MerCruiser Bravo III Outdrive: 
Beef, Thrust, and Corrosion Resistant

MerCruiser Bravo III
The Bravo III will steer you straight at low speeds and max your thrust at high speeds.  It is designed for MerCruiser engines from the 4.3L TKS to the 496 MAG H.O.

Counter-rotating props are only the beginning of the story of MerCruiser’s highly successful Bravo III drive. This ruggedly constructed lower unit is designed to harness up to 525 horses and keep on ticking through rough, high-speed offshore abuse. It also has a 3-year limited corrosion warranty.  See Capt. Smith’s video review...

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New Test

Glastron DX 215 Deckboat:
An Affordable Watersports Platform

Glastron DX 215 DB
The Glastron DX 215 DB has an LOA of 20'11”, and a beam of 8'6" (2.6 m). Those dimensions give her a capacity of 10 persons, which can make for an interesting time on the water

Glastron’s DX 215 is another deckboat that’s designed to take the qualities of a pontoon boat and match them to a sport monohull. This means that now you can take your friends (probably all of them) on the water in style. But Glastron is also known for keeping the prices of their boats at a reasonable level. We’re wondering if that means that they’ve compromised on a few key ingredients in the build, layout and equipment. To find out, we did a full performance evaluation and walkthrough to see if the DX 215 is a good deal, or a good deal less.  Take a look at our full test video and read the full captain’s report to see what we found.

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Pontoon Boats

Bennington 2574 RLi:
Waterfront Luxury for a Toon

Bennington 2574 RLi
The Bennington’s “R” series of pontoon boats brings luxury to the lake, and more people to your party.

The 2574 RLi is part of the luxury line-up that Bennington offers. With four entry points, plush seating, and a raised helm, this is not only a comfortable boat, but the possibilities for customizing her to fit your needs are vast. A long list of options ranging from simple decking and stereo decisions leads into the more versatile amenities such as chaise lounges, galley choices, storage, and entertainment centers. The result is a pontoon boat that has been adapted and built to your specifications and needs, rather than having you adapt to the boat. With that said, it all starts with the boat. Today, we take you on a video tour of the 2574 RLi. What you add is up to you...

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Sea-Doo RXT-X 260:
Bringing Muscle to the Water

Sea-Doo RXT-X 260
If you’re looking for a docile and placid watercraft, then you’re looking in the wrong place.  Only manly men and the women who love them need apply.

Muscle cars have their place in the world, and so do muscle-bound watercraft. The Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 is, quite simply, a power shot of adrenaline that’s sure to get your heart pounding. With its proprietary features like intelligent brake and reverse, X-Steering, and iControl, your need for speed will be met with confidence in her controllability. Check out this video here...

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New Boat

New Tahoe 215 CC OB:
The World's First Center Console Deckboat!

Beautiful scenery, a quiet lake, a happy family enjoying time together: The Tahoe 215 CC OB is a family boat that's also set up for fishing or waterskiing. Its center console creates added room, fewer obstructions vs. a same-size twin-console deckboat.

We like innovation and out of the box design thinking.  Well, here it is, folks: The world's first fish & ski deckboat with center console, outboard and livewell.  The Tahoe 215 CC OB is designed for a family whose boating spans the gamut of activities, and whose adventures unfold on fairly sheltered waters. The 215 CC OB is a floating multi-tool vessel, combining the qualities and equipment of a bass boat – pedestal seats, rod holders, livewell and tackle trays -- with those of a typical deckboat – ski stowage, removable tow pylon, lots of seating, boarding ladders fore and aft.   The MSRP with a 150-hp Mercury OptiMax is $29,995. For more on this multi-purpose deckboat (or is it a fishing boat?)...

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Larson Uses VEC Technology
To Increase Precision Building

Larson VEC Technology
Here you can see one of the VEC cells ready to close and start the injection process. High pressure, heat and precision-made steel molds produce incredibly strong fiberglass hulls.

Larson Boats uses the most state-of-the-art hull manufacturing process on the planet.  It is called VEC, and it goes way beyond the vacumm resin-infusion process used by many builders of large boats.  We visited the Larson factory, where the company has built over 85,000 boats using VEC Technology, to see the process in action. One of the first things we learned was that this process is continually evolving, which is having a positive impact on the boaters who are buying them. More...

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Trophy 2206 DC:
A Family Bowrider/Fishboat

Trophy 2206 DC
We think the Trophy 2206 DC is a boat for the times.

There is probably no boat type that is more versatile or more at home in any boating setting than a dual console fishing boat. The salty anglers will accept you, and the sportboat crowd will wonder what you know that they don’t.  Trophy has the philosophy of giving lots of value and utility for the buck.  And, they are rugged.  When we were in Alaska and British Columbia this summer we saw dozens of them.  It seems to us that the 2206 DC does an excellent job of being a successful crossover between family bowrider and basic fishing platform – all at an affordable price! The Trophy 2206 DC does not have all of the esoteric gadgets and gilhickies of flat-out fishing machines, but she doesn’t have the price tag either. In fact, her MSRP with a 200-hp Mercury Optimax engine is just $43,540. Capt. Steve steps aboard and shows us what you get for your money...

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New Boat

The New Axis A22:
Wakeboat for the Times

Axis A22
The Axis A22 is an affordable wakeboat from a new company spun off from longtime wakeboat builder, Malibu.

For too long, ski and wakeboat builders have clung to the notion that their boats can be expensive, and enough people will pay the price to make it a good business. Indeed, for decades, ten to twelve thousand people a year paid a hefty premium to own an inboard-powered, specially designed and superbly built skiboat from one of five or six builders in class. Well, the folks at Malibu, a longtime builder of performance ski and wakeboats, have introduced a price-point wakeboat that is not only affordable, but capable of holding her own in the competitive wakeboat realm. The result is an entirely new company called Axis Wake Research, and its first launch was the Axis A22. She is not a dual-purpose boat, but a wake-only tow boat. Capt. Steve gives a tour...

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Second Look

Chris-Craft Silver Bullet:
Coolest 20-Footer on the Lake

Chris-Craft Silver Bullet
In our opinion, the Chris-Craft 20' Silver Bullet is a work of art.

Only 150 of these special, silver 20’ runabouts will be built, say the folks in Sarasota. The MSRP price tag is $75,688, base, with a 270-hp stern drive engine.  She’s just for a select few – people who are not only connoisseurs of classic runabouts and can appreciate the painstaking coachwork that has gone into this sculpture on water, but also people who can afford to put their artwork in the water and not worry if it gets wet.  The 20’ Chris-Craft Silver Bullet is a special boat for special places, owned by special people. To find out more about this Limited Edition boat, and if you qualify...

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Video Review

New Crownline 270 BR:
Design Flare and Utility

Crownline 270 BR
Join Capt. Steve as he takes a look at the new Crownline 270 BR which has a lot of utility at a reasonable price.

If you have been wondering about Crownline Boats, which is under new ownership -- it still has its long-time management team and it is doing fine, given the times. In late summer the new company launched its 1,000th boat since its start-up in the fall of 2009, from its Frankfort, Illinois plant.  Frankfort is a small town that relies heavily on the fortunes of Crownline so the building of its boats is very much a community affair. The company plans on introducing four new boats before the end of the year.  Crownline’s 270 BR is designed to hold a lot of people.  Its walk-through to the bow is as large as we’ve seen on any bowrider. The boat is suitable for skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding, or just hanging out and swimming. With a 300-hp 350 Mag single engine the boat has an MSRP in the low $80s. Capt. Steve takes us on a video tour...  

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Second Look

MasterCraft CSX 265 SS:
A New Category of Boat

MasterCraft CSX 265 SS
There is nothing on the water quite like the MasterCraft CSX 265 SS. It is a pickle-fork, inboard, center console sportboat with the room of a deckboat and the breeding of a skiboat. Hats off to MasterCraft.

Introduced several years ago with much fanfare, somehow the MasterCraft CSX models -- which stands for “Cross Sport Xtreme” – have gotten lost in the last year or so with the general turmoil caused by the Great Recession in the industry.  The introduction of the CSX concept was a bold stroke in an industry not known for startling innovation. By taking the best elements from a number of different and popular categories of boats, MasterCraft created what is – to our mind – a completely new species of boat. It is one designed for the new generation of young people – people who want to stay physically fit, are not bound by the pigeon-holing constraints of their parents in any one sport, and who want to enjoy it all. By keying on the three healthiest aspects of boating – fishing, wakeboarding and scuba diving – the CSX could appeal to families who boat as a lifestyle rather than a hobby.  To illustrate what we mean, Capt. John takes us on a video tour -- Read Capt. John Wenz’s full captain’s report and boat test --

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Engine Test

We Test the Evinrude
E-TEC 250 H.O. 2-Stroke Outboard

Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.O.
We tested the Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.O. on an Action Marine 23 offshore and we were impressed by the performance numbers we got.

The Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.O. got its H.O. designation for being "high output." We thought that may have been just talk, but our tests show differently: the 'Rude 250 H.O. definitely walks the talk. We ran it on the back of an Action Marine 23 Offshore, and we were impressed during the test. This is one engine you need to check out. Full report with a fill-in on what "H.O." brings to the party...

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What Happens After You Call For 
Assistance On the Water

Sea Tow
We all know that Sea Tow offers memberships for their services, but the question is...are they worth it?

It’s a beautiful sunny day, and it’s finally a time when you don’t have to be on call for work, the family is together, and it’s stopped raining for a change. Looks like it’s time to dust off the boat keys and get on the water. But after only an hour run from the dock, suddenly... nothing but the sounds of silence from your engine. Time to call for an assist. Now here’s the question. What’s the difference between calling as a member and as a non-member of Sea Tow? It’s easy just to say “duh, the price,”, but there’s a little more to it than that, and it may make you think again on whether the price of the membership is actually worth it. Let’s take a look and do a little comparison shopping. More...

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Boat Handling

Single-Engine Docking Made Simple

Bayliner 285 Docking
Our test video of the Bayliner 285 single sterndrive shows how easy single-engine docking can be with a little practice.

One of the most popular test videos we have broadcast over the last few months is the one of Capt. Steve demonstrating how easy it was for him to dock the single-engine Bayliner 285. Reader mail has asked that we show it again, so here it is. Just after Capt. Steve made this video he called the BoatTEST.com headquarters in Stamford, CT, to say that this boat was so easy to handle at the dock he could "make it deal cards." We didn't quite know what he meant until we saw the video. If you've ever wondered what that is like, take five...

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Prop Basics

Do Your Props Have the Right Cup, Rake, Slip, Pitch & Hub?

Props, props, everywhere... but which one is right?

The more we research some subjects the more we discover that some of the assumptions we have operated on for years are not correct. There is probably no field in the boating world that is more of a black art, or where there is more misinformation, than in re-propping. But getting the right prop is not really a matter of Voodoo. It's more a matter of finding out there is a prop problem in the first place, then finding an expert you can trust who can recommend what you need. We hit the important basics and examine some alternatives in this short report on prop basics. Cut to the chase...

Fill out this simple worksheet to find out what prop is right for you...


Pro Polish from Shurhold

This PWC still has a showroom luster after a week of use and several washes; all we did was towel dry.

When the team at Shurhold told us that their Pro Polish was “Better than an old fashioned wax” and one of the reasons was that it was a Shurhold Pro Polish“polymer based formula with cosmetic grade ingredients,” we just had to send it to our skunk works for testing. The results: when applying you could see swirl marks and water spots disappear, and when buffed off, the resulting finish looked just as advertised, a nice deep luster with a showroom shine. But that was not enough, so after a week of use and four washings, with only drying the surface, we took a picture. We’d say this passed the test. Get complete product information here...

Use Coupon Code # btp and receive 10% off when you order Pro Polish.

Special 20% Discount

BoatTEST.com's Smart Boating DVD Course Makes a Perfect Holiday Gift!

Smart Boating
From now until Christmas you can order the 4-DVD set of BoatTEST.com's Smart Boating Course for 20% off its regular price.

For much of the world December is the season for gift giving, so BoatTEST.com is offering you a 20% discount on our acclaimed boat handling, piloting and seamanship course that comes on 4 DVDs. Approved by the USCG and recommended by the NMMA, BoatTEST.com's Smart Boating Course narrated by Capt. Steve regularly sells for $79.95 plus P&H. Now you can order it for just $63.95 plus P&H -- a $16 discount!

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS -- Order now to be sure your copy arrives in time for the holiday season. (Tempus Fugit!)

Order here...

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Only In Dreams

Picture of the Week

Picture of the Week
To find out where these three men are cruising and the month of the year, break the ice...

Each week we receive photos of our members enjoying their boats all over the world -- from the Kimberley on Australia's remote and rugged northwest coast to Uganda's Lake Victoria. Our readers love seeing them all, in the process discovering not only new places, but also boat builders they (and we) have never heard of. This week we received some pictures from a BoatTEST.com member about as far removed from the normal boating scene as one can get. Clue: they have one of the shortest boating seasons on planet Earth.  To find out where and when...

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Reader Mail

"Why I Bought A
Four Winns H210"

Four Winns H210
BoatTEST.com captain Rob Smith's video report on the Four Winns H210 helped consumers focus on this model and brand.

Each week we receive mail from our members from around the world telling us about the new and used boats they have just bought. We appreciate these letters as they help us keep our finger on the pulse of actual boat buyers so that we can anticipate changes in consumer sentiment. Last week we received a particularly informative letter from a member who had replaced his old 21' bowrider with a brand new 21' bowrider of a different brand. This is a bit unusual because boaters usually move up or down in size when buying a new boat -- but Scott Lenzmeier and his family decided for them it was better to upgrade the quality, power, utility and functionality of a 21' boat rather than go up in size. Find out their reasons...

Fishing News

Angler Loses $1.4 Million By 9 Minutes!

800-pound Marlin
That's an 800 lb. (363 kg.) marlin hanging up at the Cabo San Lucas weigh-in. Look closely and you'll see a couple of people are not smiling. Angler Carl Riley is in back at left in a black shirt.

It took only one day -- including nine minutes of sheer angst -- for the world's richest marlin-fishing competition to produce Hollywood-style drama and extreme disappointment. Eight large marlin were weighed last Wednesday, for considerable riches, during the first day of the three-day Bisbee's Black & Blue jackpot tournament off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The big one didn't get away, but the prize money did.  At the end of the three-day tournament "C-Bandit" was the top prize winner, pocketing $614,613 for a 549 lb. (249.5 kg.) black marlin.  The team aboard "Dream Weaver" won a total of $440,238 and caught a 484-lb. (220 kg) black marlin.  Catch this... 

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Industry News

Hydra-Sports Production Begins at MasterCraft Plant

Hydra-Sports News
There are 16 models in the Hydra-Sports line ranging from 18 to 42 feet -- one of the most extensive line of offshore fishing boats made in the world.

Early this year MasterCraft purchased Hydra-Sports and it just announced that the line's transition to MasterCraft's modern building facility in Vonore, Tenn., is complete. Given the fact that Hydra-Sports has 16 boats in its product line, with scores of individual molds, that has been a tremendous accomplishment. MasterCraft is not only one of the leading ski/wake boat builders in the world, but also one of the most quality-oriented small boat builders. Company president and CEO John Dorton said, "...we have identified and implemented many improvements that strengthen both the quality and functionality our owners are looking for." The company is now in the hunt for new dealers both in the U.S. and all over the world. Read more...

Mail Bag

Readers Boat Buying Questions Answered

BoatTEST.com readers have all sorts of questions from all over the world about new boat buying. We're happy to answer them all, if we can. Just write to: info@BoatTEST.com.

Some of this week's questions were --

Bass boats for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico?

From a pontoon to a Bryant sportboat, info please.

Which open fishing boat for Caribbean waters?

Why so many videos on new Doral boats?

To see our answers to these reader letters...

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Arrest of the Week

2 Boat Brokers
Jailed in Florida

Arrest of the Week
Once the stolen boats were shrink wrapped, they were hard for authorities to find.

Since boat sales are booming in Australia, why not sell American boats there? And, hey, if the boats are stolen, they can be sold cheap to the Aussies, rendering a high margin for the perps, and it's a win-win for everyone, right? Maybe not. Mark A. Conner and Lawrence P. Plumstead might be reconsidering their international boat sales scheme after being arrested last week. Conner is said to be the owner of Suncoast Marine at 8290 Bay Pines Blvd., St. Petersburg, FL., which on his website in the "Boats for Sale" section promotes "24 Hour Video Surveillance," and brags about "advertising worldwide!" Read more...

Noble News

Trusty British Dog Swims With Friendly Dolphin

Dog and Dolphin
Man's best friend on land swims with man's best friend in the sea.

Our old friend and long-time BoatTEST.com member Bill Noble has gotten back home from a long summer of cruising his 42' Downeaster in New England and has sent a lovely video to us to share with the rest of our members. The video records an everyday occurrence that evidently takes place near a hotel in the U.K. Mr. Noble has edited out any commercial reference to the hostelry, so we can't tell you where to see this match-up in person. Perhaps some of our U.K. readers will let us know. We used to pay Noble an honorarium in Coors Light for published submissions, but that will have to wait until we find out where this watery spectacle takes place. Watch the video...

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Boat Buying

Engine Buying Tips:
Match the Horsepower to the Mission

Engine Buying TipsEngine Buying Tips
Do you want to go 75 mph or 7 knots? The speed of your boat is one of its most important attributes. Make a mistake and it will cost you dearly.

The engine is the most important and most costly component in your boat. To a large extent, as the engine goes, so goes your boating experience. Making a mistake on your powering package -- either under-powering or over-powering -- can be costly. Here we present Installment #7 from Martha Comfort’s Boat-Buying Handbook.  This week we cover RIBs, aluminum boats, bass boats, bay boats, sportboats, ski-wake boats, center console boats, and pontoon boats.  Get in gear here...

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Lesson of the Week

Distress Signal Requirements

Lesson of the WeekSmart Boating Cover
Flares are a sure indication to other boaters that something is wrong. You are required by the Coast Guard to have both day flares and night flares aboard.

This week we’ll go over seven lessons and guidelines on distress signal requirements. If your boat doesn’t have a built-in horn make sure you have a handheld air horn. You are required to carry a sound device such as a horn or whistle, at all times. Boaters are required to have a minimum of three day flares, which emit an orange smoke, and a minimum of three night flares, which emit a red light. These flares need to be Coast Guard approved and readily accessible, and like any other device aboard they must be inspected to make sure the expiration date is still valid. Even if you have flares aboard, but they are expired, you will be in violation of Coast Guard requirements. Capt. Steve will also go over what vessels are not required to carry any day signals. These are basic procedures which all recreational boaters should be aware of. The videos presented this week are part of BoatTEST.com’s Smart Boating Course which is USCG-approved. Watch these video boating lessons every week on BoatTEST.com.

To view this week’s lessons --

To view past lessons --

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Ducky Winner

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