New Renegade 2740 from Glacier Bay - 09/08/2010

There is nothing quite so exciting to us as a new boat design. Think of the possibilities? As you read this, the folks at Glacier Bay in Tarboro, North Carolina are building hull #1 of the new Glacier Bay 2740 DC which is scheduled to be in the water in September and ready for the fall boat shows. This is our sneak peek at what looks to be a versatile offshore fishing platform. But because she draws only 18" she can work bays and the flats just as well. She is designed for twin 150-hp 4-stroke engines which should give her good range.

Glacier Bay catamarans have always been known for their pleasing lines and their rugged offshore capabilities. The new 2740 DC has been designed for serious work.

Glacier Bay first came to our notice years ago when we watched one coming into Stamford Harbor early every morning and leaving at 5 pm every afternoon like clockwork. It turned out to be owned by a man on Long Island who commuted to work across Long Island Sound every day -- summer and winter -- to Stamford, CT. Northeasterly winds with an out-going tide can kick up short, very steep seas in the middle of the Sound and it usually snows and howls in the winter. But every day, no matter what, the little Glacier Bay (with cruising canvas) could be seen roaring into the harbor on a schedule that would make the New Haven RR proud.

The Glacier Bay 2740 DC is divided into three sections: bow area for sitting and casting, the bridge deck for steering, sitting, entertaining, etc., and the 35-sq. ft. cockpit that is the venue for angling and other watersports.

Beam Matters

This little story illustrates a compelling aspect about Glacier Bay cats -- while they are intended for offshore fishing, people use them for all sorts of other things as well. Because they are such stable platforms, they are usually more sea-kindly than more narrow monohulls. And because of their beam (8'9"/2.69 m in the case of the 2740), there is lots of room for a number of anglers to easily move around the boat without getting in each other's way.

The new Glacier Bay 2740 DC is a variation on a previous Glacier Bay model, but this boat has been made sleeker and all of its seats in the cockpit have been designed ergonomically correct. For example, the two seats in the bow can easily hold four large adults. The "L"-shaped lounge on the bridge deck again seats four adults. And there are optional dual, flush-mounted fold-away seats available for the cockpit.

To us, the new Glacier Bay 2740 DC looks ready for serious business.


On the port side, abaft the "L"-shaped seat is a standard wet bar with room for an optional grill and refer. There is 35 sq. ft. of cockpit space. Tall men will be glad to hear that there is full-standing headroom in the head which has been installed in the portside console. This design makes good use of the twin hulls of the cat to create the headroom off to the side, something that couldn't be done in a center console.

We have always liked the stern boarding platform between the two widely-spaced outboards on the transom. In Europe this platform acts as a passarelle for stern-to mooring. There are integrated handrails on the platform, a ladder, and a freshwater shower nearby. The wide stance of the outboards makes docking a snap.

From a fishing amenity standpoint, the new 2740 DC has a 10 gallon live well outboard and several large fish boxes scattered around the boat, some of which can double as an ice chest. Forward on the starboard side there is a large storage compartment. The wet bar area has three large storage drawers for tackle and other gear.

This perspective drawing shows the wet bar/bait prep station, and the access hatch to the stand-up head in the port side console.

At the Helm of the 2740

The helm console has room for a 12'' screen or two 8" screens. The skipper's seat has a bolster. Pantograph-style, heavy-duty windshield wipers with rinse are optional and we recommend them. Also optional is a fiberglass top, which we also recommend not only for safe sun, but also because it allows you to install cruising canvas with isinglass which adds greatly to the comfort and utility of the boat, for not much more money.

On the other hand, if you are planning on fishing the boat short-handed, perhaps you will want the ability to get all over the boat to fight a fish. In that case you not want the optional hardtop. With the walk-through windshield open you ought to be able to follow a freedom-loving fish from one end of the boat to the other without any trouble.

Other items that are on the option list which we would select include a removable bow/stern table, the Lewmar anchor windlass, and the 30-gallon re-circulating, insulated, lighted livewell with clear plastic lid. Glacier Bay will rig the boat for Honda, Suzuki or Yamaha 4-stroke engines and the maximum hp are twin 150s.

As seen from the port quarter, the helm station appears to be high with good visibility. Could the instrument panel be a little too high?

Go for the Canyons

The folks at Glacier Bay tell us that with the twin 90-gallon fuel tanks the boat should have a range at best cruise of about 372 miles with a 10% fuel capacity reserve. This figure is based on a 2.3 mpg figure that the company has recorded on similar boats with twin 150 4-strokes. This means that no matter where you are living along the U.S. eastern seaboard, you can get out to the canyons and back on a load of fuel. It also means that you can scoot through the Bahamas from top to bottom, with just one refueling stop.

We look forward to testing the new Glacier Bay 2740 DC in the fall. Stay tuned.