Doral 32, Formula 34, Steel 63, Joystick News - 07/29/2010
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10th year anniversary
- Whitehawk Sailboat
- Formula 34 PC
- Doral Prestancia
- Volvo Penta Sterndrive Joystick
- Pursuit OS 375
- Sea Spirit Passagemaker 60
- Beneteau Monte Carlo 47
- Seakeeper 7000 Gyro
- Azimut 88 Flybridge
- Greenline 33
- Maritimo C47 Sports Cabriolet
- Yanmar 6LPA
- Prestige 46
- VDH Steelyachts Superior 2000
- Larson Cabrio 370
- Wider Yachts 40
- Boating Course Now on DVD
- Shurhold Dual Action Polisher
- How to Plug a Tuna
- Sea Tow Safety Tip
- Boater Guilty of Killing Three
- Azimuts to be Built in Brazil
- Fountain 42 Lightning
- Concept Yacht - $24 Million
- Picture of the Week
- How to Extinguish a Boat Fire
- BoatTEST News
- Capt. Steve's Weekly Lesson
- Ducky Award Winner

How A Traditional Yacht
Looks On The Inside

If you ever wanted to know what a real yacht's saloon looks like, this is it. The 105' (32 m) ketch Whitehawk has just undergone a major re-fit and is once again plying the waters of New England.

Forgive us, kind readers, for we have sinned. We spent last weekend on a sailboat. The prospect of 104-degree temperatures in homeport Stamford, CT last weekend caused a friend to take pity and a long weekend sail out of Newport, RI was proffered on the 105' (32 m) ketch Whitehawk. As you can see, that was an invitation not to be refused, and the experience got us to thinking about the state of large motoryacht interiors these days. Yes, we know that wood in the interior can be heavy, is expensive to fabricate, and requires a little more care than fiberglass, but it pays dividends in ambiance and the quality of life. And these days handsome wood veneers with foam cores can make heavy-looking joiner work light as a feather. Some new teak vinyls are hard to tell from the real thing and only require a damp cloth to keep looking new.

Whitehawk has a cold-molded wood hull, but it could have just as easily have been a one-off fiberglass hull. Her interior is not 100% varnished wood, of course, and most of the bulkheads are faced with a cream-colored wallboard material that works because of the varnished teak trim that accents and surrounds it. All of this is just food for thought the next time you think about updating your motoryacht: a pleasing way to go might be retro. And just because this is a sailboat, it doesn't mean that there are not a lot of good ideas aboard that can be used on motoryachts as well. Let's take a look...

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New Test

The Latest Formula 34 PC:
A Nimble, Comfortable Cruiser

Formula 34 PC
We find that the Formula 34 PC comes nicely equipped with features usually reserved for larger boats.  See how fast she goes with twin 496 MAGs.

We’ve come to expect a lot of Formula. They have a reputation for building upscale boats that cost more, but you get more for those extra dollars, too. And, let’s face it, if everyone built boats with the same laundry-list of features, most people couldn't afford the boats. So when it comes to Formula, consumers expect more. The good news is that Formula delivers on those expectations. As her name implies, she goes fast, but more important this boat can be a comfortable cruiser. Just what sort of items is Formula splurging your hard earned cash on? Good question. See the new test video...

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Boat Test

Doral 32' Prestancia:
Romance on the Water

Doral Prestancia
There is more to the 32' (9.8 m) Doral Prestancia than beautiful lines. Powered by twin Volvo Penta 320-hp 5.7 GXi engines she has a WOT of 47.7 mph.

Doral has been in business for over 30 years and has created perhaps the most elegantly styled Euro designs to North America. Doral is a small builder in Quebec, Canada that brings a much-needed French flair to what is otherwise fairly predictable express cruisers in the 27' to 33' range. The company also builds boats on a par with top-tier builders such as Formula, Cobalt and others. But when it comes to style, innovation and a bit of romance, Doral leaves virtually every North American builder in its wake, as far as we're concerned. And, the Prestancia (which is 27' 9''/8.5 m on deck) is more than a pretty face as her test numbers will prove. Take a look as we carefully go over this boat...

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Engine News

Volvo Penta Sterndrive Joystick:
State-Of-The-Art Control

Volvo Penta Sterndrive Joystick
The Sterndrive Joystick system from Volvo Penta brings the ease of joystick control to smaller sterndrive powered boats.

One of the biggest leaps forward for boaters of all experience levels has been the ability to control a boat with a joystick. Not only has it added safety and convenience to our operations, but it also represents a giant boost to our confidence levels. You know how it feels when you approach the dock in a stiff crosswind and everyone is watching? Not a problem anymore. But is the system itself complicated? Is it reliable? To answer these questions and more, let’s step aboard the test boat and take a look at the components of the Volvo Penta Sterndrive Joystick. More...

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Pursuit OS 375:
Fancy Offshore Fishboat

Pursuit OS 375
The OS 375 is the biggest Pursuit in a product line that starts at 23 feet and includes both offshore and center console configurations.

When serious fishermen with an eye for quality go boat shopping, they only have a few names on their list and Pursuit is one of them. The company is a division of S2 Yachts, Inc., builder of Tiaras, and the Pursuit folks embrace the same manufacturing philosophy: For more than 50 years, three generations of the Slikkers family, owners of S2, have set an unsurpassed standard of quality and integrity in marine design and manufacturing. Word on the docks is, you can't go wrong with either a Tiara or Pursuit -- but if you want to fish -- if you have to fish, like you have to eat or sleep -- you'll choose the latter. (Tiaras are more popular among cruising folks, or those for whom angling is just a casual pastime.) To learn more...

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60' Sea Spirit Passagemaker:
Designed by S&S for Long Range

Sea Spirit Passagemaker 60
The 60' Sea Spirit Passagemaker is powered by a single 340-hp Lugger and is built in China in the Pearl River delta area. Note the bulbous bow which is supposed to be worth 5% of added speed.

From the looks of things double-enders are having a resurgence of interest with offshore long range cruising folks. With everyone from Ted Hood to Azimut offering canoe-stern designs maybe there is a trend here. They remind us of the old Wittholz double-enders popularized by Cheoy Lee 30 years ago or more. S&S has drawn a whole line of them from 51' to 88' but only the 60-footer has been built so far. A number of them are now cruising around North America. This fiberglass boat has two or three staterooms and is lavishly finished in teak in a traditional style that cruising yachtsmen like. Learn the back story and see our video look at the 60' Sea Spirit...

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New Boat

Beneteau Monte Carlo 47:
This French Lady Wears Two Hats

Beneteau Monte Carlo 47
You can order your new Beneteau Monte Carlo 47 in the sexy hardtop version...or with a flying bridge.

In 1884, a French naval architect named Benjamin Beneteau built his first boat, a sailing trawler for sardine fishing. Since then, the company he founded has built and sold tens of thousands of commercial boats and yachts, both sail and power. None has been sleeker or sexier than the new Monte Carlo 47. Available in two versions – with or without a chapeau (flying bridge) -- the Monte Carlo features a large cockpit, three cabins, tasteful interior design and 21st-century IPS drives. Built in France to CE Category B standards, the Monte Carlo 47 should be ideal for stylish cruising on either side of the Atlantic. Or anywhere else, for that matter. For more info...

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Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer:
BoatTEST Records 49% Reduction in Roll

Seakeeper 7000 Gyro 1 Seakeeper 7000 Gyro 2 Seakeeper 7000 Gyro 3
With the gyro off the boat rolled 12.25 degrees in waves made by a sister boat. With the Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer on the boat rolled 5.75 degrees or 53% less. The average reduction in roll over the two tests was 49% with the stabilizer on.

Since external hydraulic stabilizers create drag costing boat speed, and flopper stoppers require cumbersome rigging and paravanes, the Holy Grail of stabilization has always been internal. In a test conducted on Baltimore Harbor by the amazing thing was not that the Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer reduced roll 49%, but that it reduced it at all! Seakeeper engineers say that their unit will reduce roll 70% to 90% under many conditions, so they were unimpressed by our test results. Under different conditions, we don't doubt that the Seakeeper system could have an affect of that magnitude. During our tests we were purposely trying to create as much roll as possible to test the limits of the stabilizing effect. We were amazed. Perhaps most importantly, at anchor or at a dock the Seakeeper will work wonders when conventional external systems will not work at all because the boat must be moving for them to operate effectively. Seeing is believing. Take a look...

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Azimut 88 Flybridge:
Mini-Megayacht With Style

Azimut 88 Flybridge
You’re not in Nantucket anymore: The Azimut 88 Flybridge epitomizes Italian style, and nobody does it better than the folks from Viareggio. With twin 1825-hp Caterpillar diesels, the yacht cruises at 27 knots, according to the builder; top speed is 30.

Let’s say you’ve come into a little money – about $6 million or so – and you want to buy a yacht. With that kind of cash you can shop in the mini-megayacht range, between 80 and 90 feet. But there’s another thing: You don’t want one that looks like all the other $6 million yachts berthed in Palm Beach, or Marina Del Rey, or Harbour Island, or the Riviera or wherever you plan to cruise. And yachts this size aren’t uncommon today, not like 20 years ago when a 90-footer stood out almost anywhere. Nowadays it takes something special to make a splash, something like the Azimut 88 Flybridge. Tipping the financial scales at 4,900,000 Euros (about $6,200,000 at press time), the Azimut 88 is a nice example of a mini-megayacht that won’t melt into the crowd. Let's take a look...

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Hybrid News

New Greenline Hybrid 33:
Slovenia Leads the Way to Green!

Greenline 33
Even without its innovative propulsion system, the retro-styled Greenline Hybrid 33 is a cool-looking boat. It reminds us of classic cruisers from the 1930s and 40s – not that we’re quite that old.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, or that the world’s oil supply is running low, or that we all descend from aliens, the truth is simple: Fuel is getting very expensive, no matter what the cause. And powerboats burn a lot of it. It’s bad enough in the U.S., but even worse in Europe, where gasoline costs almost as much as single-malt scotch, and even diesel can put a dent in your Euro-stuffed wallet. So is it any surprise that a couple of innovative designers have developed the Greenline Hybrid 33, kind of a seagoing Prius that combines batteries, solar cells and a Volkswagen diesel to create an economical cruiser? No – what’s surprising is, these guys are from Slovenia, not usually considered a boatbuilding Mecca. Jump into the future...

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New Boat

Maritimo C47 Sports Cabriolet:
IPS Winds Up Down Under

Maritimo C47
Maritimo is one of Australia’s premier boatbuilders, but until this year they had no boat available with IPS drives. Now they do: The new C47 Sports Cabriolet has a pair of IPS 600s under the cockpit. And there’s more, too.

Ever think what would happen if something punched a hole in a pod-powered boat? Maritimo founder and CEO Bill Barry-Cotter did. He reckoned that, with the weight of the engines and pods concentrated way aft, the vessel could go down like a stone, stern-first, possibly trapping crew in the forward cabins. Has this occurred to any other yacht builder? Apparently not, because Maritimo is the first builder to install positive buoyancy tanks in an IPS-powered boat’s engine room. Maybe this is the first time buoyancy tanks have been installed in any boat’s engine room. The company’s new C47 Sports Cabriolet, introduced just a couple months ago, is also the first Maritimo to run with pod power. For more on this slick new express born under the Southern Cross, hit the jump. You won’t need a PFD...

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Repower News

Yanmar 6LPA 315-hp Diesel:
Repower 28' to 35' Boats While You Can!

Yanmar 6LPA
At 899 lbs (408 kg) the Yanmar 6LPA STP2 mechanical diesel engine is about the same weight as many gas engines it will replace. It is currently one of the largest selling Yanmar diesel engines because in 2012 it turns into an EPA pumpkin (but is grandfathered). Get it while you still can!

Why pay retail for a new boat when you can repower and turn an old boat into a thing of beauty for an affordable cost? We're talking about twin engine gas-powered all-fiberglass boats built in the late 1970s or early '80s from 28' to 35' (8 to 11 m). These old boats include good brands that were built right, but have oxidized gel coat, old gas engines, and ratty upholstery. When repowered with diesel engines, re-painted with Algrip and refurbished inside, you should be able to end up with a boat that looks almost new for under 35% of a new boat price. For example, you should be able to pick up a 1981 gas-powered Bertram 33 for around $50k. With new Yanmar 6LPA twin diesels (about $80k with tranny, installed), a new, professional Algrip job ($6-$9k), and refurbed interior and equipment ($15k -$35k) -- you'll have a total of about $165K in the project. Compare that to a new Something 35 for $450k to $500k.

The key to it all is to replace those old gas engines with Yanmar 6LPA mechanical diesels. Here's why: In 2012 the Yanmar 6LPA will no longer meet EPA emissions requirements and will no longer be sold. Many boaters prefer a mechanical engine over an electronically-controlled one because they think it is more reliable and is easier to work on. That means your $165k investment in a referbed boat will be protected because your boat and engine package will be more valuable to many boats when you go to resell. And the diesel brand that has made its reputation in repower is Yanmar. Learn more about the Yanmar 6LPA...

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Prestige News

Prestige 46 FB:
Elle est Formidable!

Prestige 46
If your goal is a fun day of boating, you won’t go wrong with the Prestige 46. Sunbathe, swim, eat, drink and be merry: This boat lets you do it all. But you’ll want a few options.

We think the French have the right ideas about lots of things, including how to have fun on a boat. Or maybe more accurately, how to design a boat for having fun aboard. The Prestige 46 FB is a case in point: It combines a comfortable flying bridge with a spacious salon and a nearly beach-sized cockpit and swim platform to create a floating playpen for adults. Oh, there are three cabins, too, in case you tire of the outdoors For more on this Med-style cruiser, come on in...

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Steel Built

VanDerHeijden Steelyachts Superior 2000:
Dutch Steelyachts' Fully Customizable 63

VanDerHeijden Steelyachts Superior 2000
When working with Steelyachts, be prepared to take a long hard look at the type of cruising you intend to do, as the entire layout will be built around your specific use.

If you had to design your own yacht, what would it look like? What if you were given a hull form and some sample layouts? Of course then it would be much easier to picture yourself in the boat and decide if it’s right for you or not. You would have the ability to enlarge a cabin by sacrificing the one next door, move a bulkhead to open up a room more, or even add a bulkhead to turn one cabin into two. The choice is yours on a Steelyachts, a Dutch company that has built more than 400 fully customized yachts. Come aboard and take a look at how one owner wanted his laid out and see if it gives you ideas for your next yacht... in steel!

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Larson Cabrio 370:
A Euro-Style Day Boat

Larson Cabrio 370
The Larson Cabrio 370 was one of the first express cruisers in the U.S. to be designed for European-style day cruising, instead of being a conventional fill-her-up-with bunks interior design.

The folks at Larson were among the first in North America to pick-up on the trend several years ago of people wanting a day boat rather than an overnighter. The result was the Larson Cabrio 370, one of the first large express cruisers to discard sleeping accommodations (or, at least to de-emphasize them) to create an expansive entertaining area below. The result was success from the start and the Cabrio 370 remains one of the best laid out interior plans in the 37-foot range, in our opinion, for day-time entertaining. Her 22-degree deadrise makes her about as comfortable as they come in the choppy stuff and is a reason why this freshwater company made lots of friends in saltwater locations. Let's take a look at her full test...

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Modern Marvels

Revolutionary New Italian
40' Center Cockpit Cuddy

Wider Yachts 40
The new 12 M (40') Wider yacht is a revolutionary boat that has bulwarks that turn into watersport platforms. Let the fantasies begin!

Tilli Antonelli, who founded the Pershing brand of yachts in 1985 and sold it to the Ferretti Group in 1998 and stayed on as president until last March, last week announced the launch of Wider Yachts in Milano. Firing a shot across the bow of the boating industry, Antonelli said last week, "The boating market nowadays is quite conventional and tends not to have new ideas. Sometimes it is quite difficult to recognize one brand of boat from another, especially in the open day cruiser category." See more pictures...

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NOW ON DVD! Smart Boating Course

Smart Boating on DVD
In response to customer feedback, our popular video boating course is now available in a 4-disc box set.

Rain and thunderstorms swept through most of the country last week, which kept most of us at the dock. What better way to spend your time on land than by brushing up on your boating savvy? The Smart Boating course is the perfect way to get the whole family up to the professional level of nautical-know-how right in the comfort of your living room. You can check out our sample videos every week in our “Lesson of the Week” section of this newsletter, but nothing beats getting it all at once. Order your 4 DVD Box Set today. Smart Boating... because safe boating just isn’t enough. Order your copy here...


Dual Action Polisher

Shurhold Dual Action Polisher
Capt. Steve is not holding a waffle iron. No, its a Shurhold polisher.

A few months ago, the team got a hold of the new Shurhold Dual Action Polisher and decided to put it through a test. Well since the video of that test speaks for itself, we wanted to bring you an update on what happened after the video was made. Our COO has been using this product on his boat and his cars, each and every week. The report back is that the polisher has held up just as well as any similar professional grade electric tool. After hours of use, two advantages popped out, the adjustable handle and/or side handle, and the RPM adjustment. The handle design and configuration has reduced the amount of fatigue usually experienced with a polisher. Being able to lower the RPMs to apply product to a surface and then adjust to higher RPM settings to remove, buff and polish, has not only produced a great result, but it has saved time, about 40% over a similar product, he tells us.  You be the judge, see the video...

Fishing Tip

How To
"Plug a Tuna"

Cedar Plug
While no doubt a quality producer pulled across the entire eastern seaboard and beyond, the simple cedar plug is widely considered the ugly duckling in a spread of pricey polyurethane producers (otherwise sometimes known as artificial lures). But if you remember how the classic fairy tale ends, the disliked duckling comes out on top.

From time to time we come across a little tip or trick that we think some of our readers might like to know about -- like cedar plugs.  Known for their proficiency in enticing tuna, cedar plugs are said to be practically indestructible and capable of catching just about any pelagic predator that swims. While you may have your sights set on yellowfin or blackfin, don’t rule out a battle with a dolphin, wahoo, billfish or little guys like the one seen above. At first glance you may be under the impression that the streamlined shape of a cedar plug offers relatively little action, but this can’t be any further from the truth. When trolled at speeds from 6 to 9-knots, the darting and dancing action is deadly effective. And while their irresistible action is what draws in inquisitive predators, their small stature makes them easy targets for unrelenting pelagics. While simplistic there are a few aspects in regards to rigging and running that will greatly enhance your catch ratio, as these classics are prone to pulling hooks. Jump on this bait...

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Are You Ready for Heavy Weather?

People usually get caught in heavy weather when they are not expecting it. Do you know what to do if you find yourself in it?

All boats are built for a specific range of conditions. It is important that every boat owner know the range of conditions for which his boat was designed, and the capabilities of his boat and its limitations. Secondly, all boat owners should know how to manage their boats and their crew when conditions turn challenging. Obviously, small open boats are the most vulnerable to capsize, but it can happen under certain circumstances to virtually any boat no matter how large or capable. This week we are “re-printing” an article that originally appeared in our sponsor Sea Tow’s quarterly magazine, Lifelines. It is full of sage heavy-weather boat handling advice for owners of Jon boats to large motoryachts. Batten down the hatches...

Article brought to you courtesy of Sea Tow...

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USCG Tiger Team Report

Florida DUI Boater Guilty Of Killing Three

A Destin, Florida man faces up to 45 years in prison after a drunken boat crash that left 3 people dead. FYI -- Police and prosecutors all over the U.S. are getting tough on drunk boaters.

An Okaloosa County, Florida jury found Augusta Frederick Kennedy guilty last Thursday of 3 counts of BUI (Boating Under the Influence) manslaughter. No sentencing date has been set, because he still faces 5 misdemeanor charges related to the crash. Authorities say Kennedy's blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit on September 4, 2009 when he crashed his boat into another vessel carrying 4 people, 3 of whom were killed. The three people killed were the mother, father, and aunt of the skipper of a 20' center console.

The USCG "Tiger Team" investigator, Augusto (Kiko) Villalon, made a full report of the accident for the Coast Guard's Office of Boating Safety. This report was also given to the jury which spent less than two hours coming to a guilty verdict on three counts of manslaughter. has obtained a copy of Mr. Villalon's report.

We are publishing the report in its entirety to give readers a clear idea of the responsibilities of boaters when encountering another vessel. Not only are the facts of this tragic accident sobering, but so are the Rules of the Road requirements for every boater. They are rules not to be taken lightly at any time. Enter the court room here...

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Industry News

Azimut To Begin Building in Brazil

Azimut in Brazil
The Azimut 58 Fly-Bridge will be one of the first two models the company begins building in Brazil.

At a news conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week it was announced that Italy's Azimut-Benetti Group will begin building boats in Santa Catarina, Brazil as of next month. Brazil has an extremely high import duty on new yachts making it disadvantageous to import new boats into the country. By building in Brazil, Azimut will not only make is boats available in the fastest growing large economy in South America, it will also be in a good strategic position to export to other markets in the Western Hemisphere, and beyond. More...

Certified BoatTEST Special Find

2009 Fountain
42 Lightning

Fountain 42 Lightning
Here is the actual 42 Lighning being offered at a once-in-a-lifetime price.

The team at BoatTEST is always searching for new and non-current boats which are exceedingly good values available at prices that make them a “Special Find”. We have found a boat that fits this bill at Boardwalk Marina in Stratford, CT. This Fountain 42 Lightning high-performance boat is powered by Twin 700Sci engines and comes with a long list of standards including a head-up display, engine paint package, Northstar M84, and custom paint and upholstery. If you are in the market for a boat of this type, get the full details and special price here. 

Request complete specs

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Picture of the Week

Only in Dreams?

Picture of the Week
Find out where this picture was taken and when...

See a larger picture, when and who took the picture -- and where!

Send us your favorite boating images.

When sending a photo, let us know what boat you were on, where and when the photo was taken.


With the hot weather in full swing this summer, boaters are out in force -- including the good, the bad and the ugly. The last couple of weekends staff members have seen more than a few near collisions, and our in-box is filling up quickly with accident reports from around the country. Since the careless and barely competent boaters do not read this newsletter (nor probably anything else) every responsible boater must drive defensively and keep a proper -- and constant -- lookout for graduates of the Capt. Rodney School of Seamanship.

BoatTEST News

BoatTEST Making Videos At Fastest Pace in 10 Years!

BoatTEST News

In the last 58 work days staff has produced 65 videos, setting a blistering pace of over one video per day, on average. Since January 1st, has produced 104 videos and is set to eclipse its previous record set in 2007. videos are seen all over the world and appear on YouTube,,,, and on hundreds of other sites. COO, Christopher Hughes said that his video crews' calendar is completely booked for August and September dates are being booked now in preparation for the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. "Boat sales are coming back and aggressive boat builders are now laying plans to have our captains test and review their boats before the fall shows," Hughes said. was founded in 2000 and is celebrating its 10th year streaming videos on the Internet.

10th year anniversary
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Fire Safety

How to Extinguish An Engine Room Fire

Fire Safety
Fires that start in the engine rooms must be stopped immediately or the consequences can be serious.

Several weeks ago we ran an item about a large yacht that had an engine room fire start as the boat entered the Palm Beach inlet. The boat made it to the dock and all hands were able to get off before the vessel was ruined by the inferno. We found ourselves wondering why a large, multi-million dollar yacht didn't have an automatic engine room fire extinguishing system, or if it had been overcome or had failed, why weren't the engine room air intakes closed? Perhaps they couldn't be. All fires on boats are serious, but there is nothing worse than an engine room fire because it is fed by the fuel circulating there. Here's a stitch in time...

New Design

New Strand 122 
Costs $24 Million 
(With Car)

Concept Yacht
Dock space is so dear in Europe even billionaires have to Med-moor their yachts so a passerelle for the car in the boat's garage is an absolute necessity.

We think every billionaire ought to have one of the new Swedish Strand 122s. If only Karl Marx had discovered yachting instead of inventing communism he could have saved the world a lot of angst during much of the 20th century. What could redistribute the wealth better than a $24 million dollar yacht that takes tens of thousands of man-hours to build, 20 crew to operate and an army of maintenance staff to keep everything purring? Not only that, but think of how many new yacht designers could become overnight millionaires? All one needs is some CAD software, some hallucinogenic mushrooms, and one dreamy client. See the rest of the boat...

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Lesson of the Week

How to Dock with Twin Inboards

Lesson of the Week Smart Boating Cover
A twin inboard installation makes docking and close quarter maneuvering much easier.

This week Capt. Steve goes over six new lessons and guidelines on docking your twin inboard boat. Watch demonstrations with Capt. Steve approaching the dock, backing into a slip, and maneuvering the boat through close quarters. You’ll learn how to pivot your twin inboard, and how to “walk the boat” or move sideways without bow thrusters. The videos presented this week are part of’s Smart Boating Course which is USCG-approved. Watch these video boating lessons every week on

To view this week’s lessons --

To view all lessons --

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Ducky Award Winner

Ducky Winner

First Place

"Is that a banana on your boat, or are you just happy to see me?" -W. Tyler 

Second Place

"First boat able to dodge the lemon laws..." - T. Powell 

Honorable (almost) Mentions

"Sea Tow's new ad...'Sea Tow's Banana Boat can get you out of a Pickle'"
- J. Distefano 

"Every time I dock the darn thing it gets another bruise." - R. Davis

"Boating has finally gone bananas!"
- L. Humble

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