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Top 10 List
...Of Most Researched
Boats of 2010 (1st Half)

Would you ask this man about a boat, much less buy one from him? David Letterman is an American late-night TV host who has popularized "The Top 10 List."

Our Top 10 list of the most researched boats in 2009 was so popular with readers we have decided to do it again for the first half of 2010. The amazing thing is how much of it changed, even though some boats scored high in both time periods. Boaters who do research at BoatTEST.com are generally the most knowledgeable boat buyers because they are looking at all aspects of the choices in any given type and class of boat and they are seeking 3rd party input. Boats that have the most interest are ones that more people will be buying than would otherwise, in many cases. In some cases, high interest indicates a coming trend, a styling or function preference, or significant curiosity.

Because BoatTEST.com lists basic specs on over 6,000 powerboats, has captain's reports or reviews on nearly 2,000 boats of all sizes from 15' to 120', 4,000 marine videos on boats and related subjects, and about 2,500 detailed owners reports, as well as links from new boats to used boat prices in our 130,000 classified listings, there is simply a treasure trove of buying information to be mined on this site. We urge you to take a moment to look at the Top Ten lists below to see what our other readers are researching.

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New Test

Evinrude E-TEC 130-HP:
Filling an Important HP Gap

Evinrdue E-TEC 130 H.P.
We tested the E-TEC 130 H.P. on a Carolina Skiff DLV 218 Elite with a test weight of just over 3300 lbs. (1497 kg).

Two years ago Evinrude introduced new engines that were designed to hit the mid-horsepower range of the outboard market, which is primarily fishing boats. These new engines were specifically designed for boaters who wanted to repower, but didn’t want the initial expense of a 150-hp engine. The new engines were also intended to address new boat sales in the 16’ to 23’ range where 40% of all outboard boats are sold. The resulting products were the Evinrude 130 H.P. and 115HO V-4 E-TEC 2-stroke engines. But the timing of the introduction of these two new engines couldn’t have been worse, thanks to the world economic meltdown and resulting recession during the 2008-09 seasons. But now, as the world’s economies slowly climb back toward normality, and boaters move their new-boat buying and repower plans to the front burner, we thought it was time to take a closer look at the Evinrude E-TEC 130-HP and put it through a full test to see how she compares to engines on the market. Place your bets before continuing...

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New Test

New FinCraft 17 DC:
Good Ride Plus Economy

FinCraft 17 DC
The new FinCraft 17 DC is a freshwater multi-species rig that is affordable and economical to operate.

FinCraft is breaking into the freshwater fishing boat market with a fiberglass boat that is priced low in order to compete with aluminum boats, but the company has not cheaped-out on the build. For the most part, the hardware, equipment, and accessories are as good as those used on most "up-market" boats in class. In some cases, such as the pedestal seating, the equipment provided is actually far better than what you will find on many higher-priced boats. We also like the high windscreen that will keep the chill off, and is definitely preferable to the small plastic windscreens seen on many dual console boats in this class. The FinCraft 17 DC is priced at $19,667 MSRP with trailer and 50-hp outboard. The boat can handle up to 115-hp max, so match the engine to your planned use and purse. Watch the test video...

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Boat Test

Triton VT 17:
Cost Effective and Full of Features

We put the VT 17 powered by a 75-hp Mercury Optimax through a full test. She gets 8.59 miles per gallon at best cruise. But how fast is that?

Few areas of boating experience more competition than the bass boat market. Over 22,000 bass boats were sold new last year, and Triton is a major builder of them. Triton builds bass boats from economical aluminum versions to expensive fiberglass models. Not surprisingly, its smaller aluminum units are popular. Today, we take a look at the Triton VT 17 powered with a 75-hp Mercury 2-stroke Optimax. She’s long on standard features and most of what’s left on the options list has more to do with upgrades to the trailer. But the telling factor is what you think, so we recently put her to a full test to wring out the good and not so good It’s all here in the test video.

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Bayliner 185 Bowrider
#1 Bayliner 185 BR
Bayliner175 BR
#2 Bayliner 175 BR
#3 Bayliner 245 Cruiser

Top 10 Researched Boats

It is not surprising that small boats built by a company specializing in low prices should come out with the most researched boats this spring at BoatTEST.com. But what is remarkable is how many other, larger and far more expensive boats garnered high numbers of research sessions. Clearly offshore fishermen are thinking more about switching to a catamaran from a monohull and the beautiful Sunseeker Predator 64 has a lot of people curious to find out what life is like in the very fast (and wealthy) lane. A curvaceous yacht will catch a boater's eye no matter how much it costs, as attested to by the interest in both the MasterCraft 300 and the Chris-Craft Silver Bullet 20 which were two of the most striking designs on the market. And the new version of the Regal 44 is solidly in people's minds where it has been for nearly a decade.

4. World Cat 320 CC
5. Bayliner 160 OB
6. MasterCraft 300
7. Bayliner 285 Cruiser
8. Regal 44 Sport Coupe
9. Chris-Craft Silver Bullet 20
10. Sunseeker Predator 64

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World Cat 320 CC
#1 World Cat 320 CC
Mako 264 CC
#2 Mako 264 CC
Seaswirl Striper 1905 CC
#3 Seaswirl Striper 1905 CC

Top 10 Researched Boats
Center Console Boats – 
All Sizes 

We'd say there are several things at work in the crowded center console category where there are over 50 builders jostling for a dwindling number of customers. First, there is increasing interest in catamarans as evidenced by World Cat's #1 and #5 positions. Second, Mako has gotten a tremendous share of mind by being four of the top 10 researched center consoles, and climbing back toward where it was 35 years ago. Thirdly, there are some new names scrambling for top position including Seaswirl, Sailfish, and Wellcraft. Of them all, the Boston Whaler 370 at $400k still commands the "wow factor" and this boat must be seen no matter how much one wants to spend. It is simply the most tricked-out CC on the planet.

4. Mako 234
5. World Cat 290 CC
6. Boston Whaler 370 CC
7. Mako 184 CC
8. Sailfish 2660 CC
9. Wellcraft 210 CC
10. Mako 212 CC

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Bayliner 245
#1 Bayliner 245 Cruiser
MasterCraft 300
#2 MasterCraft 300
Bayliner 285 Cruiser
#3 Bayliner 285 Cruiser

Top 10 Researched Boats
Pocket Cruisers – 20' to 30’

The Bayliner 245 Cruiser for the second time in a row was the most researched trailerable cruiser. Clearly, Bayliner and Sea Ray dominated the research sessions for this class of boat this spring. But it wasn't always that way as last year Four Winns, Cobalt and Crownline were in the top 10 in class, as well. This spring Doral, Glastron and MasterCraft were the only builders able to contend with the two Brunswick companies in garnering pocket cruiser attention. As tow vehicles get smaller it will be interesting to watch what happens in this important trailerable boating class.

4. Sea Ray 240 Sundancer
5. Bayliner 265 Cruiser
6. Sea Ray 280 Sundancer
7. Sea Ray 300 Sundancer
8. Doral Venezia 26
9. Glastron 289 Sport Cruiser
10. Sea Ray 290 Sundancer

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Regal 44 SC
#1 Regal 44 Sport Coupe
Cruisers Yachts 420 SC
#2 Cruisers Yachts 420
Formula 31 PC
#3 Formula 31 PC

Top 10 Researched Boats
Express Cruisers – 31' +

The Regal 44, freshened up for 2010, continues to dominate our research sessions for this class just as it did last year. Regal's 52 now has joined the top 10 ranks among our express cruiser researchers. Most notably, Cruisers Yachts is growing mightily in research sessions and has the most slots in the top 10. This indicates to us that boaters are now drilling down into the smaller production brands and models. Six of the top 10 express cruisers being researched are from builders with relative modest production numbers: Cruisers Yachts, Formula and Doral.

4. Jeanneau Prestige 38
5. Cruisers Yachts 520
6. Sea Ray 350
7. Cruisers Yachts 470
8. Regal 52 Sport Coupe
9. Sea Ray 310
10. Doral Boca Grande 36

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Formula 353
#1 Formula 353 FASTech
Baja 278
#2 Baja 278 Performance
Formula 292 Fastech
#3 Formula 292 FASTech

Top 10 Researched Boats
High-Performance Boats 24’+

Now that fuel prices are back to a reasonable level, high-performance boats are once again taking to the waterways. In fact, we have seen more in Long Island Sound this summer so far than we recall seeing all of last year. The need for speed will always be with many boaters and there is nothing quite so thrilling as flying along at 70 or 80 mph, or faster in a boat specially designed and built for the job. Pretty much all of the engines for these boats are built in Fred Kiekhaefer’s Mercury Racing skunk works in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Ilmor also builds racing engines, but they tend to be in the larger custom boats. Obviously, Formula and Baja dominate this category. Formulas tend to be the more luxurious high-performance boats, whereas the Bajas are known for being more Spartan and less pricy. Bajas are now built by Fountain Powerboats.

4. Formula 382 FASTech
5. Hunton RS 43
6. Midnight Express 39 Cuddy
7. Baja 30 Outlaw
8. Baja 245 Performance
9. Baja 40 Outlaw
10. Baja 26 Outlaw

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Nitro 189 Sport
#1 Nitro 189 Sport
Nitro Z-7
#2 Nitro Z-7
Stratos 285 XL
#3 Stratos 285 XL

Top 10 Researched Boats
Freshwater Fishing

Historically, the bass boats have gotten the most attention in this category but this spring Lund and Alumacraft multi-specie boats have entered the top ten list. We expect to see more of that trend in the future as freshwater anglers – like boaters in all categories – start using their boats for more than just one specialized function.  Another interesting difference this spring from last year is the predominance of lower price-point fiberglass bass boats at the top of the list, pushing down the lower-priced aluminum bass boats that were researched more last year.

4. Stratos 176 XL
5. Lund 2075 Pro-V
6. Ranger 208 VX
7. Tracker Pro Team 170 TX
8. Alumacraft Lunker 165 CS
9. Tracker Pro Team 175 
10. Skeeter FX 21

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#1 Harris FloteBote Grand Mariner SEL 230
Sun Tracker 25
#2 Sun Tracker Party Barge 25 Regency Edition
Bennington 2574 RLi
#3 Bennington 2574 RLi

Top 10 Researched Boats

The big news this spring in the pontoon world is the number of research sessions for Harris FloteBote and Bennington models, neither of which made the top ten last year. Tri-toons continue to grow in popularity because of their speed and versatility as a good all-around watersports platform for the whole family. And, as competition has heated up in this category the pontoon boats have gotten more and more sophisticated, and the list of amenities they offer is growing.

4. Manitou Legacy 26
5. Bennington 2275 FSi
6. Harris FloteBote Grand Mariner SL 250
7. Parti Kraft Celebration 250 Wet Bar
8. SunTracker Fishin' Barge 21
9. Premier 231 Alante
10. Premier 235 Intrigue RE

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Sunseeker Predator 64
#1 Sunseeker Predator 64
Hargrave 76
#2 Hargrave 76
Ferretti 800
#3 Ferretti 800

Top 10 Researched Boats

This is a fairly wide category and we're including in it everything from traditional flush deck motoryachts such as the Hargrave 76 and the Ferretti 800, to the huge express motoryachts such as the Sunseeker Predator 64. It ranked third last year and was even more popular this spring. The big movement is toward European-built motoryachts. In addition to the English Sunseeker, Fairline 58 and Pearl 60, are Dutch VanDerHeijden's 2000 and 1700 motoryachts, and Italy's Ferretti 800. The Nordhavn 60 is built in China and the Hargrave 76 is built in Taiwan, leaving only the Marquis 720 and the Meridian 580 built in the U.S.

4. Marquis 720
5. VanDerHeijden Superior 2000
6. Meridian 580
7. VanDerHeijden Dynamic 1700
8. Nordhavn 60
9. Pearl Motoryachts 60
10. Fairline 58 Grand Turismo

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Mainship 35 Trawler
#1 Mainship 35 Trawler
Mainship Expedition Trawler
#2 Mainship Expedition Trawler (38')
nordic tug 42
#3 Nordic Tugs 42

Top 10 Researched Boats
Coastal Trawlers

There is nothing quite so salty-looking as a trawler. After all, they go offshore in all sorts of weather and make their living in spite of the angry sea. Little wonder then, that when a company called its boats "Grand Banks" trawlers in the middle 1960s it spawned a whole new category of boats and cruising dreams. Now these type of boats are built all over the world and even yachtsmen in Europe are beginning to adopt the style that was for a long time uniquely American. Nordic Tugs created a variation on a theme and has become successful and now there are me-too tug builders. But virtually all Coastal Trawlers have one thing in common -- they are relatively affordable, most will go over 15 knots cruise (not trawling speed), and they are intended for coastal work.

4. Island Pilot 435
5. Sea Ranger 50 Trawler
6. Nordic Tugs 32
7. Grand Banks 41 Heritage
8. Beneteau Swift Trawler 42
9. Beneteau Swift Trawler 52
10. Nordic Tug 49

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Nordhavn 60
#1 Nordhavn 60
#2 Kadey-Krogen 44
Ocean Alexander 54 Trawler
#3 Ocean Alexander 54 Trawler

Top 10 Researched Boats
Ocean Trawlers &
Long Range Cruisers

There are many boats on the market these days that offer the ultimate vessel for many cruising yachtsmen who dream of visiting far off locations in their own boat. By and large these yachts are designed to actually travel at true displacement speeds, which means somewhere between 7 and 10 knots, and cover over a thousand miles or much more on a single load of diesel. If you have ever wondered which of the boats we have featured the last year or so have captured the imaginations of the long-distance cruising set, then just look at the ranking of research session listed by model.

4. Selene 62
5. Marlow Yachts 57E CB
6. Marlow Yachts Voyager 76 LR
7. Cheoy Lee Serenity 83
8. Nordhavn 78
9. Azimut 74 Magellano
10. Nordhavn 50

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Rampage 34 Express
#1 Rampage 34 Express
Mako 284 Express
#2 Mako 284 Express
Wellcraft 340 Coastal
#3 Wellcraft 340 Coastal

Top 10 Researched Boats
Express Fishboats -- 25' +

The express fishboat category is quickly becoming one of the most exciting in all of boating due to the engine options that have become available the last few years. Builders are just now getting new models out that take advantage of bigger outboards and the advent of pod drives. This is an all-American line-up of boats designed to go 100 miles or more offshore to the canyons, wrecks, reefs or underwater mounts where big game fish are known to gather.

4. Mako 264 Express
5. Grady-White 305 Express
6. Viking Yachts 52SY
7. Cabo 38 Express
8. Rampage 41 Express
9. Tiara 4300 Open
10. Henriques 35 Express

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MasterCraft 255 Maristar
#1 MasterCraft Maristar 255
Tigé RZ2
#2 Tigé RZ2
Axis Wake Research
#3 Axis Wake Research A22

Top 10 Researched Boats
Wake & Ski

Only 6,500 specialized inboard ski and wake boats were built last year in the U.S. The usual names dominated our top 10 list with the addition of Axis Wake Research, a new spin-off brand from the folks at Malibu. Tigé, the innovative boutique builder from Abilene once again captures our researchers attention, elbowing its way into the ranks of Malibu and MasterCraft. These are purpose-built inboard boats, some models of which are used in skiing and wake boarding competitions world-wide. About 80% of the boats sold in this class go to just regular folks who like the looks, safety, and general high-quality of these very special boats.

4. Tigé Z1
5. Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV
6. Tigé RZ4
7. MasterCraft CSX 265 SS
8. MasterCraft X-45
9. Malibu Wakesetter
10. Tigé 20V

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Bayliner 185
#1 Bayliner 185
Bayliner 175
#2 Bayliner 175
Bayliner 160 OB
#3 Bayliner 160 OB

Top 10 Researched Boats
Bowriders -- All Sizes

Traditionally, bowriders are the single largest type of fiberglass boats bought each year in the U.S. Last year, the worst seen in the boating business since the big D, about 17,400 were produced in the U.S., down 60% from 2006. This spring Bayliner and Yamaha captured the buying public's research attention primarily because consumers were looking for value and utility. Another factor was the fact that several builders were just getting back on their feet after the economic disaster that befell the industry in 2009, hitting some harder than others. 

4. Chris-Craft Silver Bullet 20
5. Formula 290 FX4
6. Yamaha AR 210
7. Bayliner 205
8. Yamaha SX 210
9. Bayliner 195
10. Bayliner 180 OB

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Industry News

2009: 153,550 New Powerboats Sold in the U.S.

New Boats Sold
Nothing makes us happier than to see a load of fresh new boats on the way to new owners.

The official total U.S. sales numbers, as verified by the NMMA, for last year are in: New powerboat sales were 153,550, down 55% from their 10-year high. The largest drop occurred in the largest boats, inboard cruisers, which suffered a 75% drop in sales from its high in 2002. Stern drive boats followed dropping 66% in sales followed by outboard-powered boats which have seen sales drop in the U.S. by 51% since 2000, says the NMMA. Last year just a few hundred boats were actually sold in many high-profile categories.

With over 3.6 million unique visitors coming to BoatTEST.com last year it is not surprising that most new boat buyers stopped in to see what we had to say at some point during their research. Over 775,000 came back two or more times to read our captain's reports, see our videos, or to compare boats on their short lists. With more and more consumers asking for guidance and recommendations, BoatTEST.com is stepping up its coverage of boats both from the U.S. and from around the world, as well.

Boat buyers, even in good times, are members of a very elite group of people, no matter how small or low-priced the boat. With fewer than 12 million powerboats registered in America, just less than 4% of the population owns a motor boat of any size. This percentage has held steady for the last 40 years or so. To find out how many boats were sold new in 2009 in your favorite category of boating...

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You Asked For It... Here It Is: The BoatTEST.com
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Smart Boating on DVD
BoatTEST's Boating Course is chock full of information that every boater needs to be aware of, regardless of experience level.

We're happy and proud to announce that BoatTEST.com's Boating Course, narrated by our own Capt. Steve is now available in a box set of 4 DVDs. Now you can watch it in the comfort of your living room on your TV. With over 10 hours of video instruction on 4 DVDs, this course has more video content than any other recreational boating course available! It is the definitive “Professional Guide for the Average Boater”... loaded with real-world examples, and how-to do it instruction. This course will take you from beginner to the professional level of boating knowledge, or if you are an old salt, it will remind you of all the things you have forgotten. And, it's great for the whole family! To order your box set of 4 DVDs...


We Test the First Ever
Sea Tow Towboat

Sea Tow
Back in the early days, Sea Tow developed a rep for getting out to assist in short time. So we wondered, how fast could this first Sea Tow boat go?

Once upon a time, the U.S. Coast Guard came to the assistance of yachtsmen in any manner of non-life-threatening distress. Then, in the early 1980s, the Federal Government decided that rich boaters could take care of themselves and the USCG would only respond if life was in danger. It wasn't long before a guy named Joe started towing in stranded boaters. Then a light bulb went on, and Joe set out to get a bank loan, buy a boat and start his own towing company. But the banks laughed and sent him packing. Today, Joe is not necessarily laughing back, but certainly smiling as his Sea Tow franchise has over 121 locations and is growing stronger every year. And that first boat??? Still plying the waters of Long Island Sound, actually. It’s quite a bit different from your boat, and that had us wondering, what makes a tow-boat and how does this first one perform? To find out we put it through a full test and checked out the features of Sea Tow One.

Brought to you by Sea Tow

Accident of the Week

Whale-Watching Tour Boat Hits Ledge

Accident of the Week
174 passengers and crew were safely evacuated in Boston Harbor, as a Mayday call quickly brought help.

Last Saturday morning the whale-watching tour boat Massachusetts being steered by a captain who was watching goodness knows what, steamed outside of a well-marked 200-yard wide channel and ran aground on a rock ledge called Devil’s Back. It is marked. The vessel was reportedly going 18 knots at the time. A tow captain said the vessel had two 5’ long rips in the bottom and damaged running gear and began taking on water. A headline in the Monday issue of the Boston Globe said, “Pilot Error May Have Had Role in Crash.” Ya think? The vessel had two captains aboard at the time of the accident. More...

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Picture of the Week

Only in Dreams?

Picture of the Week
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Rescue of the Week

24' Boat Springs Leak And Capsizes
With 7 Aboard

Rescue of the Week
Rescue Divers save a fisherman in an air pocket trapped under the boat.

It is not often that we receive a news report of a boating accident, such as a capsize or a sinking, that describes precisely what happened that caused the accident. However, in the drama being played out in the photo above all of the participants -- seven fishermen in a 24' fiberglass boat -- survived to tell the tale. Simply put, the boat sprang a leak, filled quickly with water, became unstable, and capsized. Five of the men floated free but one was trapped under the boat, reportedly for three hours. To find out what caused the leak, how the trapped angler was rescued, and to see a video taken on the scene...

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Industry News

Viking Sport Cruisers Becomes "Princess" in North America

Princess 62
The Princess 62 has tasteful European styling and will now have the same name world-wide.

It was announced last week that Princess Yachts, which are built in Plymouth, England will be marketed as "Princess Yachts" in North America, Central America and the Caribbean, instead of by the name of Viking Sport Cruisers, starting with the 2011 model year. From the press release it sounds as if everything else will be staying the same in North America with the Viking Sport Cruiser staff and infrastructure remaining in place. Viking Sport Cruisers was a sales and marketing division of Viking Yachts, working closely with Princess for the last 15 years to produce boats modified for the North American consumer. By taking advantage of the brand recognition and cache of the Viking name, Princess Yachts were successfully introduced in North America with the existing Viking infrastructure, a program that served both companies and consumers well. More...


Coast Guard Indicts
4 Petty Officers

USCG 7-7
The 24' Sea Ray which was struck by a speeding USCG patrol vessel during a Christmas parade last December in San Diego.

Last winter we reported on a tragic mishap that took the life of an 8-year-old boy who was riding on a 23' bowrider that was struck by a speeding USCG patrol boat during the San Diego boat parade. The Coast Guard skipper was charged with involuntary manslaughter and others on the boat were faulted for not keeping a proper watch and are charged with negligent homicide. This serves as a lesson to all boaters not only to drive safely themselves, but also to oblige crew and passengers to help keep a proper lookout. More on the story...

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Lesson of the Week

Preparing Your Boat for Transport

Lesson of the Week
Towing your boat is a big responsibility. Make sure you follow the proper steps and guidelines when preparing your boat for transport.

This week Capt. Steve goes over six new lessons and guidelines on tips to safely trailer your boat. Before towing pay close attention to your boat’s clearance and make sure all items on the boat are stowed away properly, and anything loose is tied down and secured in place. Also, it is, also important to make sure any load aboard is properly centered. Before a long tow, weigh your trailer and load to make sure you are within regulations. Check the lighting system, chains, hooks and all components to make sure they are secure and in good shape for towing. Don’t forget your trailer must be registered, insured and inspected every year. These are basic procedures which all recreational boaters should be aware of. The videos presented this week are part of BoatTEST.com’s USCG-approved Boating Course. Watch these video boating lessons every week on BoatTEST.com.

To view this week’s lessons --

To view past lessons --

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Ducky Award Winner

Ducky Winner

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"Seeking to participate in a covert operation unnoticed, this drug-chasing ship from the U.S. Coast Guard arrives in Key West..." - P. Marzek

Second Place

"I still say if we want it to look like our old Nash Rambler, we need to have them re-do the bridge roof in white." - B. Mabey

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"With General Motors on the rocks, Mary Kay turns to boats to reward its saleswomen." - R. Oberndorf

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