Teen Boys Give Yamaha 242 a Workout - 06/23/2010

With more than a month on the water in their new Yamaha 242 Limited S, our "test family of four teens" has come to a common agreement -- they all love the stern design of the 242. Initially, when the boat was purchased, the boys told us what they liked most were the overall looks and the wakeboard tower. But after spending several weekends on the boat, the stern has become the boat's star feature. And it’s not just the boys, Mom and Dad are big fans of it, too.

Yamaha 242 Limited S
Since the point of being on the water is to have fun, Carter waits his turn as Jonathan hooks up the tow line for Philip's turn on the inflatable.
Yamaha 242 Limited S
Looking at the stern, it’s hard to imagine that Yamaha has managed to install twin power plants, but it is the low profile of these 1812cc marine engines that allows for the unique design of the stern.

Looking at a boat in a boat show or at the dealership can never show you all you need to know about a boat. Until you use it, you don’t really know if a design just looks good, or if it is actually practical when in use. According to our Yamaha test family, the stern has become the most popular area of the boat.

Yamaha 242 Limited S
Looking aft, there is no doubt that the rear facing stern seats are conformable. Even Carter has more than enough room sitting on the integrated swim platform soaking his feet on an 88-degree day.

With the molded-in and upholstered seating on the stern just inches from the back seating of the cockpit, you have much more usable space than on other boats in this size range that simply upholster the engine hatch and call it a sun pad. In the case of our test teens, the comfort of all of the built-in cushions on the stern did not go unnoticed -- or unused!

Having easy access from the cockpit to the stern while on the water and having a large enough swim platform to safely set up for towing or wakeboarding is something Mom and Dad liked most about the 242 we're told.

Yamaha 242 Limited S
With Peter and Philip watching, Jonathan sets up on a wake.

The transom utility on the 242 was one of the few things that the four teen boys and their parents agreed on, we're told. Jonathan told us that he liked the boat's four step ladder.

While the folks at Yamaha tell us that they lose sales because some people don't want to own a jet-drive boat, the safety aspect of the jet-drives played a big role in their decision to buy the Yamaha 242. The four teen boats, were fairly indifferent to the subject, however.

It also should be mentioned how relieved Mom and Dad are that there are no props to worry about the boys getting hurt on.

Yamaha 242 Limited S
Our four test teens trying to look cool, nonchalant and well-behaved. We know better. But, hey, in our book, messing about in boats is exactly what teen boys should be doing.
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