The Yamaha 242 Limited S vs. A Family of Four Teenagers - 04/28/2010

We like to think that our test captains give the boats they test a rigorous workout, but we have always said the ultimate test is “The Test of Time.” That is why each week we invite our readers to give us their “Owner’s Reports” which we then post with every model on our website. Recently a reader offered to do one better by have his four teenage sons spend a season on a new Yamaha 242 Limited S that he bought for them. He has promised to give us periodic reports along with pictures and to hold nothing back. Can the boat survive four teenage boys? Can the parents survive it? Will the boys all find summer sweethearts? Who’s going to pay for the fuel? Who know where this might go? This is the first time we have done this sort of “test” so if any other readers are interest in doing the same thing then let us know.

Yamaha 242 Limited S
A brand new Yamaha 242 Limited S was recently bought by one of our readers who has offered to give it the ultimate test – four teenage boys for a season!

We’re told by the owner that the boat doesn’t have a scratch on it ant it id in pristine condition. Below are pictures of its engines and running gear before hitting the water. We will check back in a few months and see how these two areas of the boat are enduring the four boys. FYI—All will have their boating licenses before they take to the water.

Yamaha 242 Limited S
Seen here are the twin 182cc 4-Cylinder, 4-stroke High Output Yamaha Marine Engines. It’s obvious when you open the engine hatch how Yamaha is able to design the stern the way they do, the engines are very compact and sit quite low in the compartment.
Yamaha 242 Limited S
Looking at the boat on the trailer you can see how the jet drive units is located well above the bottom of the hull. The 242 Limited S has a draft of 16”. Note the lack of a rudder, steering is accomplished through directing the jet nozzle (thrust vectoring). Will the kids be able to dock it?

Complete video test for the 242 and captain’s report here...