Do You Have On-Water Assistance? - 03/31/2010
Sea Tow
The best – and least costly – time to line up your on-water assistance is before you leave the dock. Take our advice, because we have done it the hard and expensive way.

Before beginning your 2010 boating season, be sure to prepare for things that could go wrong on the water. (Remember Murphy’s Law!) That includes making sure your boat is insured (50% of the boats on the water are not) and that you have adequate on-water assistance coverage. A towing rider that accompanies an insurance policy might not get you where you need to go, or even pay for a jump start, if that is all you need. Our advice is to carefully research your insurance policy’s on-water assistance benefits, then pair it with a membership to a well-known and respected on-water assistance company, such as Sea Tow.

Why? Having a towing rider on your insurance policy does not guarantee that someone will come assist you. By having a membership to an on-water assistance company you are guaranteed response by a licensed, professional captain with a properly equipped towboat. These companies provide services similar to those that AAA provides along America's roadways. We have known and worked with the team at Sea Tow for over ten years and have found them to be professional, well-organized and extremely customer-friendly – and that is why we recommend them. Our advice is to check them out and to pay particular attention to the Sea Tow Gold Card membership, which 95% of its members have.

You never know when and where a breakdown will occur, but when it does it's good to know you have reliable and low-cost on-water assistance available.

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