Canadian Couple Travels 6,324 KM To Buy Boat -- And Wins Coveted Ducky! - 03/03/2010

Today's "Buyer of the Week" drove 6,324 KM to pick up and return with a new Hyrda-Sports Vector 2500VX. If that doesn't rate a coveted Ducky Award, we don't know what does! Wes and Rose Markowsky take an expedition every summer 1600 km from their home in Alberta, Canada to Prince Rupert on British Columbia’s rugged and exciting Pacific coast. (If you have never cruised or fished in BC’s “Inside Passage” then take our advice and put it on your “Bucket List.”) To explore and fish BC's exciting -- and often rough -- coastal waters the Markowskys needed a boat with a high freeboard that also had a reputation for rugged reliability. After two years of research they settled on the Vector 2500VX with twin Yamaha 200 4-stroke engines.

Hydra-Sports 2500 on Trailer
The is the trailer park outside of Prince Rupert were Wes and Rose park their Hydra-Sports 2500 each evening for two weeks each summer. Note how the 2500 is buttoned up with cruising canvas.
Prince Rupert BC
Prince Rupert is on Kaien Island and the terminus of Route 16 that bisects British Columbia and some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere. Note Ketchikan, Alaska at the top of the map.

Letter to the Editor From Rose and Wes Markowsky

Back in 2005 and 2006 we spent nearly two years shopping for a nice offshore boat. After going to boat shows across Canada (there are not many offshore boats for sale in Alberta since it is pretty flat there) we began browsing on line.

It was then that we discovered and viewed the video of the Hydra-Sports Vector 2500VX. This is what made up our minds. The video you presented was very detailed in showing the boat’s features, and it was as if we were there on the boat with the Captain. We contacted a Hydra-Sports dealer in Seattle and then one in Sarnia, Ontario.

Hydra-Sports 2500 on Trailer
It is about 3,162 km from Vegreville, Alberta to Sarnia, Ontario, and evidently was worth every mile of it to get the boat of their dreams.

In May, 2006 we purchased the Vector 2500VX from the dealer, Precision Power, in Sarnia, Ontario. [Sarnia is just across the St. Clair River from Port Huron, Michigan and some 3162 km from where the Markowskys live.] It had the full Raymarine C120 package (Sonar, Radar, Chart Plotter) Raymarine VHF, and all the accessories they offered except the air conditioning/heater option. It took us three days to drive to Sarnia, and then three more days back (after a visit to Niagara Falls.) While we sight-seeing at the falls, Precision Power mounted and rigged the twin 200-hp 4-stroke Yamaha outboards.

Hydra-Sports 2500 on Trailer
Wes and Rose live in Vegreville, Alberta, which is in the middle of one of the largest bread baskets in the world. The Markowskys call themselves “Flat Landers.”

We live just 85 Km. east of Edmonton, Alberta in Vegreville.

We spend most of our time with our new boat on weekends at Cold Lake on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border (around 215 km. from Vegreville). They have a nice launch and marina there with all the necessities close at hand. The Lake Trout fishing is usually pretty good and the Provincial Park and County camp ground have excellent sites.

Two weeks out of every year since we have owned the Vector 2500, we have made the trip up the Yellowhead Highway (#16) to Prince Rupert on the North West BC coast (Approximately 1600 Km.).

Hydra-Sports 2500 on Trailer
Picking up the boat at Precision Power in Sarnia, Ontario in May, 2006.

Prince Rupert has an excellent camp ground beside the highway. Lots of stalls and has lots of boat trailer parking. We launch every day from the public boat launch, drop our crab traps in the harbor and head out past Metlakalta village to Chatham Sound.

For the past years we have gone to Melville Island which is 24 km. west of Prince Rupert and to Dundas Island that is 50 km. north west. From there we have gone 20 km. east to Work Channel. From Work Channel and Dundas Island you can see the southern tip of Alaska which is about another 10 km north.

Hydra-Sports 2500 on Trailer
Chatham Sound is to the west of Price Rupert, which is a terrific jumping off spot along the rugged and wonderful BC coast.

All of these areas have good Coho and Pink Salmon fishing year round, if you want the Chinook you have to try a little harder. There are several spots between Dundas and Prince Rupert we have found that reward us with the odd Halibut and rock fish too. The exciting thing about this area is… you never know what you will catch -- and the whale watching is terrific!

On the way back from our day of fishing we haul up our crab traps and hit the camp site where every night we stuff ourselves with the catch of the day.

Hydra-Sports 2500 on Trailer
Wes Markowsky with a handsome Chinook salmon. Good on ya Wes for wearing a life vest.

The weather in Prince Rupert is like that in a Tropical rain Forest….there is almost always a light drizzle, and when the sun shines the wind picks up and the water gets a little rough.

Both of us love to fish in saltwater, and as a matter of fact…Rose is the one who picked out the boat! Someday we hope to go South to Florida and try for some Tarpon. We are always watching the tour…and it looks like fun.

Hydra-Sports 2500 on Trailer
The trip is booked to Rupert for this year already, and we just can’t wait.

Another thing I should say is this: For a couple of “Flat Landers” we trust the Hydra Sports a great deal to take us out on the open water of the north Pacific. We have been caught out there when the sea got rough but we stay calm, slow and steady. “Our Baby” (This is what we call her, she has no name yet) has always gotten us back to the harbor with no trouble at all.

Hydra-Sports 2500 on Trailer
Rose Markowsky is actually the member of this partnership who picked the Hydra-Sports Vector 2500VX from all of the other boats in its class.

We are could not be happier with our decision to by the Hydra-Sports Vector 2500VX and we feel we are in for a long happy ownership.

That is pretty much the story. Sorry for being so long winded but I could talk your ear off with all the stories we have from Rupert.

Have a Safe Day,

Wes & Rose Markowsky