What’s Wrong with This Picture? - 01/13/2010

There are a lot of things we like about European design in motoryachts, but there is one design element that we have never been able to warm to. You see it pictured above. Call us retro, but we think a flying bridge ought to have bulwarks to at least above the waists of the people setting on it. Most European motoryachts under 70’ (21.5 m) or so, just don’t have it. And a flimsy piece of transparent acrylic just doesn’t do to for us. We like to have your opinion on this life-or-death design subject.

Flying Bridge
This is a picture of the seats on the flying bridge of a 50 motoryacht built in Europe. We like the helm seat in the center and the two forward-facing companion seats. But that’s about all.

Granted, it is nice to be able to see the lovely thigh and crisp white shorts of the damsel in the picture above, but we are talking here about yacht design. We’re thinking that on a flying bridge -- which by its very nature swings through a greater arc than the deck below when rolling – should have bulwarks for safety sake alone. And to our way of thinking, by having bulwarks that come up to the middle of one’s back, comfortable seats can be installed, and a sudden lurch will not send someone standing over the side if a high bulwark is easy and hand, everyone will feel and be more secure. The bulwarks also protect the folks on the flying bridge when spray starts to fly in a stiff breeze. With this low bulwarks, there is nothing to duck behind.

In the photo above the lady’s seat is about 15” (.38 m) off the deck and the ss railing is about 29” (.74 m) above the deck. We don’t think it is enough. We like a flying bridge that encloses us, not one that has low, sleek lines that leave guests and crew exposed to the elements.

Please let us know your thoughts on this subject and what country you’re from.