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- Cheoy Lee Serenity 83
- Marlow Voyagar 76 LR
- 142’ Burger Motoryacht
- Ferretti 681
- Royal Purple
- Reverso Oil Changer
- Pearl 75
- Kadey-Krogen 64
- Sea Ray 450 Sundancer
- Fairline Targa 58 Gran Turismo
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New Princess/
Viking Sport Cruisers 78

Viking Sport Cruisers 78
This beautiful new 78’ motoryacht is built by Princess in the U.K. and marketed in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean by Viking Sport Cruisers.

The motoryacht you see above has four staterooms, each with en suite heads, plus crews quarters aft. Standard power is Cat C-32A x 2, developing 1625-hp each. This vessel replaces the old 75’ model. In the U.S. – where the boat is called a Viking Sport Cruisers 78 -- the boat will come standard with a hardtop with retractable sun shades. A large majority of the boats Viking Sport Cruisers sells in this size range are ordered with hardtops we’re told. This boat sells in the mid to high 5s in the U.S. with the standard engines, depending on options, and according to the folks at Viking, their customers generally use their boats for serious distance cruising. To learn more...

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First Look

New Cruisers Yachts 470
Nearing Completion

This is the plug for the mold for the coupe superstructure of the new Cruisers Yachts 470 Express which is nearing completion. The gray panel to the right of the picture where the wood scaffold is attached is where the windshield will go. Note the height of the windshield so the skipper can stand at the helm without having to pop thru the sunroof.

Every once in awhile a visitor to a boat building factory is able to sneak out with some surreptitiously-taken pictures of a new boat in its earliest stages of creation and send them to us. We love publishing these “espionage” pictures. Such is the case this week with snap shots of the Cruisers Yachts 470 which were taken a few weeks ago in the company’s factory in Oconto, Wisconsin and smuggled out. Like many builders this year, progress on the 470 was slowed because of the Great Recession, but we are glad to see that work has resumed on it. We think that the Cruisers Yachts 470 is sure to be a benchmark in its class for a number of reasons. To see more pictures and to read why we think the Cruisers Yachts 470 will be such a success...

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New Boat

The Azimut Magellano 74
Long Range Cruiser

Last week Azimut’s new Magellano 74 completed a 4,000-nautical mile shakedown cruise in the western and central Mediterranean Sea. She has an 1,100-mile range at 12 knots.

This year Azimut is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in business with a new line of boats which is a radical departure from the themes that made the company so successful. Built on the notion of fast motoryachts with sleek lines, the company’s new Magellano 74 is touted as being “slow” and, for Azimut, her lines are decidedly dowdy. Clearly Azimut has its eye on the same customers that are looking at Nordhavns, Kadey-Krogens, Grand Banks, Marlows and others of this type, but it has started with a clean piece of paper. The designers and engineers at Azimut have never had to crib ideas from other builders, so what you see in the Magellano 74 is largely original thinking and delightfully different from what we’re used to. Andiamo in un viaggio...

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New Boat

New Windy 52 "Love Me Tender"
Designed for the Riviera

Windy T52
A summer on the Riviera is filled with days of sunning, swimming, eating, drinking, napping and ...whatever...anchored off a beach reserved for the hoi polloi. This new Windy 52 has everything you need...just add the babes.

Occasionally a custom boat comes along that is so unusual – and so practical for its purpose in life -- that it might become a new class of boat. That’s the way we feel about this 52-footer built by Windy as a one-off tender and play boat for the owner of a 220’ megayacht. But this 52’ Windy is so capable we wonder if an owner really needs anything else. The fact is this sleek Norwegian beauty is all one really needs on the Riviera simply because she has everything required for a terrific day on the water -- without the expense of a megayacht boatel. We can foresee the day, perhaps not too far away, when the megayacht owner decides to economize by simply renting a suite or two at the Eden Roc or Hotel du Cap and using this sweet little boat for the real fun...sort of a Love Me Tender. Check out the specs of this one-of-a-kind Windy 52...

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New Boat

The New Prestige 60:
The First in a New "Yacht" Line

Jeanneau Prestige 60
The French builder Jeanneau has introduced the new Prestige 60 to the world’s yachtsmen at the Paris Boat Show two weeks ago. If the past is prelude, everyone should take notice.

Prestige Yachts, a division of Jeanneau, which is owned by Groupe Beneteau, builds 8 models of express and sedans from 32’ to 50’. At the Paris Boat Show this month Jeanneau introduced its new Prestige 60 motoryacht and at the same time announced the instigation of a new line for the company – the "Yacht Division." The company plans to build a full line of motoryachts up to 85’. Jeanneau has long been famous in the U.S. for its sailboat line, but in fact it has been building powerboats since its inception in 1959. Jeanneau has been quietly selling powerboats in the U.S. for a number of years, but now with the introduction of the Prestige 60, American boat builders will have to start taking this brand seriously, because -- based on what we see -- American consumers surely will. To us it is a sea-change for Jeanneau powerboats. Find out why we like the new Prestige 60...

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New Boat

New Viking 70 Convertible:
Four Staterooms and Big Beam

Viking 70
With this dramatic profile, the exterior manages to combine gently flowing lines with a fierce, no nonsense attitude towards blue water.

What does a company with 26 different models do when it makes a commitment to not sit on its laurels? What else...make a 27th. And thus the Viking 70 Convertible is born. With all that Viking has learned about building strong, more comfortable and sea-kindly boats, the 70C will also employ the same curves and soft lines that define the rest of its fleet. Her interior is similar to some of the larger Vikings in the line, a feature that should be a crowd pleaser to the folks who wanted the functionality of the larger boats, with the price of a smaller one. Let’s take a look and see what we can expect from the new 70C. This boat looks like poetry in motion...

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Cheoy Lee News

Cheoy Lee Serenity 83
Is a Sign of the Times

Cheoy Lee 83
The Cheoy Lee Serenity 83 has a 21’9” beam, weighs 180,000 lbs. (81,818 kgs.) and at 10.6 knots will burn just 10 gallons an hour with twin diesels, says the builder.

The full displacement Serenity 83 motoryacht is intended to be a seaworthy, economical twin-diesel powered long range cruiser. Because she carries 4,000 gal. (15,200 L) of fuel, if the builder is correct, she can cover 3,600 nautical miles at 10.6 knots and still have a 10% fuel reserve. Yes, twin diesels. This yacht should appeal to the sophisticated yachtsmen who appreciates traditional design and the genteel cruising of a bygone era, yet does not want to give up many of boating’s modern innovations both in design and in equipment. The S83 is available in two different forms, a more traditional canoe stern design, or a European model, including a Euro-transom with twin stairs from the aft deck to the swim platform. Read all about her...

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New Boat

Marlow Yachts
New Voyager 76 LR

This is an artist’s computer rendering of the new Marlow Voyager 76LR which will hit the States this spring. This vessel has a 19’9” (2.07 m) beam and displaces 115,000 lbs. (52,272 m).

David Marlow, founder and creator of Marlow Yachts has flung down the gauntlet to the builders of displacement long distance cruising motoryachts. Marlow says that his new Voyager Series, of which the Marlow Voyager 76LR is the first, “...will render today’s heavy displacement cruisers obsolete in form, function, capability and style.” Strong letter to follow, and here it is: “Full displacement shapes are not the most economical or seaworthy shapes available, as this new [Marlow Voyager] range will go where they cannot go in comfort, economy and safety...exhibiting a style far beyond the high, boxy shapes...” Them’s fightin’ words, David. To find out more about the new Marlow Voyager 76LR and learn more about David Marlow’s view of things...

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New 142’ Burger Motoryacht
Built for Long Range Cruising

Burger Sea Owl II
Burger Boat Company’s 142’ Sea Owl II has a beam of 28’ and displaces approximately 650,000 lbs. (295,454 kgs.), yet she has incredibly low horsepower engines aboard. This yacht is being built by a connoisseur of large motoryachts.

Next spring the venerable Burger Boat Company in Manitowoc, WI will launch the 142’ tri-deck Sea Owl II. While we have not met the owner (and don’t even know who he is), we can tell a lot about him by looking at the yacht he has designed. Note that we say “the owner” -- not the naval architect, nor the captain, nor even the builder. This owner has a well-educated eye that appreciates traditional, conservative motoryacht design (the kind that Burger is famous for). He is also an owner that has spent many days at sea over the years and knows that Murphy must have been a yachtsman. The owner is also a dreamer, a man who plans to do a lot of long-distance cruising in the company of friends. And, he is a connoisseur of fine, practical boat building. We think that we all – no matter what size motoryacht we’re thinking about buying, from 40’ on up – can learn from studying the designs of Sea Owl II. Class is in session...

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Ferretti News

The Ferretti 681 Has Style
And is Well Built

Ferretti 681
The Ferretti 681 is much more than a beautiful floating sculpture. She is also a boat built by yachtsmen for other yachtsmen, and that sets her apart from many large production motoryachts on the market from any country.

We have always admired Ferretti yachts not only for their handsome lines, but more because the company’s boats are well-built. They are designed and engineered by people (starting with Norberto Ferretti, himself), then going on with Advanced Yacht Technology, which is the name of a group of Ferretti engineers, and finally Giovanni Zuccon and his team at Studio Zuccon International Project-- all of whom are yachtsmen. This is a huge amount of input from a lot of people who do a lot of cruising. They know what looks good on paper, but is impractical in actual use. They know that their boats will be used in all conditions imaginable, and therefore they must build a boat that has extraordinary sea-keeping abilities. Because they are Italian, they also want a boat that is exceedingly stylish and which goes very fast. We split company with Ferretti on the last point, but perhaps we’re too old-fashioned or too tight with a fuel buck. Certainly, cruising in the Western Mediterranean is different than in the U.S. In any case, when you are spending $3.5 million (+/-) for a new Ferretti 681 you will have the option of going either fast or slow in a boat built for a wide variety of activities. See our captain’s report on this classic motoryacht...

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Diesel Engine Lubrication

Royal Purple
Gallon containers of Royal Purple are perfect for large motoryachts.

In real estate it is all about location, location, location, but in marine engines, it’s all about lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. With a mountain of data that shows us synthetic motor oils are better than conventional mineral oils, maybe it's time you look more closely at Royal Purple. It’s a synthetic oil like the other brands but it has an important added proprietary ingredient called Synerlec. The folks at Royal Purple tell us that Synerlec gives their oil a higher film strength than normal synthetic oils, thus dramatically reducing wear in both diesel and gas engines. Another important aspect of Royal Purple, we’re told, is that it remains on the metal surface longer than ordinary lubricants, making it ideal for marine use because boats tend to sit unused for longer periods of time than do automobiles. Investigate for yourself here...


Reverso Oil Changer As Standard Gear

Capt. Forrest demonstrates the importance of Reverso oil changing systems.

Changing engine and transmission oil can be a messy, time-consuming job. As a result some people do not change their engine oil every 100 hours or every season, whichever comes sooner, as they should. Reverso oil changing systems have become standard equipment on most large powerboats and if you don’t have one, you should consider it. Capt. Forrest Roberts explains on video how his Hampton Yacht is set up...

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First Peek

The New Pearl 75:
Pearl Motor Yachts’ Flagship

Pearl 75
This just in... Pearl Motor Yachts has been back at the design table and what emerged is a luxury yacht befitting the flagship moniker. Italians take notice, there is a new kid on the block.

Pearl Motor Yachts is no stranger to making cool looking boats. Their previous three models, the Pearl 50, 55 and 60 are standouts in their class, in our opinion. But that just wasn’t good enough for Pearl, so back to the drawing board they went. And instead of making design changes to the existing models, they went ahead and raised the bar with some cool innovations. The result is seen here in this first look. Currently under development, it’s the new Pearl 75, and if first impressions are any yardstick, then this boat will most definitely measure up to the Pearl name. Italians take notice: soon your students may become the professors. So let’s matriculate...

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New Design

First Kadey-Krogen 64
For Only $2.9 Million

Kadey-Krogen 64
Kadey-Krogen has designed a new 64-footer which in our own opinion is quite exciting. Now all she needs is an owner.

Kadey-Krogen would like to build a new 64 and above you can see a drawing of their exciting new vision. We think it is the most beautiful of all of the Kadey-Krogens. We have shown plans of the new Kadey-Krogen 64 to a couple of veterans and they agree with us that this boat could become a classic. The three partners who own the company told me recently that they plan to sell the 64 for $3.4 million-- but they will sell the first one for just $2.9 million to get the ball rolling. That is a lot of boat for the money, in our opinion. Take a look at this go-anywhere yacht...

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New Boat

New Sea Ray 450 Sundancer:
“New and Improved”

If you think this is a re-introduction of an older model, think again. This is not your parent’s
Sea Ray 450! We say "Bravo!"

Sea Ray is bringing back the 450 Sundancer, but don’t be fooled... it’s not the 450 that you remember. Far from it. For starters, Sea Ray seems to be getting back to the days when the numbers actually bore a resemblance to the boat’s size. The new 450 is 45'5'' (13.84 m) LOA with 13'2'' (4.01 m) beam, displacing 21,750 lbs. (9,865 kg.) dry. The joystick Axius propulsion system is standard equipment hooked up to 496 MAG engines and Bravo drives. Bravo! Take a look with us and see how Sea Ray has stepped up and brought a new and different 'Dancer to the dance floor. Fred Astaire has nothing on this light-footed ‘Dancer...

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New Boat

Fairline Targa 58 Gran Turismo:
Ready for World Launch

Fairline 58 Gran Turismo
The new Fairline Targa 58 GT: Check out that boarding ladder at the swim platform... it is angled and includes a handrail. Notice how the sun shade extends from the overhead.

British yacht builder Fairline is ready to debut its new 58 footer at the London Show in January, but we didn’t want you to have to wait till then, so here is a preview of this beautiful new express cruiser. To be perfectly frank, our first look at it was full of ooohs and ahhs around the BoatTEST.com office, and we predict anyone who steps foot on her will be doing the same. In fact, they didn’t even have to get that far, as Fairline already has orders for this baby before her maiden debut. So let’s delve right in and see what all the fuss is about. Bring your camera and follow us...

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Fire of the Week

40-Footer Burns
Off Ocean City

Fire aboard a 40’ diesel-powered boat off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland. Reportedly, the fire started in the engine room.

The reason that we run these articles from time to time is NOT to be “sensational like a tabloid newspaper (as one boat builder recently complained) but to remind boat owners that boats – even diesel-powered ones – can have fires. Almost always these fires occur in older to very old boats.  Find out more about these lucky devils...

Accident of the Week

USCG Patrol Boat
Accident – One Dead

USCG patrol boat
A USCG patrol boat similar to this was involved in a fatal collision.

SAN DIEGO – An eight-year old boy was killed and at least five others were injured last Sunday when a 33-foot Coast Guard patrol boat and a recreational boat collided while a Christmas boat parade was going on in San Diego Bay, authorities said. Neither boat was in the parade. Five other passengers in the same vessel were injured in the accident which occurred just before 6 pm. For more on this tragedy...

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Picture of the Week

Red Sky at Night

Picture of the Week
Red sky at night, sailors delight...but does that hold true this time? This river is red but it is not the Red River, or a blue one, or a yellow one...

To see a large version of this photograph, find out the name of the river, and who took the picture...

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Capt. Steve's Lesson #66

PWC Requirements and Rules - Part IV

Lesson 66
In the eyes of the law, PWCS are still boats, thus follow the same rules.

This week Capt. Steve goes over four new lessons and guidelines on PWC rules and requirements. First of all, they follow the same rules as boats, so be aware of any restrictions in your area. Make sure your PWC is registered and all the paperwork and stickers are up to date. Keep a fire extinguisher on board. It’s a requirement to have one B-1 fire extinguisher for all boats less than 26 feet in length. PWC riders are required to wear to a life jacket.  Having life jackets aboard is no longer enough.  This includes all passengers and anyone you are towing behind you. These are basic procedures which all recreational boaters should be aware of. The videos presented this week are part of BoatTEST.com's Boating Course which is approved by the USCG.   Watch Capt. Steve's video boating lessons every week on BoatTEST.com. To view this week’s lessons --

To view past lessons --

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