Double-Duty Lubricant and Anti-Corrosion Product - 12/09/2009

As experts in the development of synthetic engine and transmission lubrication, we guess it wasn’t a big jump for the chemists at Royal Purple to come up with a useful multi-purpose lubricant. Their product is called Maxfilm and it actually pulls double duty, being both a lubricant and an anti-corrosion solution to many problems around you boat, trailer, tow vehicle or house. We used it on some trailer parts this summer to see if it was as good as the you-know-what product that we had been using for years.

This is a “U” clamp on the bottom left hand side of a trailer that we coated with Maxfilm once a week. It is steel and unlike the rest of the trailer, it is not galvanized.
Here is the “U” clamp on the bottom right side on the same trailer, which was not coated with Maxfilm. Clearly it has begun to rust.

A few months ago we showed you some bolts we had tested with Maxfilm as well. Three bolts, one uncoated, one coated with Maxfilm and the other coated with a popular brand lubricant/corrosion preventative.

This picture speaks for itself.

We found that the price for Royal Purple’s Maxfilm at retail ranged from $5.25 to $7.75 for a 4 oz. can compared to the well-known brand which ranged from $2.99 to $4.39 for a 4 oz can. Given the results of our use, we think it’s worth the extra cost.