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- Hargrave 84 Mar Azul
- Rampage 45 Convertible
- Hatteras 60 Motor Yacht
- Cruisers Yachts 420 SC
- Azimut 85
- Formula 353 FASTech
- Meridian 580 Pilothouse
- Larson Cabrio 370
- Bertram 360
- Doral Prestancia
- Viking 76 Convertible
- Kadey-Krogen 64
- Four Winns V408
- Sunseeker Predator 64
- Regal 52 Sport Coupe
- Sea Ray 44 Sedan Bridge
- Jeanneau Prestige 38 Express
- Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish
- Grand Banks Eastbay 55SX
- Fairline Targa 44 GT
- Mainship Pilot 45
- Windy 44 Sports Cruiser
- Boating Course for Christmas
- Looking for a New Boat
- Sea Ray Founder Dies at 84
- Drugs, Sex & Pirate Radio
- Ducky Award Winner

***Special Edition***

Powerboats & Motoryachts For 2010

Which boat would you select to put in this picture?

While the sunshine patriots and people trying to show off their new-found wealth have pretty much deserted the boating market, veteran yachtsmen and people who embrace boating as a way of life are still there. Proof of that was at the fall boat shows this year from Newport, RI to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. While about half of the new boats seen previously on display were in evidence this year, and crowds were cut nearly in half, sales were generally better than many had expected. That is because the bedrock of boating which is made up of the die-hards, the enthusiasts, the people who eat-sleep-and-breath boats, are still out there doing their research, their due diligence, trying to decide which boat is really better for them. For these boaters – this year about 135,000 people in America bought a new boat -- it is not a matter of will they buy a boat, but which one will they buy. Brand A or Brand B. There are still some large boats in stock, boats commissioned by dealers in the days of froth, or produced by builders trying to make their accrual books look better at year end.

Given the recent up-tick in sales, we’d say those boats won’t last much longer, and then it will be a matter of having to build a boat to order – and waiting. To help you coalesce your new-boat thinking and move toward a decision we are presenting a “Special Edition” of Offshore Motoryacht this week. We have selected over 20 boats that we have featured over the past year over 30' that, in our opinion, have some distinguishing features or characteristics. Take a good look at the boats that strike your fancy.  Remember the lessons you have learned over the last year about the finer points of large boat connoisseurship. Now more than ever, buying the right boat and not making a mistake is an imperative.

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Hargrave News

Hargrave 84 Mar Azul
“Disappearing Raised Pilothouse” Design

Hargrave 84 Mar Azul
Hargrave’s new 84 raised pilothouse design is the first ever open to the salon and galley. The beautiful lines of a raised pilothouse are much admired by yachtsmen but the design wastes a tremendous amount of space-- except in the Hargrave 84.  Photos by Dana Jenkins.

Hargrave Custom Yachts has long sought to drive home to the motoryacht-buying public how far customers can go to “personalize” the boats they build. Nothing dramatizes the point better than this innovative new design concept which looks like a raised pilothouse motoryacht on the outside, but on the inside does not waste valuable main deck real estate as do conventional pilothouse configurations. According to Hargrave owner Mike Joyce, “This boat was designed to be handled by a husband and wife,” and is equipped with everything a cruising couple will need.  This video is a "must see" if you are in the market for a motoryacht.   Take a look at the Mar Azul from Hargrave.

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Offshore Fishing

Rampage 45 Convertible
Beats Most of Her Peers

Rampage 45
The Rampage 45 is a classic Carolina design made for performance and economy -- and when it comes to the stats she is tough to beat.

We count about a dozen 45' convertibles on the market these days. Most are surprisingly similar in fishing amenities and in salon and galley layout, but from there on they diverge. When we compared the Rampage 45 to the other 45' convertibles we discovered exactly how carefully she was designed to meet her competition, besting most in the critical areas of performance and fuel economy.  What is left, except price?  On that score you'll find the Rampage 45 a world-beater.  This article gives you the comparison data you need to make a decision.  If you have always had your heart set on a 45 convertible, then you should read our surprising comparisons of the Rampage 45 and her peers --

See video test of the Rampage 45 --

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Express Extraordinaire

Cruisers Yachts 420 Sports Coupe

Cruisers Yachts 420 Sports Coupe
She is good-looking and well proportioned. Our tests show that she gets impressive fuel mileage at best cruise.

Cruisers Yachts have some new kids on the block and the 420 Sports Coupe is one of them. This model addresses one of the age-old issues some of us have with a hardtop. Some express hardtops have a foot or so of islinglass between the top of the windshield and the hardtop.  Other boats bring the hardtop down so low to meet the windshield that you can't stand up at the helm with the sunroof closed.  The folks at Cruisers Yachts obviously use the boats they build so they know how to design them.  Note that the Cruisers 420 has a windshield that reaches the hardtop AND the skipper can stand with the sunroof closed. She is a big, rugged 42-footer that we think is very tough to beat in her class.  FYI -- "factory-direct" pricing is still in effect when you order through a dealer. Take a look at the Cruisers Yachts 420 Sports Coupe --

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Your First Motoryacht

The Hatteras 60 Motor Yacht:
A Good Place to Start

Hatteras 60 Motor Yacht
If you dream of owning a large motoryacht, the Hatteras 60 is a good place to start, in our opinion. It may not be the ideal entry-level boat for everyone, but it will not be a mistake for anyone.

There comes a time in some fortunate peoples’ lives when they are ready for a motoryacht. But there are dozens of them on the market at all sorts of price points with all manner of features and attributes. All of their salesmen say pretty much the same thing, and all of their ads explain the mission of their boats with pictures of very slim women who look like high-maintenance -- so what is a first-time motoryacht buyer to do? If you are one of those lucky souls who can afford a motoryacht, consider this article a starting point in your quest for the perfect vessel. If you are like most people we know that own them, you are in for serial monogamy – in love with one lady at time – and you’ll be moving up to ever more exhilarating and seductive sirens as time goes by. We think the Hatteras 60 Motor Yacht – which is the smallest one the company builds – is a good place to start. By the time you have owned one for a year or two, you’ll know both motor yachts and yourself a lot better, and where you want to go from there. Bon voyage --

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Italian Style

Azimut 85
Is Better Than Ever

Azimut 85
The 2010 model Azimut 85 is nothing short of majestic, in our opinion, and she rivals any model in her class.

In the 1990s Azimut broke away from the pack and became the largest selling brand of large motoryachts in the world. For over 15 years it has held that distinction and as time goes on not only do Azimut’s boats continue to be the most exciting spectacles in fiberglass production motoryachts, but more recently their quality and reliability has improved markedly, as well. The Azimut 85 is their most popular large yacht and more of these 85’ models have been sold than any other brand. Not surprisingly, each year it simply keeps getting better and better as Azimut designers install their latest ideas for the Romantic yachtsmen and the lucky ladies in their lives. The 2010 model has still more innovations, but more importantly to us, what goes on in the belly of the beast is as impressive as the topsides are chic. Reliability is now a major focus of Azimut.  Join us as we take an in-depth look at what has become an iconic motoryacht in the 80 something class. She’s more than bella figura --

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High Performance

Formula 353 FASTech:
Are You Man Enough?

Formula 353 FASTech
Anyone can make a boat go fast by throwing in more horsepower and keeping it light. Formula does it a little differently.  Note two chine cut-out steps for higher speed.

Speed is basically a simple combination of thrust, weight and bottom shape. Add a lot of horses, throw in just the right amount of lightness-- stir, and serve. But Formula Boats chose not to follow that standard recipe. They wanted a boat that maintained the Formula performance, but also one that was wrapped in luxury and class.  Along the way Formula president, Scott Porter, became a two-time national and world champion in his own creations that led to a new line.  That new line was called FASTech.  The first model of the new FASTechs was the 353. Subtle changes followed but the FASTech line endured and has now grown into four classic models. This current 353 is the newest version of the Formula line of go-fast boats, but it still follows in the deep-v tradition pioneered by the founder of Formula, Don Aronow, years ago. Find out the thrill Don discovered --

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Meridian Rising

Meridian 580 Pilothouse
Is for Serious Cruising

Meridian 580 Pilothouse
Stylish, seaworthy, affordable and built in the U.S with significant warranties, this 58’ pilothouse motoryacht from Meridian is an important milestone for the builder.

Since first running our test on the Meridian 580 nearly a year ago she has become a sterling sales success in a year when other new boats her size were wall flowers.  The reason for her tremendous market acceptance is her attractive design and the fact that she is a an impressive value no matter how you want to look at it. Capt. Steve put the 580 through her paces and he was taken both with the boat’s handling and with the execution of her interior joiner work. She has a surprising list of standard equipment that is usually optional on many boats. Moreover, a lot of good, solid design planning went into the 580 which shows us that this is the builder to watch during the next several years. The Meridian 580 is an outstanding contender in her class – and a million dollars less than some of her competition! Alaska or the Bahamas, anyone?  Don’t miss Capt. Steve’s full report --

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Larson Boats

Larson Cabrio 370:
A Joystick Pioneer

Larson Cabrio 370
Larson believes in making docking a dream and this is why it offers either Volvo Penta or MerCruiser joystick options.

The latest Larson 370 builds on the success of the past models while adding new enhancements. The big difference is the Volvo Penta IPS/Joystick gas engines.  Why buy a gas-powered 30-something express cruiser without it?  Say you don't want a Volvo Penta? No problem -- Larson would be glad to install a MerCruiser with an Axius joystick.  The folks at Larson aim to please.   Larson has a 5-year stem to stern warranty program on all of their boats.  When it comes to price, Larson has sharpened its pencil, so put the 370 on your short list.   Take a look at the Cabrio 370 from Larson --

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Bertram Kahuna

The Bertram 360:
Mickey Takes a Holiday

The Bertram 360 can be a fishboat or day cruiser anywhere in the world.  Either way she commands respect far beyond her 36 feet.

Capt. Steve looks at a boat the way a working professional captain looks at a boat. That’s because he is one. And if you’ve ever known a professional captain you know that they don’t have much patience for Mickey Mouse stuff. (Sorry, Mickey, but your name has become synonymous with cheap imitations in many parts of the world.  Back off, Disney lawyers.)  Cheap stuff breaks and poorly designed boats make the captain’s job even harder. Capt. Steve doesn’t put up with much marketing hype either, and is sort of like Dragnet’s Detective Friday -- “Just the facts, Mam.”  All of this is to say that the Bertram 360 Express is a Bertram yacht -- and they have never been built better than they are today.  There are a number of express fishboats on the market in this size range, so let’s hear what Capt. Steve has to say about the Bertram 360 --

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Doral Class

Doral Prestancia:
A 32' Luxury Weekender

Doral Prestancia
At 32'2" / 9.80 m, the Doral Prestancia is a perfect upgrade to the smaller cruisers you’ve been squeezing into -- and a stylish one as well.

If you are ready to move up into a 30-something express cruiser but are underwhelmed by the me-too designs of many mass-market builders, then you need to look at the 32' Doral Prestancia.  With more than 30 years of boat building under their belts, Doral has never strayed from their dedication to bringing quality boats to the water. The Prestancia is another example of how well Doral also manages to combine comfortable features with sleek, and smooth flowing lines to create a nice looking, and very classy weekender. With a long list of color and fabric choices, as well as seventeen different engine packages, a Doral Prestancia can truly be a personalized cruiser. Doral is a boutique production builder in Quebec, Canada, near the Ontario border.   These boats are a refreshing combination of French sex-appeal and English practicality, in our opinion.  Join us as Capt. Rob takes us on a video tour of the Doral Prestancia. Would you like some Grey Poupon while you’re aboard?

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New Boat

Viking Yachts 76 Convertible
Has 5 Staterooms/River View

Viking 76C
With five staterooms, four heads, plus a day head, the Viking 76C is nothing short of a mini cruise ship. Best of all you can also fish from her.

Last year Viking Yachts introduced its new 82 convertible and hull #14 is now in progress. Buyers liked her full-beam master stateroom, but for some people 82’ was just a bit more boat than they needed. Since Viking could not convert its existing 74-footer to a full beam master, it did the next best thing – it built an all-new 76! This new battlewagon has five staterooms with four heads, a day head by the cockpit door, and Viking’s patented VIPER steering system. With a 20’3”/6.17 m beam and a displacement of 136,200 lbs./61,779 kg she is much more than just a sportfisherman on steroids, she is also a go-anywhere motoryacht that can comfortably accommodate 10 people. To find out all about her, see interior drawings, and discover her price --

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New Boat

The New Kadey-Krogen 64 Expedition:
You Could Be Her First Owner!

Kadey-Krogen 64 Expedition
Building on the success of their 55, the new Kadey-Krogen 64 is much more than a stretched version of the builder’s smaller boats. She has a new look above the waterline, but below she keeps to the principles that have made this brand so successful.

If you have ever wanted to be the first at something in yachting, now is your chance.  Kadey-Krogen is looking for the first owner of the exciting 64' Expedition design shown above.  Both Capt. Steve and veteran BoatTEST.com editor, Jeff Hammond, have thoroughly studied her plans and both think she is an ideal size -- not too big and not too small -- to be a very comfortable world cruiser for a couple and friends, or a couple and a mate.  What sets Kadey-Krogen designs apart from other long range cruising builders is its uncompromising approach to building a true displacement vessel with a bottom shape that is sea-kindly and has the constitution fit for a commercial vessel.  It is not generally known, but the way most large "production" fiberglass boats get started is when a yachtsman goes to a builder, finds a design he likes, and opens his check book.  By signing a contract with progress payments, the builder uses the first owner's money (along with his own cash) to build the tooling, then the boat.  Usually, if all goes well, the owner gets a very customized boat at a price much less than the boat will sell for later. Well let's just see what Capt. Steve has to say --

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Four Winns News

Four Winns New V408:
Largest 40 on the Market

Four Winns V408
Her stylish lines and sleek character are the tip of the iceberg of what this boat has to offer. Her L.O.A. of 43’6” and beam of 13’4” also make an attractively-sized package for any level of operator. Best of all, she's big below.

When Capt. Steve saw the Four Winns V408, it was virtually “love at first sight”. Capt. Steve is probably our grumpiest captain, but he was actually smitten with the V408. In fact, the more he toured the clever innovations that this boat had to offer, the harder he fell for her. But being Capt. Steve, he still managed to find one thing he didn’t care for! How did this guy ever manage to find a girl he wanted to marry? So what’s wrong with this beautiful-looking boat?

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Playing Poole

Sunseeker Predator 64:
Designed with Attitude

Sunseeker Predator 64
Looks pretty doesn’t she? The bow isn’t too droopy, the mid-cabin portlight is wonderfully au courant, the swim platform is ample, the windshield is raked at 30-degrees – almost as much as a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560 – and her sleek lines could make even a hidebound sailor swoon under his Tilley hat.

At the London Boat Show last January Sunseeker introduced its new Predator 64, a boat that the builder calls a “performance motoryacht” and says is capable of 35 knots, with the big diesels. She has three staterooms, a bunk for a crewman aft and décor that is as chic as anything the Italians could dream up, in fact it is Italian. Last winter BoatTEST’s COO visited the London Show and made a video of the new Predator 64, so if you have never been aboard a Sunseeker, here’s your chance. But be forewarned that this boat is not for everyone, nor does Sunseeker want to sell it to just anyone. Only people with a fat checkbook, or a Goldman-Sachs bonus coming, need apply.   Take off your Topsiders, please -- (Gucci loafers are okay.)

See Sunseeker Predator 64 video --

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Regal News

Regal's 52 Still Going Strong

Regal 52 Sport Coupe
Regal’s clever designers managed to pack a lot of features into the 52 Sport Coupe.

Its long overhangs, both fore and aft, stretch the boat to its 52-foot length, and she weighs only 34,000 lbs., nevertheless she packs more into her footprint than most express cruisers under 54' and much more displacement manage these days. The Regal 52 Sport Coupe (formerly called the 5260) has a mid cabin with full standing head room, a roomy salon below with electric lounge seats and Star Trek-like controls, a large bridge deck with a helm seat that is electric, large windshields that allow you to stand at the helm with the sky light closed, and a garage aft for a small dinghy. Those are just a few things that 52 Sport Coupe has. Charity Hughes takes us through the interior--

Come along as Capt. Steve checks out the helm--

Watch detailed video about the garage--

Arrange a test drive --

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Sea Ray News

Sea Ray 44 Sedan Bridge:
Two Staterooms and a Bridge

Sea Ray 44 Sedan Bridge
The Sea Ray 44 Sedan Bridge manages to keep the company’s trademark sweeping lines and sleek profile while adding a flybridge for better visibility and more room.

Sea Rays typically bring to mind thoughts of express cruisers and low profile Sundancers. However, once in a while you need to get higher for better visibility such as when operating in the pot-infested waters of New England, or perhaps when navigating around coral reefs of the southern latitudes. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave your beloved Sea Rays behind to get a cruiser with a flying bridge – just take a look at the Sea Ray 44 Sedan Bridge. The 44 Sedan Bridge is a perfect size for a pair of cruising couples or a family, while even leaving additional room for the occasional overnight guests. We sent Capt. Steve to give a close inspection of the Sea Ray 44 Sedan Bridge and report back to us. Check out Capt. Steve’s report here --

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Jeanneau is Coming

Jeanneau Introduces
Prestige 38 Express to U.S.

Jeanneau 38 S
The Prestige 38 S is powered by twin CMD 320-hp engines with Bravo III drives.

Jeanneau is France's largest boat builder and has long been world-famous for their full line of sailboats. In the 1980s this innovative company broke tradition and created a line of sleek, user-friendly sailboats that captured sailors’ imagination and won their hearts and their wallets. Jeanneau now is the largest builder of fiberglass production sailboats in the world. If the past is prelude, will they do the same thing in the powerboat field? For the last eight years Jeanneau has been building powerboats and now has ten 30' to 50' express and flying bridge models in their line. Jeanneau calls its powerboat line “Prestige.” They are modern and innovative and because the company is trying to break into the U.S. they are comparatively low-priced. If you are interested in something a little different with a European flare you should check out Jeanneau's Prestige line. See video review of the Prestige 38 S --

Sign up for a special viewing of the Prestige 38 S --

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Ocean Yachts

Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish:
Back to the Future

Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish
The 37 Billfish is a fresh, new 21st century take on an old concept that took good care of our fathers and grandfathers.

It is not often that a new design concept comes along in boating, and when one does, we often find that it is a throwback to something done years ago that got lost. Such an example is the Ocean Yachts 37 Billfish. She is actually better set-up in many ways for sportfishing than the traditional convertible. That, together with the fact that there is a downsizing trend going on among offshore sportsmen, means that she is the right boat for the times for many blue water anglers. We like her utility, her cockpit and her economical operation. Join Capt. Steve as he takes a video look at a boat offshore fishermen should consider.

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Down East Express

Grand Banks Eastbay 55SX

Grand Banks Eastbay 55SX
If you like the Downeast style then you might check out the Grand Banks 55SX.

Grand Banks has built in more room for entertainment and cruising with the 55SX, making the cabin 3' longer than it was in their old 54. For the single handlers, there is now a starboard side door for the helmsman. There are additional changes at the helm which make it more comfortable for long cruises, such as the plush captain’s chair and powered sunroof. The 55SX features two cabins and two heads as the standard layout, but she is also available with three cabins. Take a look at Eastbay 55SX.

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Fairline News

Fairline Targa 44 Gran Turismo

Fairline Targa 44 Gran Turismo
Watch Capt. Rob Smith as he makes a detailed inspection of the Fairline Targa 44.

The Targa 44 Gran Turismo is purpose-built to take advantage of the IPS system and now with the Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) functionality, Volvo makes life a lot easier at the helm.  Topside accommodations are matched with a large saloon and two staterooms so you can chose to stay out overnight whenever the mood strikes. Conveniences like electric stern bench seat back and cockpit bar will be popular choices to enhance that pampered feeling you want. The electric retractable roof means you can stand up and feel the wind in your face as you pilot the 44 to your favorite destinations. Step aboard the Targa 44 --

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Mainship News

Mainship Pilot 45:
Affordable Coastal Cruising

Mainship Pilot 45
The Mainship Pilot 45 is a good boat for coastal work and has plenty of room for a small crowd.

Mainship’s Pilot 45 is an affordable way to go coastal cruising for two couples or a small family. This 38,000 lb. displacement boat has a 15’6” beam and is powered by twin 440-hp Yanmar 6LY3-STP diesels which give her a WOT of 29.3 mph at 3380 rpm. We found best cruise to be at 2750 rpm where the boat goes 22 mph and has a fantastic range of 632 miles. If you are looking for low-cost operating expenses and twin diesels, you need to know more about the Mainship Pilot 45. We asked Capt. Rob to give us an in-depth, detailed video look at this boat --

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Windy Boats

Windy 44 Sports Cruiser Named
“European Boat of the Year”

Windy 44
The Windy 44 Chinook, built in Norway, won the prestigious 2009 “European Powerboat of the Year” honor awarded by the German motorboat magazine Boote.

We know the editors of Boote Magazine in Hamburg, Germany and they are no wussies. They named the Windy 44 Chinook hardtop sports cruiser “European Powerboat of the Year” in the under 50 ft. category at the Dusseldorf Boat Show in January.  The three double-stateroom, two full-head express cruiser has a deep-V hull and is powered by twin IPS600 diesels.  It can get rough off the Norwegian coast, and the Vikings that build Windy boats make them ready for most anything.  If all you need is a bay boat, save your money and look elsewhere. BoatTEST.com COO Christopher Hughes was in Europe last winter and has a full video report on the exciting Windy 44 Chinook -- watch video.

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'Tis the Season

BoatTEST's Boating Course Makes
a Great Present

Boating Course
BoatTEST.com Video Boating Course.

BoatTEST.com has joined with Capt. Steve to present you with an 8 CD-ROM boating course that comes in a handsome plastic box. This course covers everything your spouse, children, or friends need to know to be competent, safe boaters. It costs only $69.95, plus shipping and handling. If that is over your budget, then why not choose from one of five individual subject-area courses for only $19.95, plus shipping and handling. And, if you were really smart, you’d simply order a bunch of these courses and give them out to every boater on your gift list, and make it one-stop shopping and be done with it. Order here --

Member Services

Are You Looking
For a New Boat?

Member services
There are plenty of new boats for sale, but which one is the right boat for you, are you getting the best price, and which one is a reliable brand?

We have helped dozens of BoatTEST.com members this fall, and we'd be glad to help you, too. We know how daunting it can be to find exactly the right boat for one's specific application because so many boats look like they fit the bill.  If you are in the market for a NEW boat 18' or larger, our veteran staff will be glad to help you, one-on-one, by email or phone.  It is part of our "Member Services" program and it is free to you.  We receive no fee from builders or dealers -- so we can be objective, and we can leverage our contacts in the industry to help you get what you want.  To use this service you must be in the market to buy within the next 6 months.  Sign in here --

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Last Boat Show

Sea Ray Founder
Dies at 84

C.N. Ray
C.N. “Connie” Ray sold Sea Ray Boats to Brunswick in 1986 for $350 million and retired four years later at 65. He was always a man with a plan.

Cornelius Nathaniel "Connie" Ray III, founder of Sea Ray Boats, died Nov. 12 after a five-year battle with cancer. He was 84 years old. Ray founded Sea Ray in 1959 in Oxford, Mich., and built it into the world's largest boat company at the time with 40 models from 17 feet to 60 feet. He sold the company in December 1986 to Brunswick Corp. for $350 million dollars. At the time the company had 4,500 employees and built 28,000 boats a year. More --

Pirate News

Drugs, Sex &
Pirate Radio!

Pirate Radio
The Boat That Rocked: Radio Caroline, broadcast at sea from the vessel Mi Amigo, and was one of the many pirate-radio stations that anchored off the coast of England during the 1960s. The stations flouted British law with their illicit rock 'n' roll programming.

Last Friday a new movie opened around the U.S. titled “Pirate Radio” which dramatizes a period in British history during the 1960s when the U.K. government owned and monopolized the air waves -- and banned rock and roll! (Do you think Vlad Putin was taking notes?) Hard to believe, but true. Ironically, it wasn’t Tories or Labor or some off-the-wall libertarians who threw themselves on the barbed wire of government control, but rather it has a bunch of hopped-up DJs. It all takes place on boats anchored off the east coast of England in the North Sea which is why we're are telling the tale...and we enjoyed the movie. Read the real story --

See the official trailer for Pirate Radio--

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