Save Your Isinglass - 09/30/2009
Owners' Reports
Shurholds microfiber cloth lifts and traps dirt better than a cotton cloth which is not so particle-absorbant.

If you have a problem getting isinglass squeaky clean with a cleaner that won’t damage the material, then BoatTEST can recommend a combination of products for you. The Shurhold “Serious Shine” and microfiber towels will help you clean, polish, and protect virtually any solid surface in one easy step, leaving no greasy, artificial residue. It also contains UV inhibitors and anti-static properties. When we used it we confirmed that it did not leave a greasy film or filling and that after use on a surface, that surface did actually repel water. The microfiber towel will help dry and clean the surface better than a cotton towel, saving you time and doing a better job. Learn more here --