Doral Prestancia: A Combination of Luxury Weekender and Classy Cruiser - 09/02/2009
Doral Prestancia
With multiple levels, this Meridian 408 motoryacht has a surprising amount of interior room that seems to contradict her 42' 2" (12.9 m) overall length. There is nothing as roomy as a tri-cabin layout.

With more than 30 years of boat building under their belts, Doral has never strayed from their dedication to bringing quality boats to the water. The Prestancia is another example of how well Doral also manages to combine comfortable features with sleek, and smooth flowing lines to create a nice looking, and very classy weekender. With a long list of color and fabric choices, as well as seventeen different engine packages, your Doral Prestancia will truly be a personalized cruiser. Join us as Capt. Rob takes us on a video tour of the Doral Prestancia. Would you like some Grey Poupon while you’re aboard --