Meridian Yachts 408 Motoryacht: A Tri-Cabin Condo with a Waterfront View - 09/02/2009
Meridian Yachts 408 Motoryacht
With multiple levels, this Meridian 408 motoryacht has a surprising amount of interior room that seems to contradict her 42' 2" (12.9 m) overall length. There is nothing as roomy as a tri-cabin layout.

While Meridian Yachts may be a fairly new company, it didn’t take long for their boats to catch on in a big way. They seem to be able to add room to a boat where others scramble to find space. A case in point is the 408 Motoryacht. This 42’ tri-cabin boat has so much interior room that if you viewed it first from the interior, you’d never imagine that she’s only 42’. We sent Capt. Steve to give his critical eye a look at the features of the Meridian 408 Motoryacht and let us know if he thought the same as we did. Check out his full report here --