New MasterCraft X-35: Let Them Eat Wake - 08/26/2009
MasterCraft X-35
The new MasterCraft X-35 is designed to hold 15 chums and create world-class wake.

Leave it to the cool dudes at MasterCraft to create a wake monster that you can party aboard while the solo trickster is strutting his stuff. The MasterCraft X-35 is designed for wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wake skating, and waking up your friends for nearly anything you can imagine. Invent your own new competition with this hot new X-35! MasterCraft offers the X-35 in a nearly bare-bones standard version so that you can pick and choose your own options and build a customized watersports platform. Our test boat was powered by a 400-hp Indmar LY-6 engine which should make you boss nearly anywhere you care to give wake. Read Capt. John Wenz’s detailed report on the new MasterCraft X-35 -- wake your mouse.